Fetlock boots are sometimes seen on the rear legs, primarily to prevent the horse from hitting itself on tight turns. While they are not the most popular breed of sport horse, their numbers are significant in the jumping world. Unlike show hunter classes, which reward calmness and style, jumper classes require boldness, scope, power, accuracy, and control; speed also is a factor, especially in jump-off courses and speed classes (when time counts even in the first round). Many breeds of horses have been successful show jumpers, and even some grade horses of uncertain breeding have been champions. Although the exact mechanism varies by region and culture, as a rule, the spectator who bets on the winner collects all money bet and then splits the purse with the owner of the winning horse. Jumping performance is especially influenced by the presence of arthropathic hocks. Imported gelding (Cruising bloodlines) Riders must wear white or light-colored shirts, white ties or chokers, black or brown boots, white or light fawn breeches, and red or black jackets. They are lightly built horses, with an infusion of Thoroughbred and Arabian bloodlines that give them speed and stamina. Bridles may be used with any style of cavesson noseband, and there are few rules regarding the severity of this equipment. Gloves, usually black, are optional, as is the plaiting of the horse's mane and tail. Show jumping events have hunter classes, jumper classes and hunt seat equitation classes. A horse and rider who have not accumulated any jumping faults or penalty points are said to have scored a "clear round". Fences are usually lower and time limits more generous. An approved ASTM/SEI equestrian helmet with a harness is always required, however, and is a practical necessity to protect the rider's head in the event of a fall. free-jumping (riderless jumping), and puissance (high-jump). We offer show jumping horses for sale from low level jumping till Grand Prix show jumping. Fences 3′6″ to 3′9″ in height and 3′9″ to 4′3″ in spread, triple bars to 4′9″, water to 8′, Level 5. Members of the military, police forces, and national studs, however, retain the right to wear their service uniforms instead of FEI-prescribed dress. There is no correlation between the size of a horse and its athletic ability, nor do tall horses necessarily have an advantage when jumping. Within the last several years, the FEI has decreased the number of refusals resulting in elimination from three to two, and this rule has trickled down from the top levels of FEI competition to other levels of horse shows in the US, however in such places as Australia, lower levels (below 1.15m usually) may still have the 3 refusals and elimination rule. Based on the old English sport of foxhunting, hunter classes judge Lairic, LLC is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. The horse can change the position of its legs and body in relation to the center of mass, however, which is critical to clearing an obstacle safely. You might not know it, but mules can be excellent jumpers too! During flight, the rider has little impact on the actual trajectory of the horse's body. Then he jumped…, PERFECT horse to take a rider up the levels Six-bar: riders jump six fences set in a straight line. The most popular jumping disciplines are show jumping and cross-country. Fences 3′9″ to 4′0″ in height and 4′0″ to 4′6″ in spread, triple bars to 5′0″, water to 9′, Level 6. However, others include team chasing, hunting and eventing. She has successfully competed in Spruce Meadows, Rocky Mountain Show Jumping, Amberlea…. During the first stride after the jump, the horse re-balances itself. If a rail is set over the middle of the water, faults are not accumulated for landing in the water. If you’re looking for a Fences 4′6″ to 4′9″ in height and 4′9″ to 5′3″ in spread, triple bars to 5′9″, water to 12′6″, Level 9. Horses either are penalized or eliminated from competition if they knock down a rail. Jumpers, while caring for their horses and grooming them well, are not scored on turnout, are allowed a wider range of equipment, and may wear less conservative attire, so long as it stays within the rules. Choose your character, hop on your horse and start riding through challenging courses trying to flawlessly jump all obstacles to clear every stage with three stars. If you can find a quarter horse with the proper conformation and spirit, he may make a suitable jumping companion. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Clayton, Michael, and William Steinkraus. No faults were incurred, however, if the raised block in front of the water was knocked down. [2] The longer the hindlegs are in contact with the ground, the greater their capacity for producing power; the further forward the hindlegs are placed under the body, closer to the obstacle, the longer this stance phase. They also do well as hunters due to their attractive good Lead changes…, This young colt is by our mare Xtra Ordinaire and famous show jumper Cartani. Strain on the superficial digital flexors is greater when jumping higher fences, so horses may no longer be suitable for competitive jumping after damaging that apparatus.[5].

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