If you are thinking about seeing Tiesto - GO! Even though he recently went down to Number 4 on the list of Top 100 DJs, I still see him as the King of the Electronic Dance Music Scene. By time Ties to got on most people were exhausted by everybody else. Staying the night? Scroll down to see all ticket options and prices. Be the first to know when they tour near Istanbul, Turkey, Join 1,021,921 fans getting concert alerts for this artist. Adiago for Strings will always be his most well known song and it can bring such peace to everyone around as well as loving one another like sister and brother. Tiesto is a legend amongst the dance community, getting his huge break when he performed at the opening ceremony for the 2004 Olympics. Information About Buying Tickets Safely For Sold Out Events. You can say I’m an EDM veteran, let’s just say that I was allowed in clubs in 1990… I have been listening to Tiësto for a very… very long time, and no matter the current trend, new sounds or new artists, for me he’s still the best Dj & producer, I have seen him in small clubs, big clubs, festivals and in Ibiza, where I met him personally at Pacha’s restaurant before his gig, one of the biggest highlight of my life! Of the line up for Friday night Tiesto only artist really looking forward to seeing. Thanks for playing for us in New York, I wish you the best in the future Tiesto and hope to see you at least 1 or 2 more times before the end arrives! Wish I could see him in Trondheim, Bergen and bodø as well! Definitely looking forward to seeing him again in the future. Join Songkick Tijs Michiel Verwest OON (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈtɛis miˈxil vərˈʋɛst]; born 17 January 1969), known professionally as Tiësto (/ t iː ˈ ɛ s t oʊ / tee-ES-toh; Dutch: ), is a Dutch DJ and record producer from Breda, North Brabant. One day, The “Sons of Tiësto” will keep going. Tiesto’s Early Life And Career. He truly is a crowd pleaser and hopefully I will be seeing him headline this year at the first ever Île Soniq in Montreal, Canada on August 15 because I cannot wait to feel that same euphoria once again especially since he'll be playing tracks from his new album 'A Town Called Paradise'. Market forecasters say it’s likely to happen if federal response to the pandemic wavers. to his accolades from Rolling Stone and Mixmag to his certified gold and platinum hits, Tiësto remains one of the world's top DJs – no easy feat for an artist whose career has spanned decades. The headliner group at this show included Danny Avila, Seven Lions, Eric Prydz, Tiesto, and Manufactured Superstars (with the last closing out for Tiesto from 2-3 AM; Tiesto opens for no one). Just know anytime you are in Jersey/NYC or somewhere I can make it, I will be there....but a free ticket always helps haha. The EDM powerhouse has become the epitome of a commercial success, having managed to break out of EMD-heavy countries including his native Holland, penetrating formerly untapped markets to become a global reference for EDM in the past decade. The music wasn't particularly memorable and wouldn't be the kind that most people would be found just sitting around listening to, but it does a fantastic job fueling a party. Thank you for a memorable night. Seriously. Sorry, we don't have any Tiesto tour dates, events or tickets listed at the moment. For someone so powerful, energetic & charismatic, I have to say that he can be very mellow when he’s off the turntables. I saw him last a few weekends ago at Toronto’s Digital Dreams Festival and yes… you are expecting him to be the highlight of the event, but when he gets on and blows your brain with his set and you see WHY he was supposed to be the highlight. But he simply turned around smiled and continued the show for all of us true fans. He has also achieved many firsts in his career, including being the first DJ to play live at an Olympics opening ceremony, and will certainly continue to innovate within the industry for years to come. This was my second time seeing him and the venue made it better than the first. He was named "the Greatest DJ of All Time" by Mix magazine in a poll voted by the fans. Since Tiësto was the Headliner, he was the last DJ to play his set and close off the festival. From his multiple Grammy nominations (and Grammy win!) At one point I saw a water bottle fly through the sky from some unseen fan that was really disrespectful. Also, some lucky fan went home with his headphones. Clearly, he tried to bend his music to the styles of the other headliners, and as a result he wound up watering down his own sound. Few DJs have achieved the superstardom of festival favorite Tiësto, but when he went house hunting in Miami, he didn't settle on a star-worthy waterfront estate, instead opting for a corner townhouse on Aqua Island. From headlining EDM festivals like the world-renowned Tomorrowland in Belgium, to hitting all major hotels along the Las Vegas strip, and even having a regular residency on Spain’s party island Ibiza, there’s no limit to where Tiësto will go. As for his set, it was probably one of the best dj sets I've ever seen. True performer. Wildest night of my life so far! Tiësto Live at Red Rocks Sept. 24 at 8PM PST / 11PM EST (LIVE RE-BROADCAST SEPT. 25 12pm PST / 3pm EST) It was very long. My heart was slightly broken though because though the music was good it seemed Tiesto was not into his set as much as previously seen. Finally, somehow he has the time to mix his weekly podcast “Tiësto’s Club Life” another amazing source of awesome music, I have discovered so much great music and different artists thanks to him, I can say he’s the foundation of the EDM movement, along with others, that will keep growing and going for generations to come. The music was on point, there was a lot of club life music played at first, which was to be expected. Absolutely amazing time last night!! I true legend to the EDM music industry. For events such as this it is definitely worth checking out secondary stages to get a taste of music you otherwise might not have heard before and potentially see future big names before they become big names. Each CD has its own magic and theme so start with the “In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza”, then “In Search of Sunrise 7: Asia”, then “In Search of Sunrise 4: Latin America”… then you are on your on! Tieste was fun to watch along with the other artist, the stage was great and you can see and hear no matter how close or how far you were, everyone behaved well and people had lots of fun without pushing hard each other. Once you find one that you can go to, look at the lineup and check them out on Soundcloud, Youtube, etc. The venue was well organized and once you arrived there it was all good.

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