story or review, you must be logged in to an active personal account on Facebook. Cover, Coverversion Metal, Cover Mudshovel, Coverversion Rock, Songcover Staind, Dysfunction, Tormented, Ah the good ole days! Any specific comments and constructive feedback is always appreciated. CHAPTER V, Cover, Coverversion Rock, Songcover Staind, Coverversion Trippy. Break the Cycle, Breaking The Cycle, Cover, Cover Alternative, Coverversion Rock, Songcover Staind, Coverversion Suffer. (Edited by me) …. 10. Cover, Interpret Metal, Coverversion Mudshovel, Songcover Rock, Coverversion Staind, Dysfunction, Tormented, This is a cover of Staind Mudshovel. Please take the time to rate/comment. Cover, Coverversion Home, Cover Metal, Coverversion Rock, Songcover Staind, Dysfunction, unplugged, Free download & consider donating (pay what you want) here: All earnings will get invested towards …. Original Song: Outside – GreatStaind No content infringement intended. Not the easiest song to sing/scream I’m no Aaron Lewis, but hopefully I did this song the justice it deserves. :~) i hope you like thanks and enjoy!! An acoustic cover of this amazing song by Staind. Break the Cycle, Breaking The Cycle, Cover Alternative, Coverversion Fade, Cover Red, Coverversion Rock, Songcover Staind. Copies in original cases have a large custom sticker (black with white lettering): "STAIND - 14 Shades Of Grey - features "Price To Play" - 7559-62882-2" DO IT IN HD! HEADfoot playing Mudshovel-Staind at The Shamrock Pub Houston Tx. During that time, compilation album The Singles: 1996-2006 was released in November, 2006. Break the Cycle, Breaking The Cycle, Cover, Songcover Alternative, Coverversion Epiphany, Cover Rock, Coverversion Staind, I RE-DID THIS COVER! ", "Staind" has already earned advance acclaim from ARTISTdirect, which hailed the album as a "timeless masterpiece," praising Lewis' vocals for "reach(ing) heights that only legends can touch. each took about two hours of total work and I am very pleased with the result! 14 Shades Of Grey, Cover Blow Away, Coverversion Hard Rock, Songcover Rock, Coverversion Staind, Cover Unseen, unseen, I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( and Brake the Cycle, Cover, Coverversion Metal, Songcover Rock, Coverversion Staind, Interpret Suffocate, Dysfunction, My 2nd attempt at this cover bcuz the 1st time I messed up the chorus. It's definitely one of the heaviest collections of songs that we have put together. BLABBERMOUTH.NET This song really means alot to me, I listened to this song a lot when I was Addicted to Pills and Drinking Heavily.. Find Sting discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. i’m ashamed of myself.. i have the guitar tuned to C# …. Hope you like it. Living Proof performing Outside by HitStaind at The Alaskan, Spokane, WA 02/23/07. © 2020 TWITTER // MY BAND …. STAIND recently parted ways with drummer Jon Wysocki after seventeen years of playing together. Cover, Cover Eyes Wide Open, Coverversion Hard Rock, Cover Rock, Coverversion Staind, Live From Mohegan Sun, Staind [LTD], Also check out my cover of Not Again and Take a breath by Staindgroup Tapped by ear Recorded directly via Interface and edited with Garage Band Bass: Cort Action …. Melodies really hit me hard. Thanka for watching :). Cira Las Vegas feat. Just uploaded it to give you an idea what it looks like played. Brake the Cycle, Cover, Coverversion Metal, Cover Rock, Coverversion Staind, Cover Suffocate, Dysfunction. ’‘Tormented’‘ was later re-released as a CD in 2004. It's a modern-sounding version of a heavy STAIND record. Actual song starts at around 2.00 minutes. Tried covering this. Video recorded by Jerry Gray). The album is heralded by the new song, "Eyes Wide Open", as well as "Not Again", the first official single from "Staind". Tuning: Db Ab Db Ab Db Gb. CHAPTER V, Cover, Coverversion Alternative, Cover Reply, Coverversion Rock, Cover Staind, Staind – Reply (cover) Much thanks to „doyoucomprender (Stphane)“for the awesome guitar part, he plays so great. Another Staind cover, but, this time, because a …. Can never match Aaron Lewis’s voice, but still fun to play. Hidden comments will still appear to the user and to the user's Facebook friends. Break the Cycle, Breaking The Cycle, Cover, Coverversion Alternative, Songcover Rock, Coverversion Safe Place, Cover Staind, Coverversion Warm Safe Place. To report spam or any abusive, obscene, defamatory, racist, homophobic or threatening comments, or anything that may violate any applicable laws, use the "Report to Facebook" and "Mark as spam" links that appear next to the comments themselves. Outside – Staind Acoustic Cover by Jeni Bulbrook at Open Mic, Howlers Pub. It's pretty cool. Songcover 29, Coverversion Metal, Cover Mudshovel, Coverversion Rock, Coversong Staind, Dysfunction, Tormented. 2001-07-16 Plugged And Unplugged, TRL Studio, New York, Songcover Eden, Coverversion excess baggage, Cover Metal, Coverversion Rock, Coversong Staind, unplugged.,,, …. STAIND: New Album Cover Artwork Unveiled July 26, 2011 0 Comments Massachusetts rockers STAIND will release their self-titled seventh album on September 13 via Atlantic Records .

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