Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? I didn’t write it, I didn’t produce it, and it’s geared towards very young children, so I didn’t think it belonged on any of my albums. Please tell me! [22] Yankovic said: It was sort of like amateur music night, and a lot of people were like wannabe Dan Fogelbergs.
Blair Freeman of Canton, IL asks: I just got the new Demento Society newsletter in the mail that said it would have another rare cut of yours. I’ve done shows with complete laryngitis. Jason Bach of Gresham, OR asks: Hey Al… I was channel surfing a while back and I came across this show. No, absolutely not. It was a matter of practicality and budget. I somehow didn’t see it as a positive career move to either beat up or (much more likely) get beat up by a woman on national TV, so naturally I passed.
My box set didn’t go out of print due to lack of interest. No. "[107] In September 2007, Chamillionaire credited "White & Nerdy" for his recent Grammy win, stating "That parody was the reason I won the Grammy, because it made the record so big it was undeniable. Dylan Roche of Severna Park, Maryland asks: In your song, “Phony Calls”, is the ‘my crotch’ phone call a real clip from the Simpsons? You may have seen me – I was the guy in the tuxedo WAY up in the second balcony. (I’m not trying to criticize or anything, I’m just genuinely curious about your creative processes.). Is that something special you worked out with God, or is it a result of your new-found friendship with effects-master George Lucas? Get it?” What exactly is the joke there? That’s the only name he gave us. I briefly had an agent that sent me out for pretty much any role that he could find. No, we’ve always been from somewhere else. I don’t know what he thinks of my song, but I really hope he’s not offended by it. Chuck Nathan of Cortlandt Manor, NY asks: A few days ago I picked up your DVD and saw the video for ‘Dare To Be Stupid’.

Actually, we did try to cast him in “UHF.” At one point, in fact, I think I had offered him the role of Philo! When was the first time you realized you were a “star”? He also noted positive reactions he got through friends his band members have, such as from Frank Black of The Pixies for "First World Problems" and Southern Culture on the Skids for "Lame Claim to Fame", and a similar praise when he encountered Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, and Nash on the street, and was able to play his recently completed "Mission Statement" for him. Who is the first person you share the lyrics with? I would like to know if you liked the show “Lost In Space” and would you ever consider doing a video parody of it? He was the first artist I directed (other than myself) and he kind of spoiled me. (#’s 1-4 Gideon Haberkorn), I recently saw you on the American Music Awards. Sue Carlson of South Bend, IN asks: I recently went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando, FL. If not, what else has Reed directed, and what was it like to work with him? He was raised in Lynwood, California. Kathy of The tent in the middle of nowhere, NJ asks: Who sang the “Camp Superfun” on the Weird Al Show?

Is your daily schedule always completely filled, or do you sometimes find yourself at home in the evening watching some TV or reading a book for pleasure?

(sharon, the french huguenot, with no life!). Yankovic has contributed original songs to several films ("This Is the Life" from Johnny Dangerously; "Polkamon" from the movie Pokémon: The Movie 2000, and a parody of the James Bond title sequence in Spy Hard), in addition to his own film, UHF. (“Lisa Hut” Jenson/Doug Rand/Justin Pettway/Jonathan Rand/Shonna Felice), Now that Harvey the Wonder Hamster lives at MuchMusic in Canada, will he ever be seen again by Americans? Is this true, or is someone just pulling my chain? “Who is it? Oddly enough, we were underwater. Joe Weatherford of Lexington Ky asks: Who was that dead guy in Running With Scissors? I’m very careful about permissions on my albums, but for a cable special – well, if anybody gets really upset, we’ll just edit their part out the next time it airs. Can I appear on your next album? "[103] The Permanent Record: Al in the Box booklet referred to the song's "compound fracture of a title.

So I’ll be a long-haired rock n’ roll hippie freak for a while longer. I absolutely LOVE “Genius in France”! But my question is, do you write all the stuff on this website? That one piece of animation went way, way over budget – our show producer was having a coronary over it – but it’s still one of my very favorite bits in the whole series. I hear some fans were upset that the girl didn’t seem too happy about me playing that polka for her, but that was the joke – if she had looked like she was enjoying it, it wouldn’t have been as funny. Is that show still on the air? Did you get an Easter basket this year and if so what was in it? It was fun. Where do you like to go on vacation and once there, what are your favorite activities? I would find it difficult to have a pet nowadays, because I live by myself, and I’m on the road sometimes for months, during which time a pet would probably get pretty hungry. Yeah, probably. Additionally, Cobain described Yankovic as "a musical genius". You’d think the network that made “South Park” famous wouldn’t have a problem with ANY of the content in MY movie! Everybody thought that was really, really funny, except, for some reason, Rubén.

I’ve always thought that one of those Metropolitans would be great to have as a 2nd car – but currently my garage only has enough room in it for one. It just depends on what time of the day you catch me in. Nice folks.

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