Lost Dog street band, "September Doves," // GemsOnVHS™ GemsOnVHS. The emotional connection that Tim preferred from Reed’s recording of ‘High on a Mountain’ gets lost in the re-presentation of the song by McCoury and others who emphasized style over substance. But I can completely understand it getting someone through hard times. Shannon Jae and Nicholas Ridout. these you earn by honest deed Saguaro's Flower 9. While on the road with Lost Dog, Benjamin met two souls who would go on to shape the course of his life. Listentothis is the place to discover new and overlooked music. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I found this band when I was at my lowest point that I'd been in many years... they touched emotions I'd thought I had lost. any more than I can carry So, it just made sense that the performers on the stage should see their bet and raise it. Benjamin Tod goes further than most artists to preserve and promote the traditions that form the foundations of Appalachian music and culture. Born and raised in Sumner County, Tennessee, Benjamin began his musical career at an early age. Molded by the pain of the following months and years, Benjamin has worked ceaselessly to carry the torch that Nicholas left. His music is an honest account and true testament to a life lived in grit, adversity, and desperation. Matt my Brother May the show never end for you and your dreams! if you don’t change your broken reigns you ain’t fit to ride and save your neck from killing time x2 cause i’ve seen the road before you is glory bound x2, your chest is caving in feels like all your sadness has burrowed but what a waste to dream and chase for we are cannon fodder ... benjamin tod flippo; WINSON; Albums. Lost Dog street band, "I went down to Georgia" // GemsOnVHS™ GemsOnVHS. In hindsight, it’s not surprising that the Earle-McCoury connection ended badly. The audiences worked hard all week but they came to the show on Saturday night to be entertained and forget about their troubles. you’re too young for the lord to take in of lives you’ve lost and lives you’ve gained The title track from that album is an ode to Appalachia that holds the individualism and pride of place found in Reed’s attitudes in tension with elements of the darker side of Appalachian life. any relief that gets me to sleep outside of a grave through hell and the darkest valley Homeward Bound 2015. some of them are shining and some of them are blue I’ll only lend my battered hand 10,000 more times, bloodstains on my collar powders on my dollars Her insistence that she wasn’t going to take orders “from no man, from anybody” speaks to the independence and individualism that is characteristic of Appalachia. One of the things that stood out to Tim about ‘High on a Mountain’ was the difference between Reed’s version and any of the long list of covers that he mentioned when you engage with them on an emotional level. I count the days and watch as the haze fills his eyes he cheers with the television I know you’re dreaming bout that blue flowered dress he’ll interrupt with why bother and he’d tan my hide when he caught me in lies O'Dea 6. Sierra Ferrell I’d say you know pain now I’ve been flipping through the sketches you drew Art-damaged absurdist country with a distinct sense of levity. I’ve been thinking bout the highway again you are a cloud i’m a saguaro’s flower i’m thirsty as hell Chorus Chorus: 01. and all you’ve seen of the lives in between Lazy Moonshiner 10. that I once held a virtue with green eyes and auburn hair x2 and now i’m unsure of anything but it’s curing time and my last dime’s gonna Love me some Ben. you don’t want none lady take it from me Chorus: You can see and hear when he sings that he has been through something. I ended up buy two of his albums. While on the road with Lost Dog, Benjamin met two souls who would go on to shape the course of his life. Without A Doubt 6. Any More Than I Can Carry 10. A Heart Of Gold Is Hard To Find by Benjamin Tod, released 22 November 2019 1. If you want to feel some folk music, I’d try some Willy tea Taylor (if you haven’t already), such a beautiful songwriter and human. Bandcamp New & Notable Aug 2, 2019, supported by 55 fans who also own “A Heart Of Gold Is Hard To Find”, Saw Matt open for Lost Dog Street Band in Portland Oregon after only listening to a couple of his songs. but when the bottle is empty oh the gun’s to my head deep in your lungs and you're standing bent like a willow With the release of this album and albums like “I Will Rise” and his countless other projects, Benjamin has proven himself to be more than just another troubadour, tramp, or outlaw. Not normally my style but I love this guys work. “Coming down” and “using again” are two of my favorites. His album I will rise is awesome. and saunter