Eric’s mother, was born Katherine Ann Poole, she was a stayed at home mom. Guess Who's Brother This Is? Eric Harris' real journal entries are posted to this site as they appeared in the Columbine Report and subsequent Columbine Documents. Our plan is better, not like those fucks in Kentucky with camouflage and .22s. Showing the tapes in their entirety could have some deterrent value, one victim's parent has suggested, removing whatever lingering mystique the killers still have. Judge Jackson, who ultimately may have to decide the matter, has been more skeptical. Dietz and March were subject to the same suffocating non-disclosure agreements imposed on parties to the lawsuits against the Klebolds and Harrises. Angry, scared, mocking, disturbed, bitter, pathological, deluded (fucking self-aware, mind you), emotionally stunted and deadly, but adolescents just the same. Far from adding to the hype, the leaks have helped to demythologize Harris and Klebold. (including. Following his retirement from military service in 1993, Wayne and his family moved to Littleton, Colorado from Plattsburgh, New York. Wayne Harris said he hadn’t ordered clips and left it at that. Their teenage son, along with his classmate Dylan Klebold, killed 12 students and a teacher at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, on April 20, 1999. Struggling with distance learning? Wayne & Kathy Harris’ son had various websites that hosted Doom and Quake files, as well as team information for those he gamed with online. The day of the shooting, Harris was responsible for eight of the 13 confirmed deaths, including that of a teacher, while Klebold was responsible for the remaining five. Welcome, once more, to the basement tapes -- nearly four hours of posing, boasting and bitching by the obnoxious gods of self-awareness, two teenage killers-to-be named Harris and Klebold. Help, Don't have an account yet? There were 25 wounded, most in critical condition. Brian Rohrbough, whose son Danny was killed outside the school, said Thursday that the journal “tells you this kid was dangerous” and shows Eric Harris’ parents knew what was going on. He kept a journal about Eric and the trouble he got into and kept blaming it on everyone else but Eric. Should he refuse to release the basement tapes on the grounds that their dissemination is still (in the words of the state's Criminal Justice Records Act) "contrary to the public interest" -- and thus prolong a five-year court battle with the Denver Post? In 1989, the family moved again, this time Harris was stationed at Wurtsmith Air Force Base on Lake Huron. Eric and Dylan's parents provoke the most debate at my events, yet unfortunately, this will be the shortest section on the site. In February of 1997, he wrote for Mrs. Caruther’s class a paper where he described the good times he had and then, the inevitable.

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