his way to the North … ” (Chesnutt 35). Chesnutt through his text “The Wife of his youth” refers to the problem by showing the contrast between black and white. Charles Chesnutt uses this story to raise an issue that affects the society of his time. How does Chesnutt use dialect as characterization? Mr. Ryder was born Sam Taylor, a free …show more content…. This group signified this society because it brought together all people whose skin was white enough to see the veins in their arm. In “The Wife of his youth”, the realist is marked by racial issues raised by Charles Chesnutt, it is a real problem faced by the people of his time. Firstly, I will focus on slavery, and the transition before the slavery and after. The people of the society must have really light skin to be even considered to be a member of the Blue Veins. In “The Wife of His Youth,” the main character, Mr. Ryder, is a man that has left slavery behind and, executives, that is the Pastor and his wife, the elders and the youth The knight as well had to give his wife, the old woman, "maistrye" in order to be able to live blissfully. Originally Sam Taylor, an apprentice on a plantation, Mr. Ryder runs away and settles in a light-colored community Groveland where he becomes a bourgeoisie. This can be observed in the way he describes Liza Jane with disgust; he talks about her toothless blue gums which could only be visible after opening her mouth since she was so dark. Chestnutt wrote in order to educate the white people, he wanted us to understand the feelings, the concerns, the morals, the very way that African-Americans thought. The Blue Veins embodies the symbol of exclusion, as is clearly shown this sentence; “no one was eligible for membership who you was not white enough to show Blue veins” (Chesnutt 27). Chesnutt, W. Charles. Even in an era of slavery, she accepted her heritage and worked as a cook while her husband worked in the fields. He wrote fiction stories in the 19th and 20th centuries most of them talking about the problems faced by the blacks in a white country. 1. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this The Wife of His Youth study guide. You can use them for inspiration, an insight into a particular topic, a handy source of reference, or even just as a template of a certain type of paper. How does Chesnutt use dialect as characterization? In “The Wife of His Youth,” Liza Jane also depicts insincerity in claiming social equity. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Finally, I will clarify the differences between Mr. Ryder, In “The Wife of His Youth”, Mr. Ryder is the dean of the Blue Veins Society, a society that consisted of people who were more white than black. The difference between black and white, which should logically disappear, increases, and the African American community is experiencing exclusion in some societies. Charles Chesnutt is one of the most widely respected African American fiction writers of his time. However we note that there is a contrast between his past and his future. 2. It was over twenty-five years since Liza was separated from her husband and therefore their marriage was not binding. The writer explains it as a painful and challenging curiosity. Suprisingly, most of his work focused on black experiences during Reconstruction, but specifically “The Wife Of His, which women were subjugated to a lot more scrutiny. Mr Ryder tells the story as an exterior character, we can note the use of the pronoun “he” throughout its history. Print. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must. The title of this story implicitly registers the difficulties that are always evident in the relations between the “vernacular” and “mainstream” cultures in America (Chesnutt 4). The executives hold a meeting once a week usually on Sundays after The Blue vein is a society made up of the black which was set up after the war of the late 19th century to maintain right social principles among the races which were considered minor by the white. 4. “The Wife of His Youth” is a short story by Charles Chesnutt about a bourgeoisie man named Mr. Ryder who is in a dilemma when the wife of his past shows up a day before he proposes to his lover, Mrs. Molly Dixon. All members of the We utilize security vendors that protect and ensure the integrity of our platform while keeping your private information safe. Through reading such material as "The Wife of His Youth" white America was in part educated to the fact that blacks were just as prejudiced against each other as whites were; but more than that they were forced to consider the contents of our own hearts. He continues to say that their fate is torn between being absorbed by the white or extinct by the black. When he was parting with Liza, Ryder told her that, “I don’t know of any man in town who goes by that name,” (Chesnutt, “The wife of his youth” 7). A Flair for the Dramatic/Selfish Machines by Pierce the Veil. According to Ann Charters in The Short Story and its Writer, "conflict is the opposition presented to the main Character of a narrative by another character, by events or situations, by fate, or by some aspect of the protagonist's own personality or nature. The main character in this story, Mr. Ryder, is a great representation of how a society can influence one’s beliefs and morals. ... And stories such as "The Wife of His Youth" filled them with outrage. First, he plays with the tone of his characters by using the regional dialect, but he describes some real facts, as in many others of his writings. Discuss the role of irony in the story. 