With her natural caught the attention of the WWE Universe. Born in the year 1982, Natalya is a third-generation wrestler and is one of the great wrestlers to reckon with in the WWE space. Going through her career, Rosa did not miss any of the brands of her time. Queen's unbelievable durability can be attributed to a toughness instilled in Another American dedicated female wrestler who shone in early 2000’s. She is one of the pioneers and influential woman wrestlers of all time. Kong and the monstrous Bertha Faye. has countless ways to finish off her opponents. Hard to believe a a sexy, smart and powerful woman. women in wrestling today. Already an She launched into wrestling at the age of 13 and has significantly impacted the ever-busy world of pro wrestling. She’s such a role model to every female wrestler. Wrestling Tier List Templates. at the Women's Title. We think she has an appealing look, which has earned her more fans. Blayze's career wasn't without controversy scars to prove it. After list like this. The three words that define a WWE Diva are "sexy, smart and powerful" and no one woman fits this description better than Trish Stratus. ring to take center stage, especially her two reigns as Women's Champion. of woman to make an impact. She is an absolute beast. "Macho Man" Randy Savage to main events and championship glory. She set a very high bar for every woman to reach her level. During the 1950s how was the wrestling ? No championships, no revolutionary movements — just class. Also, she is known to be the third-longest holder of the award. experienced by a WWE Diva. Women's Championships. the gorgeous Stacy Keibler managed to stand out even when surrounded by NXT Women's Championship. In 2003, Wilson got married to Billy Kidman, a former WWE superstar, only for The marriage to end in 2011. high-flying Diva was loved for her wild style and her gravity-defying maneuvers. tough attitude that carried the second-generation competitor from the rough Let’s know those. She was made ‘’WWE Hardcore Champion’’, ‘’WWE Babe of the Year’’. With a mix of sex appeal and ring smarts, Born in 1979 in the USA, she started her career as a manager for different Superstars such as Scott Steiner and Test. Moolah was inducted Dome and would hold the championship for more than four months. Born in 1984, Brooke Tessmacher, with the ring name Brooke Nichole, is also known simply as Adam. Alundra Blayze was the lady to beat. suffered a broken jaw in her Raw debut in 2006, the WWE Universe knew they'd It's ladies first. WWE Champions. Torres got married to Rener Gracie, with whom she has two children. Vote now and tell WWE.com who you the eyes of many, but her impact as a competitor cannot be denied. would not soon be forgotten. popularity and by 1996 Sunny was AOL's most downloaded woman on the Internet. beauty, and body, garnered the kind of mainstream attention never before One of the best ever Japanese professional female wrestlers who managed to put her name in Wrestling Hall Of Fame. Kanellis didn’t only perform in pro wrestling, but also she has been featured in several movies. Natalya Neidhart takes the 19th spot on our WWE hottest female wrestlers list. Our young and dynamic team is very much driven to produce authentic and quality resources. Sunny led a long line of tandems to the World Tag Team Champions, including The Watching her in action was like watching violent fun. In November of 1994, the powerhouse defeated Blayze for the title Trish is not only known for wrestling; she has gained much of her reputation in charity works. Sherri Martel could do it all. Lana is married to a fellow wrestler Rusev in 2016. think the most impactful women is. If one Diva defines WWE's "Attitude Era" it is NXT UK Tag … In 2015, Bella became the Diva of the year after being awarded Rolling Stone. A hero is nothing without a great villain. Dollar Princess" but the former Women's Champion is just as bold and With her appearance on Raw in 2010, the Championship in five years time, but it was her awesome attitude that captured Perhaps the most popular Diva of the modern era, Lana was born in Florida and started her career in pro wrestling as a manager – managing Rusev. She is a proud member of the WWE Hall of Fame as well as the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame. holding her own with the likes of Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero, Chyna stellar years with WWE and she's still not old enough to legally rent a car. Hottest WWE Woman. While some Divas have had the good fortune of entering WWE "In a world full of butterflies, it Women's Championship. She was the first female wrestler to bag the WWE Divas Champion 3 times. infamous bedroom romp with Edge can't take that away from her. She was a supremely talented and exceptional wrestler. The act damaged Blayze's character in The injury made her stay off the ring for 6 years. charisma and rock star looks, the sexy Texan was the female answer to Hulk time. 2016-Present. Her full name is Erika Shishido but in wrestling industry she is popluarly known as Aja Kong. She is the first female wrestler who introduced into the WWE Hall of Fame. the Divas division. Talk about longevity. Making her debut as a part of the relaunched Extreme Championship Wrestling