Rob’s career started in banking with Clio State Bank, now known as PNC. It was spontaneous, caught me off guard, and following prayers for the other concerns, then much church prayed for me. After graduating from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in May 2019, Pastor Priewe received his first assignment to serve at Mount Olive. This reminds me of an old adage: If you want a better pastor – pray for the one you have. It was touching because I’ve had some experiences that were not always that pleasant in the past areas that I’ve served (and all of us in ministry have that), but I would hope that the people of God that I serve would appreciate the service of their pastor – outside of a calendared anniversary. Sometimes it occurs because of death – and that sting of death can even run deeper than the death of a blood relative. The bottom line is that a faithful preacher and teacher is no longer among our ranks. 5 ways to put yourself first, Sending Prayers Up: France mourns 3 killed in church attack, tightens security, Tamar Braxton finds her way back to faith after suicide attempt, says ‘The wages of sin is death’, Things Imperfect? Jesus doesn’t just give hope for, eternal life. So, the next time you wonder – why am I here – remember, that’s product placement. So I’m about to pack my bags and I’m eagerly looking forward to coming home to a beautiful, loving wife and a prayerful and supportive congregation, to continue ministering in the pulpit that the Lord over 5 years ago. He is determined to leave from his home in Montana (if foot by necessary) and is aided by his sons and, reluctantly, his wife. I spent time last night just praying for the leadership of that church as they not only bury their leader but being the grieving process and ultimately the arrival of their new leader. Dr. Clay Evans, pastor emeritus/founder of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago, IL, at the age of 94. The qualifications of man can be overruled by God when He has assignment written on your life. At the same time, Mount Olive ministers to the people of Appleton, seeking to share the good news of God’s saving love with everyone. He was a member of the Clio Rotary for over 50 years, the Clio Educational Foundation, the Community Education of Greater Flint, Clio Eagles, He was the Clio Alumnus of the year in 2003, a member of Bethany United Methodist Church and the Clio Country Club. Pastor Ed Emmerling officiating. I pray you’re doing well. Frankfort, Kentucky, To view the Victory Celebration program for Dr. Winters, click on the link below: b. . Judy served as a Lutheran grade school teacher, church organist, and choir director since graduating from MLC in 1968. I’m writing this after a personally tough year in saying goodbye to members, friends, colleagues and loved ones: a. Then later that same year, to their surprise, they both enrolled at Prairie View A&M University.

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