Mike went to Monique's for a plumbing job and Susan called him on the phone and he left for a couple of hours then returned when he got their Orson handed him his wrench which was the bloody murder weapon. ?-2007) -- Car crashed into a utility pole during a tornado.27. No time passes between season one and season two. Paige Dash: (??? 0 0. I used to like that show. Mike didn't go to the first Lamaze class, as he received his 30-day chip (30 days without drugs) but was there for the second. (" Hello, Little Girl ") Susan runs into Karl and his pregnant wife at lamaze class and is saddened to know how good his life is. ?-2015) -- Car crash56. ?-2014) -- Strangled by an unknown assailant.43. Gilbert McCluskey: (??? ?-1997) -- Natural causes; was kept in freezer21. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DesperateHousewives community, Continue browsing in r/DesperateHousewives. Tom is mad because Tom didn't do anything wrong to loose his job while Orson ran over Mike. Why did Orson run over Mike? ?-2007) -- Sucked into a tornado.25. Who's with me? There have been 6 seasons, so about "6 years" worth of time, plus the 5 year time jump, that makes 11 years. Caroline Bigsby: (??? Hope it helps. Nora Huntington: (1971-2006) -- Shot during a hostage standoff.15. I'm pretty sure Orson did not mean to run him over, because he feels guilty, right? Press J to jump to the feed. 0 0. One day his mother, Gloria, asked Orson to stay with him, saying she had to visit a sick friend but Orson later left because he had plans … Probably, though I'd still be wondering about Orson if I were him. 3 years ago. ? I think it was an accident, but my sister says it was on purpose. Why don't we make it easier for people to vote? Orson gave the bloody murder weapon to Mike. The city is meant to be a symbol of idyllic suburban living that is often stereotypically associated with America circa the 1950's.It is also difficult to tell proximity because the show has referenced Chicago, New York City, and Salt Lake City, and not saying whether they are near or far from those cities. The show is one of few that have all genres mixed together. In the final season, she becomes a personal shopper at Cumberley's department store. Bradley Scott: (??? Irina Korsakov: (??? While this is a very valid argument, the considerable age jump in the Scavo children at the beginning of season 5 is consistent with a 9 year and some month increase from the beginning of season 1. Rex Van De Kamp: (1961-2005) -- Poisoned.5. 3 years ago. Orson's relationship with his mother is similar to that of Norman Bates from the classic movie. Wayne Davis: (??? Beth Young: (??? ?-2010) -- Car accident.31. There have also been three other short jumps in time over the seasons that make up the other 9 months. In the series finale, she takes a job in New York as CEO of the American branch of Katherine Mayfair's frozen food company.After over 20 years as a homemaker, Bree starts a catering company with Katherine Mayfair. Deirdre Taylor: (1958-1989) -- Stabbed to death.6. Juanita "Mama" Solis: (1935-2005) -- Car accident; hit and run.4. A counting crew that was reported to leave ?--2013) -- Heart attack.40. https://techteam-qa2.fandom.com/wiki/Orson_Hodge?oldid=16786, In the opening episode of Season 5, "You're Gonna Love Tomorrow", Orson is seen singing "Break On Through to the Other Side" by. I know that: Orson's mom killed Monique the night that Mike was fixing her sink, and Orson covered it up. But she doesn't look like a 1 1/2 Year old Child, but instead still look like a (new born) Baby. Orson ran over Mike because he was.....there. With Trump gone will Faucci reverse course on Covid and say no need for a shutdown so that economy wont suffer under Biden? However, Mike, who had a plumbing job at Monique's house was a witness to the murder so Orson tried to kill him by running him over with a car. Bree becomes a minor celebrity and releases a very successful cookbook. So Orson meant to run him over but only because he was trying to … ?-2006) -- Shot by a woman whom she'd taken hostage in a grocery store.16. for the night. It originally aired for eight seasons on ABC from October 3, 2004 until May 13, 2012. Relevance. Emily Portsmith: (??? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I hope people accept whoever wins the election without riots, what about you ? So how can it be? Melanie Foster: (??? 'Y&R' Are You Happy The Truth Is Now Gonna Come Out About Summer & Billy Having Sex? ?-1995) -- Unspecified.22. Good? The show is also a metaphor for American suburbs these days. My favorite was when Teri Hatcher was doing online stripping, jeez louis. ?-1979) -- Wrists slit.19. Ilene Britt: (??? In the Final Episode of Season 6 "I Guess This Is Goodbye" Lynett gave birth to her Child, so in the End of Season 7 the Baby must be 1 Year old, and in the Season 8 Episode 15: "She Needs Me" the Baby is not only mentioned but we can actually see her. Yes, another Rick and morty plot idea. When Tom walks away, Orson steals a Kiss the Cook salt shaker. User Reviews I used to like that show. Jeff Bicks: (??? Lila Dash: (??? Lv 7. 1 month passes between season three and season four. 3 Answers. If Trump goes up in the election, will we then here about Russia meddling in the election? Iris Beckley: (??? The FAQ items below may give away important plot points. Sylvia Greene: (??? | Fire Victim #2 (2013)35. Season 3. He did it on purpose because Mike saw Orson at Monique's house the night she was killed. Orson Hodge, born on June 28, 1964, as seen on a mental hospital admission paper in "The Miracle Song", grew up in a very religious household. ?-2014) - Plane crash.46. Mike decides to forgive him and makes the mistake of telling Susan who storms over there to yell at Orson for what he did, prompting the seperation of him and Bree. 3 years ago. Were everyone at Walter Reed Hospital faking Trump's COVID infection too? ?-2006) - Involuntarily removed from life support.12. Mike Delfino (2015)- Shot59. Felicia Tillman: (??? ?-2007) -- Impaled by a fence post during a tornado.24. Both Orson and Bree have been accused of murdering their previous spouses. Metacritic Reviews. My favorite was when Teri Hatcher was doing online stripping, jeez louis. I used to like that show. IF trump was really sick(haha) there is NO way he would leave the hospital this soon? http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120711184941/desperate/images/6/6f/815_02.png If you watched both versions of The Office, which one did you like better? Future. Daphne Bicks: (??? Is it okay to watch Soap Operas only for the sex scenes? Philadelphia does it again. Edit, This was never revealed. Still have questions? Answer Save. ?-2014) Heart attack44.

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