Ruger LCR 9MM 1.875 BLK/SS. Patented polymer fire control housing holds all the fire control components in their proper dimensional relationships, reduces weight significantly and helps reduce recoil. Color me somewhat satisfied that it fits my 9mm only appetite, but wishing I had much more confidence in the Moonclip system, especially on a hot cylinder. The LCR 9mm weighs 17.2 ounces which are almost four ounces heavier than the Ruger LCR.38 Special. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I normally will load up about 40 moon clips the night before a range session.

I prefer the speed strips for the reload. I’m kind of taking a bet with myself to see how many of these reviews give their gun a 4 star review. Grip peg allows for a variety of grip styles to be installed. Tula steel and Federal aluminum tend to swell and expand in the cylinder. Even a heavy tap on the ejector rod won’t eject them. Short-stroking cost you a round in competition, maybe more on the street.

The 9mm is a closer kin to the 357 than 38+P. I love the trigger and shooting a snubby is always a fun challenge. The 9mm LCR had to be built on a .357 cylinder because just a +P can exceed .357 Magnum chamber pressures. I wish Ruger would make a full size 6 or 7 shot version with a 4″ barrel in 357. Compare Compare Now. Glad to be rid of it. .357Mag: 1133 fps.

If I want a 9mm revolver, I’ll get a S&W, a Ruger Blackhawk, or a used SP101. It was a +p all lead load. She brought a box of Winchester White Box 147 grain jacketed hollow points. Fiber Optic front sight is worth the $. lines. with my arthritic hands, I can still shoot this round accurately and with minimal pain. Ruger SR1911 9mm Luger 4.25in Rose Gold Pistol - 9+1 Rounds. But honestly, if you feel the need for buffalo bores you should probably be carrying a .357. When I would let the trigger out, it would make a discernible click. Now that stupid CCP, that thing was a half star at best. responsibility. .38Spl: 868 fps. LCR has a bunch of possible options when they have the capacity. This can make the bullets separate from the unfired cartridge. I don’t worry about local police, if they stop me it’s just they have probably never seen a “pretty gun” before. 9mm +P max SAAMI pressure is 38,500 psi, or 10% higher than .357 Magnum. Lo and behold my money path and desire for a revolver in an auto cartridge crossed paths and I left the happy owner of a Ruger LCR 9mm. My airweight j frame had a bullet walk out and bind the cylinder.

I put a Tritium night sight and a LaserMax laser on mine for a best of both worlds.

The LCR in 38/357/327 are all probably five-star guns. Which, um… don’t try the 180gr hard cast from a snubby.

You can buy the full size LCR 3″ grip. Patented friction-reducing cam is a next generation design in fire control systems that results in a smooth, non-stacking trigger pull. I have shot Blazer Brass since with no problems and 6 other brands, including FreedomMunitions remanufactured. I do not give reviews, but now in 2020, and owning the gun for 5 years now and shooting it very often, I can say this. Added Ruger LCR 9mm 10-2015, pocket carry had added EAA Witness Pavona 9mm Luger 4-2015 Sapphire Blue with silver sparkles. Five rounds of the +P+ did NOT at all. Never had a crip jump. Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! These days I only use standard pressure stuff in the snubbie j frames.

Maybe if I find an honest used magnum I’ll take it. I had a moon-clip 45 ACP revolver once upon a time, and it was not reliable either. Lovely trigger. It’s a little over nine pounds, but it is extremely smooth. .357 Magnum max SAAMI pressure is 35,000 psi. Right now I have the 158 grain hp’s in mine. .38 Spl .357? I work at the local range and have access to rental guns. To my horror, the cylinder skipped the next round while making a click noise. Relearning trigger slap vs riding the reset-yeah, I’ve had those half pulls with no bang at the end. I wish we had the 9mm Federal Rimmed back, but evidently it would fit into 38 S&W chambers. Reliability: * * * 1/2

When fired, the steel case expands and gets stuck in the chamber. I’ve included a link here if you want to take a look.

lines. Usually the cylinder gap wastes enough energy to offset the longer barrel+cylinder length. They are great little snubbies and recoil isn’t bad in the .357. The LC9 is a double-action-only, hammer-fired, locked-breech pistol with a smooth trigger pull. They tend to break easily but you can buy a pack of three for ten bucks. Travis, There are some loads that are specifically designed to counteract this (i.e. Features listed above are available on all standard models, but may not appear on Distributor Exclusive models. I wanna give it five stars, but the ammo issues are holding it back one step. Why did I purchase such a revolver? I also have way more options for ammo in both brand, size, and load.

There are no specifics for +P+ but Wikipedia says 42,000 psi, or 20% above .357 Magnum. My guess is that brass has a natural lubricity, while steel is bone dry. I find that the SP101 snub nose with a spurless hammer carriers just about the same as the LCR, but you do need to have a good belt & tighten it good with the extra weight. This is also the only time it’s fired 147-grain rounds. Price: MSRP $669 (street price $500-ish, about $70 more than the .38 variant). echoes our commitment to these principles as we work hard to deliver quality and This feels dishonest and slightly unfair. Having put thousands of rounds through the pipe of Glocks using their trigger reset, I instinctively pulled again. innovative firearms. I also reload a lot of 9mm ammo and it shoots all very well. But has the recoil or my LCR 357 with 125s.

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