Wii Sports + Resort CPU Miis Tier List Maker. Emma's(JPJapanese: エンマRomaji: Enma) skill level is 260-270 in tennis, 63-198 in baseball, and 567-731 in boxing. In Wii Party she is an expert Mii. She places 72/98 in cycling. Helen's(JPJapanese: ヘレンRomaji: Heren) skill level is 1300 in tennis and 1155 in baseball. She places 89/98 in cycling. Pierre's(JPJapanese: ピエールRomaji: Piēru) skill level is 830-850 in tennis, 1100 in baseball, and 1100-1200 in boxing. She places 72/98 in cycling. In Wii Sports Resort Ren's skill level is 746-750 in swordplay, 1241-1245 in table tennis, and 986-990 in basketball. She places 38/98 in cycling. Use our Tier List Maker to generate your free Tier List and share it with your friends. Touch here to swipe > If no images are loaded here go back to the categories page. He places 95/98 in cycling. Theo's(JPJapanese: テオRomaji: Teo) skill level is 1600-1700 in tennis, 950-1000 in baseball, and 1210 in boxing. Alignment Chart View Community Rank. David's(JPJapanese: ダヴィドRomaji: Davu~ido) skill level is 860-880 in tennis, 1100-1200 in baseball, and 420 in boxing. Last updated: 10/22/2020. He places 50/98 in cycling. Yoko's(JPJapanese: ようこRomaji: Youko) skill level is 1200 in tennis, 650 in baseball, and 1450 in boxing. She places 13/98 in cycling. In Wii Party he is a beginner Mii. Steve's(JPJapanese: スティーブRomaji: Sute~ību) skill level is 650-670 in tennis, 1145 in baseball, and 200-300 in boxing. In Wii Party he is a standard Mii. Wii Sports Resort + Wii Sports Club Miis Tier List Maker. In, James's skill level is 1430 in swordplay, 1196+ in table tennis, and 1451 in basketball. In Wii Party he is a standard Mii. In Wii Sports Resort Steve's skill level is 116-120 in swordplay, 1180+ in table tennis, and 1287 in basketball. Slightly Dislike. Kentaro's(JPJapanese: けんたろうRomaji: Kentarou) skill level is 690-700 in tennis, 123-276 in baseball, and 157-217 in boxing. In, Jackie's skill level is 1287 in swordplay, 135 in table tennis, and 150+ in basketball. Share your Tier List. In Wii Party he is a beginner Mii. He places 39/98 in cycling. Share Register Start a Wiki. Chris's(JPJapanese: クリスRomaji: Kurisu) skill level is 12 in tennis, 400+ in baseball, and 300 in boxing. 796 Pages. I agree, Saw a person on the wiki do this so I decided to make my own, Alignment Chart  M Marco. She places 32/98 in cycling. Credit to wiisports.fandom.com for the images. Fumiko's(JPJapanese: ふみこRomaji: Fumiko) skill level is 180-200 in tennis and 100-200 in baseball. In Wii Party she is a beginner Mii. Living Nuisance. In Wii Sports Resort Mike's skill level is 106 in swordplay, 1290 in table tennis, and 356 in basketball. Shouta's(JPJapanese: しょうたRomaji: Shouta) skill level is 4 in tennis, 865-1000 in baseball, and 725 in boxing. In. In, Rin's skill level is 1470 in swordplay, 941 in table tennis, and 641 in basketball. 12 and Under. In Wii Party he is a beginner Mii. In Wii Party she is a standard Mii. In Wii Party she is a standard Mii. In Wii Party she is an expert Mii. He places 43/98 in cycling. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In Wii Party she is an advanced Mii. https://nintendo.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Miis_in_Wii_Sports?oldid=578121. In, Nick's skill level is 450 in swordplay, 490 in table tennis, and 87 in basketball. She places 9/98 in cycling. Haru's(JPJapanese: ハルRomaji: Haru) skill level is 370 in tennis and 620 in baseball. Drag the images into the order you would like. Sakura's(JPJapanese: さくらRomaji: Sakura) skill level is 930-960 in tennis, 1275-1300 in baseball and where she is the champion. 13-17. She places 5/98 in cycling. He places 64/98 in cycling. In, Hiroshi's skill level is 897 in swordplay, 326 in table tennis, and 521 in basketball. In, Takumi's skill level is 341-345 in swordplay, 221-225 in table tennis, and 926-930 in basketball. In, Theo's skill level is 495 in swordplay, 1335 in table tennis, and 1305 in basketball. In, Ryan's skill level is 13 in swordplay, 430 in table tennis, and 533 in basketball. Takumi's(JPJapanese: たくみRomaji: Takumi) skill level is 1500 in tennis, 1100+ in baseball, and 90+ in boxing. If no images are loaded here go back to the categories page. In, Miyu's skill level is 41-45 in swordplay, 821-825 in table tennis, and 326-330 in basketball. James's(JPJapanese: ジェームズRomaji: Jēmuzu) skill level is 590-600 in tennis, 413 in baseball, and 530 in boxing. He places 57/98 in cycling. In Wii Party he is a standard Mii. In. In, Jake's skill level is 1000+ in swordplay, 830 in table tennis, and 690 in basketball. In, Víctor's skill level is 1316-1320 in swordplay, 1316-1320 in table tennis, and 206-210 in basketball. In Wii Sports Resort Hayley's skill level is 656+ in swordplay, 611 in table tennis, and 1200 in basketball. Yoshi's skill level is 340-350 in tennis and 400+ in baseball. In Wii Sports Resort Lucía's skill level is 461-465 in swordplay, 1496-1500 in table tennis, where she is the champion, and 476-480 in basketball. Víctor's(JPJapanese: ヴィクトルRomaji: Vu~ikutoru) skill level is 1500 in tennis, 867-1000 in baseball, and 500-600 in boxing. In Wii Sports Resort Chris's skill level is 193 in swordplay, 880 in table tennis, and 701 in basketball. He places 61/98 in cycling. Matt's(JPJapanese: マットRomaji: Matto) skill level is 49 in tennis, 194 in baseball, and 1496 in boxing, where he is the champion and coach. In Wii Sports Resort Ryan's skill level is 13 in swordplay, 430 in table tennis, and 533 in basketball. In Wii Party she is a standard Mii. In Wii Sports Resort Steph's skill level is 626-630 in swordplay, 85-100 in table tennis, and 311-315 in basketball. He places 84/98 in cycling. In Wii Party he is an expert Mii. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Kathrin's skill level is 60-70 in swordplay, in table tennis, and 730-740 in basketball. In Wii Sports Resort Andy's skill level is 1333 in swordplay, 155 in table tennis, and 57 in basketball. In Wii Party she is an advanced Mii. In Wii Sports Resort Tyrone's skill level is 825 in swordplay, 851-855 in table tennis, and 1466-1470 in basketball. Misaki's(JPJapanese: みさきRomaji: Misaki) skill level is 610 in tennis and 351 in baseball.

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