LARGER FUEL TANK FOR YOUR POLARIS RZR & YAMAHA YXZ, Can-Am’s 14 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas. In the regular or extended cab models with a long bed (8 ft.), you will be fine with pretty much any ATV. the ford F-150 is offered in 5-1/2′, 6-1/2′, and 8′ bed sizes, which is roughly similar to what Chevy offers, so choosing the Ford or Chevy will be more a matter of preference. They are pretty cool, but very expensive. these are the trucks that you want to have obviously, but if you don’t then you still can still make due with a smaller one. Any RZR S 1000 will also fit just fine. The Splash is going to be similar to the short bed version, with just an extra inch of length. to know which quads will fit your truck bed, check below. This is one of the smallest ATVs Honda offers and it still doesn’t fit. Falling off of the ramps can destroy your tailgate, and it’s easy to shatter the rear windshield on your truck if you come in too hot. Just roll up on the back of your truck, secure your machine to your tie down points with some beefy ratchet straps, and head to the trail. my name is Kevin and I’m a big ATV and offroading enthusiast! Generally, you get three bed choices on any new truck: standard, short, and long. the 78-inch bed will also be enough to fit most ATVs in the market today, so even if you do not have the 97-inch bed, the normal-sized will probably be enough. and that is something that is obviously going to depend on the quad’s dimensions, and the particular trim that your truck has. this pickup has a lot of different bed choices. The standard short bed changed their bed size pretty drastically in 2005, by removing four inches from the bed length. This tie down kit has plates you bolt to your trailer, and then you align the ATV tires right in between the two plates, and strap the wheels in using the included 2″ webbing wraps. Do some Google searching for ATV truck bed risers. The supports holding it could suddenly break when the truck hits some bumps in the road. The Grizzly will only fit on the standard or the extended bed. buy plastic chocks on Amazon for around $16. Typically, a standard ATV is about 83 to 85 inches long with a 51-inch wheelbase. If you have a quad over 500cc, then the extended bed is a must. I love to ride no matter what it is, snowmobiles, four wheelers, dirt bikes, and anything else off-roading. in fact, I think the Silverado with the bigger bed can fit 2 of these. Sometimes, a snowmobile won’t start due to some technical faults. Before buying a Side by Side I wanted to know all the different expenses involved and one of the big costs is going to be how to haul a UTV. Am I going to have to invest in a trailer? in fact, I think the Silverado with the bigger bed can fit 2 of these. it’s just that this Chevy’s bed is too small. There are 2 problems when it comes to loading quads in the Tacoma. Here’s a RZR 800 being hauled in style. | Beginner, Intermediate, Short, Teens? Here are some examples: Some things to consider now will be getting the UTV up into the truck, keeping the weight off the tailgate, and not smashing into the back window. They tend to be around 83 to 85 inches long. The Rancher will not fit in even the standard bed. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Many UTV owners don’t take this serious enough until they learn the hard way. it also has a 78-inch standard bed size, which is the same as the 1500. this bed size will be big enough to fit most ATVs under 400cc. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'offroadlifestyles_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_23',113,'0','0'])); It has a built-in headache rack so you don’t have to worry about smashing your back window and includes ramps and a tailgate-panel jack post that lets you open and close the tailgate with a UTV loaded. Mad-Ramps sell for $995 plus tax and shipping. These cookies do not store any personal information. The TRX will not fit on the short bed unless you want to ride with the tailgate open. They use lightweight aluminum for a durable trailer that’s relatively low maintenance. The cheapest, but least secure, is to just Ratchet Strap the machine into place on the trailer. My wife Ivy and I are putting everything we can into making this website as informative and entertaining as possible. This one’s small enough to fit the long box. Get More Out of Your Polaris Ranger at Work and Play. link to Snowmobile Won’t Idle or Stay Running: Fix It Guide, link to Snowmobile Won’t Start: Step by Step Troubleshooting Guide, Wheel Chock Tie Down Kits (link to Amazon). So if you’re wondering what ATV will fit in a truck bed, the answer is pretty much all of them. You may have seen these before, it goes on top of your truck bed and you can drive the ATVs or UTVs right on top of them. What Is the Best Dirt Bike for Women? If you have the small bed version, you are going to be okay most