"Very well, we will speak privately. Mature readers only please. As she lay there trying to get her breath back and trying to understand what had gone wrong with the spell, Hermione felt a rolling sense of dread. "And Harry and I… well, it was never like that.". "Cleverest witch of your age.". "You alright, love?" "Sirius," Hermione panted as his fingers slid between her thighs, curling around her mound with nowhere near enough pressure. "You—" She gulped, her eyes clenching shut as she felt Sirius' hands massage her arse and Regulus' lips find her breast again. I don't suppose you can already speak French by any chance?". When I passed the Test of Faith and covered him with my mantle I officially severed all of his ties to the Faerie realm. "Who are you?" I left things behind that no one knows about—there's an account at Gringotts that will take care of you. The oak table floated neatly into the farmhouse's kitchen and Hermione set it down gently. I ought to give you detention!". Humming softly Hermione transfigured an old tree stump into a sturdy oak table. "Sirius," she breathed and smiled brilliantly at him. If it's what you want…". All of these witches never married and by strange coincidence the children they birthed out of wedlock were all daughters who followed after their ancestresses and also remained unmarried. Hermione turned her head, capturing her lover's mouth with her own, and her thighs tightened around his brother's cheeks as Sirius dipped his tongue in her mouth, mimicking the attention between her legs. I knew Sirius and liked him a lot. Nothing like this had ever happened when she used the Time Turner. "When is the wedding? Can you walk?" "I love you, you git. At first the forms were similar to those described in the original ballad. Her clothes felt like they were filled with creepy-crawlers everywhere they touched her skin because it felt so sensitive and stung so strangely. Hermione stared at him for a moment. It continued on with the eerie, uncanny music. However that would make you related to far too many students who've been through the school, namely Gideon, Fabian and Molly Prewett, though they have graduated, as well as some of the Blacks. That she had sparked his curiosity about what she could possibly need his assistance with as someone of proven usefulness in times of trouble. She knew the Ballad of Tam Lin as well as anyone, and she knew what Tam Lin took if there was no ring or brooch, or other boon to give. Sirius grinned against her shoulder, his hand sliding up her ribcage as the bedroom door creaked open. The old woman's eyes narrowed on her. Mr Potter, Mr Black thank you for your fast action, twenty points to Gryffindor. "Such a smart little witch," he murmured. "Now, my dear we have complete privacy. Sirius and James both glanced back at her with a smile and a nod but neither of them said another word. "I believe you're right," Hermione murmured back. Hermione supposed she ought to be thanking her lucky stars that hadn't applied to her clothing, though she noticed as she patted herself in search of her belongings, that her clothing was looking singed and rather tattered as though she'd recently survived an inferno. She was dressed as the ballad had said Janet was dressed and she had a thick green mantle wrapped around her. "Wingardium Leviosa," Hermione murmured and then swished and flicked her wand gracefully. "I forgot… oh, Sirius what do we do?". ", "I'm sorry for our rather abrupt and insistent meeting Professor Dumbledore. "Why did you pluck the rose, Hermione Jane?". "And who are you, young lady? "Sirius Black, what in Merlin's name do you think you are doing?" "Why on earth would you want to remember me? "More," Hermione breathed against his lips. "For young Sirius Black is there. Hermione beamed at him. I wonder, how was it that you knew upon waking that you were several years in the past?". "I needed to see you immediately because I've always known you to be the best person to go to during any sort of magical crisis, sir.". At least she could lie and say she'd apparated there by mistake if she'd landed somewhere she ought not to be. Most of the time he was not there, but occasionally he would be. The italicized verses are direct quotes from Child Ballad 39a with Sirius Black in place of Tam Lin and Hermione Jane in place of Janet. All the same, I think it will be best for you to leave the name Granger behind as you will be born in three years into the muggle world and shall eventually attend school with the offspring of people within the school now. Hermione found it under her skirt and handed it to him silently. Because my dear I'm afraid I have no idea what a Time Turner is," Dumbledore told her gently. I think it would be best if we give you a surname that others will not question.". Sirius is Harry's godfather. Hermione teased her lover with a lilting smile that made her eyes sparkle. ", Harry's face fell. Because they had never had a formal wedding Hermione and Sirius had never gotten around to purchasing wedding rings for one another, but he never took off his signet ring.

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