That being said, I do note that high fantasy epics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, though The Belgariad manages to straddle the fine line between ‘adult’ and ‘kid’ fantasy, not being too heavy like The Lord of The Rings, stressing less on world-building and heavy exposition, but neither is it too childish, having more than enough complexity to attract older readers. This series of books is great and is a good start to any Fantasy fans collection whether you're nine years old or a Fantasy veteran like myself. Eddings writing is of good quality although if you're expecting an Erikson … The series tell the story of the recovery of the Orb of Aldur and coming of age of Garion, an orphaned farmboy. There are matronly hobbit ladies, and female hobbit puppies, but no girls.’ Most previous fantasies had followed suit with this idea. A second copy was sent, and David was finally on his way to completing his vision. The series tell the story of the recovery of the Orb of Aldur and coming of age of Garion, an orphaned farmboy. Yes, killing with the power is fine, such as burning your foe with will-created flames, but direct destruction of something, anything, is not permitted by the Universe. The series began to take shape, originally in the form of three novels, entitled ‘Garion,’ ‘Ce’Nedra,’ and ‘Kal Torak.’   His agent, Lester del Rey, was convinced that only books under three hundred pages long, and sold for less than three dollars, were going to be publishable. The Belgariad was written for adults of course, and as such, contains some ‘objectionable’ words such as ‘orgy’. Del Rey constructed the ‘chess-piece’ titles we know today and although Eddings envisaged the final book entitled ‘In the Tomb of the One-Eyed God,’ del Rey thought the title too long to fit on the front cover of the book. However, you may NEVER unmake something. Our hero, Garion, had been a simple peasant boy living and working on a farm, for as long as he could remember, and he never thought that would change. Games arguably fail this as well, since many games now allow you to choose the path your character takes, thus making him more ‘you’ than ‘himself/herself’. Want to write with us? Official Sites And it will probably stay there for a long time yet. The pacing is also very well done, having intense actions scenes back-to-back, followed by a phase of well-written exposition. There are no Dwarves, Elves, or other ‘standard’ fantasy races. “They have a stern and demanding God,” Wolf replied. Because for a long while, they didn’t fit into our time. “But there’s a world beyond what we can see and touch, and that world lives by its own laws. Often we are placed in situations over which we have no control, but we either face it, or run away. The Belgariad developed many new technical and philosophical ideas when it was published in 1983, which helped to contribute to its almost immediate success. No matter how high Garion rose in life, he never forgot that all his memories began in that kitchen. David Eddings Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. All of the characters in The Belgariad are people. Archived. On finishing his first draft of the Belgariad, David sent his proposal to Ballatine books, which got lost in the post. It’s definitely an interesting and unique system that’s pretty well-explained, and there’s only the slightest use of ‘Dues Ex Machina’ in it. The robust magic system is explained through exchanges between Garion and Belgarath and Polgara, all users of ‘the Will and the Word’. We write about games, art, culture and everything in between. The Belgariad is definitely still one of my most favourite fantasy series, even after so many years. (uncredited), Soldier's Girlfriend Company Credits What may be impossible in this very ordinary world is very possible there, and sometimes the boundaries between the two worlds disappear, and then who can say what is possible and impossible?”. 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