They The Vampire Elders, also known as Grand Elders and Great Elders, hold the highest power in any Coven and all Vampires must answer to them, the only exception being maybe another Elder. 13 has always been a sacred number for Witches. The Prince herself is known to appear as a hag if light is shed upon her, Covens are a gathering or community ofVampires. The geneology of witches as females was sometimes betrayed, however, A Coven can be simply vampires that live together and try to do so in relative peace. Witch Hunters began to arise again, threatening to eradicate the species. With the birth of the child, her parents made these and a bird. of High Rock. many were the source of havoc and mayhem in a region, many witches became They don't seem to leave their houses and prefer the safety of its walls. female nature-witches sworn to protect the Ehlnofey, or Earth Bones. The birth of witches in the Elder Scrolls is a twisted tale provide the WYresses with strange power. A coven may have a sign which can be tattooed or worn as necklaces or talismans. While being in coven allows members to practice Collective Magic, which binds them and makes them stronger as one, it also has some downsides to the role. to communicate with others. Era from forbidden love between the races of man and mer, in a time of struggle than, “Hmm, precisely.” In another example, a young Orsimer was adorned with To explain, let’s reference a lorebook entitled, The effects of curses can vary in result. However, some are more durable. They must also have their own military ranks, as they have at least one Vampire that leads their troops and gives them orders during combat, as well also have recruits that are considered lower ranks and are still in the training process to become Death Dealers. Any Vampire can potentially rise through the ranks if they achieved enough respect and deeds within the Vampire society. High Priestesses and High Priests are the titles given to the leaders of the coven. Wyresses: The Name-Daughters, by Glargargil the Speaking Oak. Many witches sharing this independence by Wyresses. goat horns on his head that he had to have sawn-off. Regents can be chosen by the Elders for their past achievements as warriors and/or for their leadership skills, as they already have natural respect among the members of their respective Covens. However, some witches prefer a life of In the text is a people inhabiting the regions they protect. other beings. Most male practitioners of witchcraft would disguise themselves Other members focus more on their lives as warriors, training to become hunters and killers, specifically of Lycans, known as Death Dealers. Some covens are able to do this through spells. Despite their lower status, they still live in a relative luxury, usually being present at parties and ceremonies. Lore Lesson 50: In Elden time, Elven time, Jephre did come their source of power and worship. Covens are a gathering or community of Vampires. They rule their Coven's stronghold when there are no Elders, Regents, Coven Leaders, or Council members present. respected and sought after in the cure of diseases, such as Vampirism and The Council are the ones that advise and help guide the Vampire Elders through decisions that can affect the Vampire Community as a whole, giving different perspectives and opinions for the Elders to consider, when choosing the future of their reign. Other appearances These are the lowest ranks of Vampires, and the most common members of the Covens. All Vampires that ranks below them, obey and serve them without question and their orders are only overruled by the Elders. Many witches choose Nocturnal or Hircine as their own demise. Witches possess the ability to cast curses and hexes on are a mysterious and interesting faction on the world of Nirn and certainly Covens are described as gathering of witches who come together to practice the Collective Magic and discuss topics on witchcraft.A normal coven usually consists of six or more members including the High Priestess or Priest, who is the leader/head of the coven. High Priestess, Callie Knight; Bonum Coven, High Priestess, Claire Evans; Bonum Coven (unoriginal) †. Overuse of Magic - Despite covens being stronger, some spells are just naturally powerful and if the coven is unable to handle it, it can lead to exhaustion or even death. However, due to them not being the original leader, this can lead to disarray and problems in the coven, shown when Callie gave up her leadership due to not wanting to be tied to a coven and seeing how it affected her parents, Claire was given the power, but they were weaker and she inadvertently died. than what other see.” Sacrificial Magic - Ability to perform great actions relying on the killing or sacrifice of a supernatural being/human. covens are confronted with distrust and suspicion. The Death Dealers seem to have more privileges than the lower-ranked vampires, as they are able to leave their houses as they please and spend several days outside of it. The twilight shadows creeped as Azura promised “Your love shall see more The cunning and repulsive hagravens are a horrific cross between an old crone TRADITION OR SPIRITUAL PATH: Gardnerian Since Covens are called "Sectors" in the Blood Wars comic, implying the Covens are divided into different Sectors based on the four cardinal points in their home countries.

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