away with a sideways grin Music charts are posted monthly. and I regret every step keeps my ears ringing like a gunshot on the porch ryan jones, supported by 65 fans who also own “A Heart Of Gold Is Hard To Find”, Amazing from start to finish! Widow Queen. then you turn your head and your face meets someone new it’s inside of you and I Sorry For The Things 2. Content is tagged by genre and split into editions for easy browsing. Rage and Tragedy 2016. Terrible And True. Soon after he became heavily involved in the Nashville punk scene and debuted his musical career playing bass in a gutter punk band ‘Capital Murder’ at the age of 15. ryan jones, supported by 87 fans who also own “A Heart Of Gold Is Hard To Find”, I found this band when I was at my lowest point that I'd been in many years... they touched emotions I'd thought I had lost. After being expelled from school for the 3rd time at 14, he never went back and was persistently in and out of juvenile detention. O’Dea. His songwriting pulls from over a decade worshiping the road and the bottle. Earle’s collaboration with McCoury was famously short-lived. not quite yet don’t hold your breath In Reed’s ‘High on a Mountain’ the lyrics capture the beauty of the region and the poignancy of a moment of introspection. take this cane and ease your pain for it’s not you who died Chorus I have come to terms writing these songs Bandcamp New & Notable Jun 10, 2020, Olneyville System Special EPby Dougie Poole, Art-damaged absurdist country with a distinct sense of levity. Chorus: Nashville, Tennessee. It’s as revealing a glimpse into the realities as the ones we get from John Prine’s ‘Paradise’ or Tyler Childers’ ‘Nose to the Grindstone’. fools will follow hearts that bleed In his performance of the Earle song, everything comes full circle. Chorus and destiny calls will you come at last he’d read me the bible ‘til midnight past demons to the land of holy and all the coal mines have shut down although we know not a soul will be there in the end Chorus, you don’t want none lady of what i’ve got to share so believe me when I say I miss your love like desert Diane 8. Cauthen's mix of classic country and old-school soul come together on this album about coming back from the brink. distance The "Gems on VHS" YouTube channel is worth checking out period. ain’t a maiden here or yonder ever need this kind of love Terrible And True 4. thank you, for making true, soulful, heartfelt music. Chorus, you’re the belle of a man who fell I’ll love all my life From the ashes of these years came Benjamin’s powerful debut solo album, “I Will Rise.” A raw and emotional portrait of the singer’s battle with addiction, relationships, and will to live, the pain of each track coalesces into the title mantra, “I Will Rise.” This album is perhaps Benjamin’s most mature work to date. Life's a Dog-Gone Shame 2013. but I will never say goodbye i’ll se you on down the line His performance was amazing, his talent as a writer, singer, and fiddle/now guitar player is something out of this world. Being heartsick for a lost lover is safe lyrical content for traditional bluegrass audiences. cinimodairutsav, Bandcamp Daily  your guide to the world of Bandcamp, Guts Club’s Dark, Violent Country Fantasy. Check out Jesse Stewart, holy locust, days and daze, and devil makes three if you vibe to this. Song after song. Lost Dog Street Band "Waiting Around To Die" Townes Van Zandt Cover benjamin flippo. Add lyrics. Bandcamp New & Notable May 27, 2018, Nobody’s Peach, from Seattle, serve up nine gorgeous songs informed by bluegrass and Americana, gentle as a fall breeze. and you're so confused whats the use I saw the light I saw the light No more darkness no more night Now I'm so happy no sorrow in sight the visions in my head spin like a carousel of death The Mountain chords by Benjamin Tod. I can see your blue eyes gleam every time you try Benjamin Tod from Lost Dog Street Band, "Using Again," // GemsOnVHS™ GemsOnVHS. I won’t complain it’s a privilege to live and die His music inspires me to make more of my own music and to fight my demons. Both in lyrics, in recording and in the slight tremble of Benjamin Tod's voice. than what we’ve endured through tragedy it’s funny how a bottle feels closer than a friend McCoury’s approach reflects the tradition of the Grand Ole Opry. and a friend once said that I’ll always see you tomorrow Your brown eyes they tell me stories lost behind a setting sun The latest from Jim Lauderdale is a showcase for his heavily-detailed songwriting and soaring country melodies. Chorus, all the cotton fields are empty Featuring interviews with The Diabolical Liberties, Stephane San Juan, and Gilles Peterson. with a single barrelled shotgun and Johnny Walker red

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