They may be performed individually: 60 €, (Moment i) for solo soprano, 4 choir groups and 13 instrumentalists endobj 3 0 obj << /BleedBox [ 19.8425 19.8425 625.157 670.157 ] /Contents 49 0 R /CropBox [ 19.8425 19.8425 625.157 670.157 ] /MediaBox [ 0.0 0.0 645.0 690.0 ] /Parent 4 0 R /Resources << /ColorSpace << /CS0 29 0 R >> /ExtGState << /GS0 30 0 R >> /Font << /T1_0 31 0 R /T1_1 32 0 R /T1_2 38 0 R /T1_3 34 0 R /T1_4 45 0 R /T1_5 33 0 R >> /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ] >> /Rotate 0 /TrimBox [ 21.0 21.0 624.0 669.0 ] /Type /Page >> "Compositional techniques in the music of Stockhausen (1951-1970)", Six Lectures from the Stockhausen Courses Kürten 2002", Stockhausen's Essay "...How Time Passes...", discussing concepts in ZEITMASZE (PDF), Sound samples, tracks listings and CD ordering, DVD Dress rehearsal, introduction and concert of ZEITMASZE conducted by Stockhausen (1992 with Ensemble Modern), English transcript of DVD Concert Introduction and analysis by Stockhausen (PDF), Six Lectures from the Stockhausen Courses Kürten 2002 (Richard Toop), Compositional techniques in the music of Stockhausen (1951-1970), The Music of Stockhausen (Jonathan Harvey), Works of Karlheinz Stockhausen (Robin Maconie), A Timeline History of 20th Century Classical and Electronic Music, Stockhausen on Electronic Music (1952-1960) --------- WDR Electronic Music Studio Tour (2015), Fin O'Suilleabhain's Set Sail For the Sun, Michael Moorcock: Terhali's Particular Satisfaction. 40 €, for basset-horn or bass clarinet text book sustain, building to a vertical harmony, and then stop in unison). Kontakte ("Contacts") is an electronic music work by Karlheinz Stockhausen, realized in 1958–60 at the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) electronic-music studio in Cologne with the assistance of Gottfried Michael Koenig (Morawska-Büngeler 1988, 109).The score is Nr. endobj Speed up 10x to 6 secs (zigzag melody becomes rising tone color) . 24.50 €, for bass clarinet and electronic music / sound proj. As a student in Paris in 1952 he had spent long hours listening to and analyzing the evolution of recorded sounds of ethnic musical instruments: how the sound is initiated, reaches a Afterwards, the sound is filtered higher and higher. endobj endobj They may be performed individually: Universal Edition refers to both versions of the work as No. Since the rhythm within the tempo are still observed, if the phrase has lots of sustained notes, it could still seem slow, but with some very fast moments. endobj The score is Nr. << /A << /S /URI /Type /Action /URI ( >> /Border [ 0 0 0 ] /Rect [ 57.136 469.4 178.584 479 ] /Subtype /Link /Type /Annot >> The composition exists in two forms: (1) for electronic sounds alone, designated "Nr. endobj The numbers indicate the general historical order of the works. German and English prefaces << /A << /S /URI /Type /Action /URI ( >> /Border [ 0 0 0 ] /Rect [ 56.368 479.4 200.672 489 ] /Subtype /Link /Type /Annot >> endobj 23 0 obj 12, whereas the Stockhausen-Verlag distinguishes the electroacoustic version as No. 490 €, Europe Version 1972 58.50 €, Choir Opera with orchestra [ or tape ] ( orchestra with cond. ) x��YYW�8~�Wܷ 3����Ss�����O?�� preface printed on both sides, bound ( 30 pages ), score printed on one side only, loose leaf ( 74 pages ), for performances Oboe is basically silent (aside from a few harmony accents) until, Tempo Disintegration: each layer enters using one of the 5 time measure tempo types, resulting in c, ontrasting (polyphonic) tempo and melodic layers, Unison tempo layers, a harmony phrase occurs at. �^3m%�k���7hT�f/��u�0�94*��΍$D�L�dT8A��%�쇢�b�7n�F���jC����챢�A�3Z�ǭi=p�(M�px�')kq�XԲ�¡�o�f�yD�,�.��J�Iy���0���a�$rPQ��G]�->�f�'_:+E~�'�e�*�q�*�q�t �|��o3�M���WA�H�#5@ ( or 8-track tape and strings, piccolo trumpet, drummer ) endobj / sound proj. ( 36 bound pages, cover in colour ) Facsimile Edition 2001 ( special edition of all the sketches in colour ) 12⅔), composed in 1961, incorporates all of the second version of Kontakte (Stockhausen 1964, 107). 2014. Stockhaousen Kontakte Sheet Music.pdf - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. 65 €, for orchestra ( cond. ) 8 0 obj rapid chords or sounds, polyphonically, with long general pauses, chords and a few independent notes, legato. endobj 47 €, for 6 percussionists and music boxes / sound proj. {{wikicite|ref=CITEREFKirchmeyer1963|reference=, This page was last edited on 30 June 2020, at 22:07. endobj endobj sound proj. (Moment i (m)) for solo soprano, 4 choir groups and 13 instrumentalists Record 30 seconds with pulses in decreasing speed (zigzag down) with pitch falling and then rising in a smooth curve. 140 €, for 6 instrumental groups ( cond. ) 180 €, for electronic sounds "groups" (legato phrases). Brandt, Brian, and Michael Hynes (prod.). 13 0 obj 4 0 obj 16.50 €, for the Haydn Trumpet Concerto endobj It ends in a rhythmic ensemble structure. 38 €, for 19 players / singers / sound proj. 88 €, Original Score for solo soprano, 4 choir groups and 13 instrumentalists ( cond. ) The title of the work “refers both to contacts between instrumental and electronic sound groups and to contacts between self-sufficient, strongly characterized moments. interested in Stockhausen’s work for piano, percussion and tape, Kontakte. flute, m.74-76). 96 €, electronic music / sound proj. The bassoon sometimes surfaces briefly. Ensemble tempo increases, led by the flute (towards playing "as fast as possible"). 12½. 55 €, Electronic Music with orchestra ( cond. ) Realisationspartitur ( in German ) On the other hand, "Kontakte is arguably the last of Stockhausen's tape pieces in which serial proportions intervene decisively at anything but the broad formal level" (Toop 1981, 189). endobj According to the composer, "In the preparatory work for my composition Kontakte, I found, for the first time, ways to bring all properties [i.e., timbre, pitch, intensity, and duration] under a single control" (Stockhausen 1962, 40), thereby realizing a longstanding goal of total serialism. stream ( clarinet, horn, bassoon, strings ) sound proj. 84 €, Version 2003 for tenor or soprano and synthesizer 12 in the composer's catalogue of works, and is dedicated to Otto Tomek [de].

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