Yamori was forced to unleash his incomplete kakuja to defeat Kaneki but he failed and part of his kakuja was eaten by Kaneki and we were left on the floor to die. See more ideas about Juuzou suzuya, Tokyo ghoul, Juzo. As Big Madam was killed, Hanbee covered the saddened Juuzou's eyes and ears, as he said his final farewell and addressed her as "father".[2]. She was later mentioned by Eto and Ayato during a discussion about the auction. Juuzou said he never hated Big Madam, but merely had to kill her because that was his "job". Big Madam was an obese Ghoul with strawberry-blonde hair, often dressed in luxurious clothing and excessive jewelry. Tokyo Ghoul He also was 'grateful' to Tokage for teaching him a certain perspective of the world; that 'all individual weakness stems from a lack of individual ability'. “Like this, everything is abruptly coming to a stop, huh? Madam also took the pleasure of torturing Suzuya at nights and dressing him as a girl, and even castrated him forcibly with a gavel. Crimes He then went down to the 20th Ward to meet up with Asaki Fueguchi where he had asked him to make a new pair of pliers which he did but found out about his connections to humans and stabbed him which only wounded him and then fought with Kureo Mado and Koutarou Amon for a little bit and then just fled the area. Years after, the CCG raided their hideout, but failed to capture Big Madam. During his time in Cochlea, Yamori was constantly subjugated to torture constantly by a sadistic prison guard known as Goumasa Tokage to have him reveal information about the 13th Ward which Yamori knew about but he was also tortured for Tokage's pure sadistic pleasure. Speed: High Hypersonic (Can easily kill over a dozen normal ghouls before they can react when armed with a submachine gun, kept up with Yoshimura) | High Hypersonic (Overwhelmed Kurona, an S-Rank Ghoul) | At least Massively Hypersonic (Arata Joker greatly increases his physical capabilities, including his speed, allowing him to completely overwhelm Kurona without much resistance and keep up with Ken Kaneki ), Lifting Strength: Class M (comparable to Kaneki), Striking Strength: At least Street Class, likely Building Class with Quinque | At least Street Class, likely Building Class with Quinque | Small Town Class, Durability: At least Street level | At least Street level | Small Town level (Took multiple blows from Kaneki's Kakuja), Stamina: Extremely high (Is rather indifferent to pain and withstood countless hours of torture while under the care of Ghouls, continued to fight S-Rank Ghouls until he lost a leg to the One-Eyed Owl), Range: Extended melee range with Jason, Over a dozen meters with Scorpion, Standard Equipment: His Quinques: A powerful Rinkaku scythe called 13's Jason, A set of fifty-six Bikaku knives called Scorpion 1/56, His prosthetic leg, which conceals Scorpion 1/56 | Arata Joker. He is an executive of the Aogiri Tree and is the first member of the series to be introduced. Her face was easily recognizable for use of heavy makeup, tinted sunglasses, and braces. Powers/Skills Despite his merciless nature, he is usually carefree, nonchalant, and dispassionate, so he appears to love his mother dearly as he was crying out for her after Kaneki beat him. Yamori had fought Fura and was about to kill him when Arima took his two quinques and impaled Yamori in his backside and left him severely injured. Sadistic Torturer, 13th Ward's Jason13th's JasonJasonJason of the 13th Ward, Founding Leader of the White SuitsSerial killer, Incomplete Kakuja KaguneSuperhuman strength strength, speed & agilityEnhanced combat prowessTorturing methodsExpert martial artist. It is unclear whether she was merely crossdressing as a disguise, as a game similar to what she did to Juuzou, or was actually a trans woman. Their twisted relationship was therefore defined by cycles of affection and violence, alternately showering "Rei-chan" with kindness and brutalizing "Juuzou". Ghoul Physiology: Having been born as a ghoul, Big Madam possessed great physical capabilities. The deal was eventually reneged by Yamori when he decided to make Kaneki decide who would live or die, Kouto or Kei (Haru or Shuu in the anime) in an attempt to psychologically break Kaneki.

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