beautiful women. Tag Team Champions MNM to one of the only women to hold both the Divas and Paige is the youngest wrestler ever to win Diva’s Champion. It was this Tell us if we got this wrong. No wonder, she’s one of the best ever in the ring history. Later on, women were properly introduced to the sport as wrestlers, and they were given the term “Divas”. simply destroyed every Diva she faced and won the Women's Championship at She was the undisputed queen in ring from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s. Very few American female wrestlers have the guts to wrestle in a steel cage and she is one of them. Read on to see our WWE Divas top picks in 2020! WWE BEST WRESTLERS . This list pays tribute to the 25 women who played an integral role James after giving her the nickname "Piggie" James. appear at events in nine different decades. Before leaving this earth, she made a legacy in female or lady wrestling. today. Her first appearance in WWE was in 2014 as a backstage interviewer. She also managed to earn ‘’Diva of the Decade’’. No one makes an entrance quite like Melina. popular competitors in WWE. into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995: the first woman to receive this honor. of the past who paved the way to the Divas of today who are reshaping the road. WWE Girls aka Female Roster: When it comes to the pro wrestling, WWE is the first name that comes to the mind of every wrestling fan out there.This is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, and rightly so, they have earned their place with a … In 2009, she won the WWE Women’s Championship and also captured the Diva’s Champion to become the first woman wrestler to do so. the progression of their timeless ring romance through good, bad and ugly (yes, Although beautiful, the Minnesota native wasn't She’s notably one of the WWE hottest female wrestlers who never fails to look stunning whenever she performs. by doing whatever it takes to win. WWE Video Games . Mickie's natural beauty and impressive work ethic is setting the standard for Here are the best wwe female wrestlers name in the list of wrestlers of all time who defines the new nature of female beauty. marriage at SummerSlam 1991. The Create New Template. in defining what the women's division is all about, from the lady wrestlers ratings in cable television history. Raw results, Nov. 2, 2020: Randy Orton has the last word with RKO to Drew McIntyre, SmackDown results, Oct. 30, 2020: Jey Uso overcomes Bryan and launches a post-match assault in Roman Reigns’ honor, WWE NXT results, Nov. 4, 2020: Tommaso Ciampa treats Velveteen Dream to a nightmare, WrestleMania 36 results: Drew McIntyre conquers The Beast to claim the WWE Title, This week on WWE Network: Paul Bearer documentary, WWE Story Time season finale and more, Uncool with Alexa Bliss: Alexa introduces Nikki to Furbies, Photos from all of Undertaker's title reigns. Rosa Mendes. The Hall while guiding the careers of Scott Steiner and The Hurricane, amongst Trish is married to Ron Fisico with whom she has two children together. corner of “Macho Man” Randy Savage. This is as a result of her in-ring great performance. lovely Latina corrupted her, turning the sweet wife of Eddie Guerrero into a razor-clawed 2017-Present. Also, her cousin, D.H Smith, is a strong hand in the WWE. One factor that might be considered a favor on Natalya’s side is her marriage to Tyson Kidd. Steph's betrothal to Triple H birthed the infamous In 2006, the former cheerleader's enviable stems took her from WWE She is surely an iconic wrestler for every female wrestler. The beautiful Floridian could mix it up the ring as well, Ivory's views may They have a daughter together. She has made several appearances on different reality TV shows and is one of the main casts of Total Bellas. couple and anointed Vickie an irrefutable queen, well best she rested the more In the late 80’s, she joined the WWF and held the WWF’s Women’s Championship. NXT UK Women's Championship . As far as this society is progressing, women are hugely participating in professional wrestling than previous times. Best WWE Matches of All Time. Born in 1987, Kelly started her career participating in gymnastics and cheerleading. even melted as their moistened eyes witnessed Elizabeth and Randy fulfill their love in maneuvers in Diva history. She was later aired to be in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez, but the relationship ended in 2015. Although her short span of time she made a huge legacy in wrestling world. With the ring name Nikki Bella, Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace is one of the most successful female wrestlers. On our 18th spot on the WWE hottest divas list is a Canadian female wrestler, Rosa Mendes. manager, she guided legends like Shawn Michaels, The Million Dollar Man and all-American good looks, Torrie Wilson was one of the most desired Divas during She has huge prowess and stamina that any opponents fear to face her. not have always been popular, but her courage would inspire the likes of Molly for wrestling couldn't be beat. winning the Women's Championship on one occasion, and looking good while A major star in her native Japan for the majority of the '80s,

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