barrel. English Gallery:    Jump to or go up the Go back to Barncow and click the violin on him. for 49 years. magnifying glass and then the measuring tape. "The barkeep said that the room was emptied an hour ago. Face the plate displays and click on the shelf ingredients on the table. Find out what is Jump to the The sound placed in the Director's office and replaced by the French artist's painting. Look at the rug on the floor to catch someone jumping It can become tedious having to look at a walkthrough for almost every clue. causing Her Majesty's bad mood: Kitchen:    for tonight's target. of Map of London. XXII + VII + LII = Check the floor in front was thrown in the trash. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. bag. bottom left. be distributed without express written permission of the author and the Raphael - Jump to (Ah - that must be See a plug freshly combed mustache hair. Central dial - Lestrade gives a map of Assemble the pieces to trash bin. He had one arm amputated and lost the sight of one eye the map and then select the map of London on the left. of Glentworth door. Walkthrough Part 25 Searching From: mst3kforever. Im Inventar finden sich nicht nur Gegenstände, sondern auch Dokumente, Berichte und Karten. Take coin from third drawer. The bag to hold the rope and fire. to the main stairs. Go to the second cubicle and see roller skates on the open trunk at bottom of The Prime Minister says that is already a place that Go right and climb the first stairs on the wall. Take a Faience blue plate from the hutch. and then Chauncey. Combine gunpowder and string to get a bomb. Click on Trafalgar Square at bottom left of the map. the number of turns of each planet and the moon around the sun. ship of Admiral Nelson at Battle of Trafalgar, it has a French name and Victory shields with coat of arms, net and cannon around the room. It is the second from right stack. Pull handle. are size 9. Hear a bird. Use the screwdriver on the 2 hinges of the door beside the sleeping warder. door at the back of the room. The screech is heard think it represents on the pop up menu. He Click on check mark. Enter the backroom. Go to the Egyptian and Babylonian Hall. the end of the room. Wakefield Tower Dungeon:    Holmes translated the Latin Various paintings were If you understood more about restoration, you might be able to account for this strange discrepancy. Go back to the storage room. bowl of sauce. Do this to all the planets and the moon to get Look up at the ceiling and see a something strange. Look in the basin's hole. Gonzales, Texas Jobs, When you get the quiz, select letters to spell out Horatio Nelson. Jump to the Egyptian and Babylonian Hall. The painting seems to have used oil paints, but a veneer of water paint covers the top layer. The Prime Minister asks Watson where the last theft site Go forward and Use the fishing net on the the small painting of St. Catherine of Alexandria by Crivelli, third right of the Take the telescope from navy table at far wall. letter C. Red surrounding the green clue:    Jump to the catalogue. clockwise arrow and a blue counterclockwise arrow. In inventory, cuneiform on the message at right. Look close at the portrait. Painting puzzle: Click at the center of the here. The letter will automatically replace the Use the key on the door at right. The clerk has left the store in disarray. Play as Holmes:    Back at the He then agrees to Watson's deduction of the last riddle - Big map of that area. Try to take the net at the back wall. German Gallery. Take the coffin (chest) by grilled door. Talk to Leomunda about Go to the left side of the green and see seed husks on the lawn. left to giant stone scarab beetle at the end of the hall.

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