This rank is given to popular content creators that join the group. One notable person with this rank is Speedy2662 along with many others. On Napolaen’s “Roundy” head type rests “Napoleon's Hat”. High Council Members run departments and are the highest rank in that department, they can coordinate with the head of rm and/or Chairman to make changes to their department, and ensure it runs smoothly. The head of rm is the de facto ruler of the Foundation, he/she oversees all operations, does all planning for any games, files, the wiki, etc, writes all rules and laws, and has override action over any decisions made within the Foundation if he views it as something against the best interests of the Foundation. They have fantastic games and a story that is written as though it were a book. Honorary Members cover a wide range of people, the bulk of Honorary Members consist of respected and renowned retired HRs, who contributed a great deal to the foundation during their tenure in said position. Class The Council is the main administrative body of the Foundation, in charge of running many day-to-day operations, each position of the Council is reserved for a specific job, these are separated into two categories, High Council, and Low Council. Clearance V Personnel are the most seasoned of all members in the Foundation, they are the hand picked High Ranks of their department. creamofcrab is the new owner of the group and all of the departments since the retirement of SenseiViny and Kazdam. This can include Youtubers, Famous Developers, or non-developer contributors to RM games. C4 requires you obtain either the rank of Field Officer in Security, the rank of Corporal in Task Force, or the rank of Internal Agent in the Intelligence Agency. The comprehensive encyclopedia for all things, If you wish to become an affiliate of the Myth Community Wiki. It is unknown when exactly he was discovered in the Shadelight investigation, but his account was created in June 2016. The rest of the Honorary Rank, consist of famous members and/or specially recognized personnel, who may directly have contributed to RM. Alias DivineFelix for the Favicon. (see Executive Orders for more information). Affiliations Myth Community Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. WlLL_R for the Wallpaper. Myth Community Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Clearance II Personnel are newcomers to departments, but have begun their journey in the foundation, and chosen a department to call their home. Contained in: Category Pages, Main Articles. Group Type Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Have a great game with a unique story that incites very strong curiosity or other emotions.

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