likely up to 250cc, with a few possibilities as high as 450cc. But if you’re hauling a large UTV and a couple quads, you’ll need more than just the bed of your truck. You can fit everything from the standard and short bed lists plus the following vehicles: ATV’s are much simpler and easier to fit in the back of a truck. If you take your wheelbase and add about 20 inches, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what size bed you need. the Ridgeline doesn’t have a bigger bed than the 64 incher, however, there’s a dealer accessory that adds a cage surrounding the tailgate that allows you to put the ATV wheels on it. There’s way too much weight resting on the truck’s tailgate. The Grizzly is way too big for this truck. Just like most Honda quads, this one doesn’t fit any Colorado bed. If you have the short bed that is 2005 or newer, you are going to be limited to 250cc or smaller, and will need to be careful at 250cc because the larger 250cc ATVs are going to be too big even. This one fits in both beds. Required fields are marked *. Just load it up, tie it down, and you’re good to go. It also makes loading your UTV or ATV into your truck bed a lot safer. The Recon will only fit on the standard and extended bed, which is are the ones that 90% of people have. SherpTek's modular and versatile flatbeds, truck decks and accessories are designed and precision engineered to be the lightest on the market while retaining strength and durability so Click here for our recommendation on Amazon. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. So if you don’t like drilling holes in your truck bed, then skip this one. The TRX will obviously fit in the truck’s bed. Click here to go shop for one on Amazon. Made of 100% USA made steel. The large rectangular frame can be installed by one person and will let you put a 4 seat UTV in a 6.5′ truck bed. It can get expensive not to, and is sure to ruin your day. You can drive your UTV up the ramps a couple times with no problem, but then the third time the rear tire spins and shoots the ramp back off the edge. Quick Tip: We’ve lost pieces of our ATVs before because we didn’t strap everything down properly. If you are starting from scratch, that set up could easily run you twenty to fifty thousand dollars. what truck brands are doing as of 2019 is they are offering different truck bed options so that there is something for everyone. This site is owned and operated by Brent and Mallory Huntley. You could buy these Ramp Extenders On Amazon. I just love how easy these are to use, and how secure the ATVs are when they’re strapped in. Can be loaded and unloaded in a pickup truck with one person. But if you don’t want a trailer or don’t have room for one, these hard covers are a good option to consider. This one is too big. Kawasaki’s Kids offering will fit in even the smallest trucks. most quads will not fit sadly. The ramps I recommend are these Black Widow ATV Ramps (link to Amazon). With the long bed, you will likely be fine with any ATV. You also need to make sure your UTV’s front bumper doesn’t bust your truck’s rear window. While many UTVs will need every bit of 110 inches to properly load and haul, you can still get by with shorter for a lot of side-by-sides. Simply load it into the bed of your truck. | Beginner, Intermediate, Short, Teens? In the picture below, this person fabricated a ramp system for the back of their truck to get around the wheel wells. The good thing about a low trailer like this is it’s easier to load and unload your UTV. Most Kids models will fit in either the small or the big bed. Just load it up, tie it down, and you’re good to go. He backed it in, propped something under the front of the frame and removed the front wheels. You just simply slide the forward and lock them in place as opposed to removing them completely and then having to find somewhere to store them during transport.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'offroadlifestyles_com-leader-1','ezslot_22',112,'0','0'])); A custom metal fabrication company called Tumbleweed-Mfg out of Amarillo, TX has made a rack setup that attaches to and is supported by your receiver hitch and on the other end connects to a gooseneck ball. In general, a full size truck with a long bed will fit any ATV, a short bed truck is going to be hit or miss, and compact trucks are only going to fit youth ATVs. The Rancher will also fit, but only in the long box. But if you’re hauling a large UTV and a couple quads, you’ll need more than just the bed of your truck. Yamaha Wolverine X2 (61 inches wide—a tight squeeze! See them in action below and visit their website to check out their 27 five star reviews! Copyright © 2020 SuperATV. All-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) are specifically designed for all types of terrain from mud, to rocks, the plains, and even snow.

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