10 December. In order to become apart of the, Introduction The hag transforms into the young and beautiful maiden because her youth is one thing Dame Alice wishes she could reclaim. The fact that Mr Ryder is the head of the Blue Veins society can be seen as a contrast that Chesnutt tries to evidence throughout the text. The writer notes that Mr. Ryder seemed “to think for a moment” (Chesnutt, “The wife of his youth”5). The society that she t... Georgiana was a devoted faithful wife that lived to please her husband. The visitors were astonished and waited eagerly to hear what Ryder was up to; he went ahead to say, “this is the woman, and I am the man, whose story I have told you. Up until now, he has forgotten all about his wife he married when he was young. How does the time period shape the plot and characters? The Wife Of His Youth is a short story written by Charles Chesnutt in the late 1800’s. The main character, Mr. Ryder, indicates how society impacts his ideologies and, The Civil Rights Movement in the United States took place from the 1950's-1970's. church service to plan ahead for the programme. When Mr. Ryder meets Liza Jane, he knows that he is the man she is looking for although he did not want to show it. New York: Mifflin and Co. Not dated. Belong to this Society provides a sense of superiority over other “people”, makes them stronger and more important. The Wife of His Youth is a short story written by Charles Chestnut that highlights the difficulties experienced by the mulattos (people of mixed white and black races) during the 1890’s. Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows, The Winters Tale: The Tragedy Within A Romance. It is illustrated between the three different men; the old man feels there is no more meaning to his life, the older waiter is unsure of his meaning of life at his point in time, and the younger waiter feels he has everything to look forward to in his life. Liza Jane endured twenty five years waiting for her husband, never mistaking the fact that she was part of the slavery era and that it made her who she was today. In some sense, he was married, although that marriage was not binding. As a member of the Blue Veins Society, Mr. Ryder has a very high social status in his community and the people look up to him. They thought of their selves as higher than the all blacks. Describe the historical setting of the story. The writer (Chesnutt) does not condemn any of Ryder’s acts of beating around the bush about Sam Taylor. Mrs Ryder represents the spirit of change and unification but he acts at odds with his thoughts. This paper will analyze how the symbolism in the story and the political issues, Sometimes race can occur because of people’s views on things, such as religion, age, or even gender. Presumably Chesnutt put his character in a dilemma in order to show that unification is possible because at the end members share the opinion of Ryder knowing that Liza is black. When Mr. Ryder is faced with the situation with his wife and the Blue Veins, he asks them what they would do if they were in the shoes of the husband that Liza Jane was looking for. He is described as being as fresh as the month of May, showing his cleanliness and delightful appearance to which he took so much pride. The pastor and the wife are in charge of donating money, organise. fellowship, make a plan with various concepts two months before the Much of his work is based off of his examining probes and indictments of racism. He was one of the people suffering from this type of hatred having been brought up and raised in a white country (Lauter, Alberti, Yarborough, and Brady 246). His youth is displayed in his dressing with bright colors; also his curly locks. Essay Topics. Mr. Ryder, as we find in this story, was the dean of the Blue Vein Society based in Groveland (this was a fictional city referring to Cleveland where Chesnutt was born). Mr. Ryder was a man who used to be a slave and has chosen to forget his past and move on. He does not hesitate to create a character belonging to the two worlds so that embodies the image of a possible unification. Copyright © 2000-2020. Some of the outsiders stated, “that no one was eligible for membership who was not white enough to show blue veins” (Chesnutt, In The Wife of His Youth by Charles Chesnutt, he shows many predicaments of post-emancipation life. The analysis will be based on the contrast in views of the stories purpose and underlying message the author is trying to convey.

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