With the outward appearance of a squat Game Boy, these systems promise to provide precisely 168 games for your mobile enjoyment, and many even include a composite video out cable and external controller for the less ambulatory classic game aficionado. Though perhaps it’s not even connected up that way? The smooth panel is broken only by the volume knob and a connector for the battery, which is incidentally a clone of the Nokia BL-5C, perhaps one of the most bootlegged batteries of all time. Amazon company will not pair up with Google company. There could be ways to combine the latch line with clock or 5v. But outside of that, the majority of the games on the system are modified into fever-dream versions of the originals, many with modern characters and themes shoehorned in. NES controller needed 5 lines: 5v, ground, clock, latch, and data. 3.It is1000mAh Rechargeable Lithium Big Capacity Battery - Unlike other handheld retro games consoles with 600mAh or 800mAh, our game boy is with 1000mAh big capacity, continuous using for … Can anyone use it as monitor? Flipping the system over, we can see just how little is actually on the board. It’s also possible these days to have a lot of hardware integrated into a single chip that used to be dozens of chips. Controller wire is the same with most Famiclone controller (Vcc Gnd Latch Clock Data). Fiddling with the data on the flash and trying to insert your own ROMs would be an interesting experiment, and if anyone out there wants to take on the challenge we’d certainly love to hear about it. Certainly something to keep in mind if you were excited about this particular feature. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. "Better Boot": Chevy's New Infantry Squad Vehicle, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. https://bootleggames.fandom.com/wiki/CoolBoy_400-in-1_Real_Game?oldid=44580, Spiderman: Return of the Sinister Six (US version, Cut-down version which omits some of the graphics), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (US version, no copyrights or storyline), Ferrari: Grand Prix Challenge (US version), Terminator 2: Judgement Day (US version, listed as Final Fight 2), Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones (US version), Ninja Gaiden Episode II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (US version), Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (US version), Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach (Crashes upon reaching the green), Adventures of Dino Riki (US version, title screen is removed), Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima (JP version of, Mickey Mouse: Fushigi no kuni no Daibouken (JPN version), Nagagutsu o Haita Neko: Sekai Isshuu 80 Nichi Daibouken, Ninja Hattori Kun: Ninja wa Shuugyou Degogiru no Maki, TwinBee (Graphics aren't glitched, unlike in, 1942 (Some letters and numbers are missing), Obake no Q-taro: WanWan Panic (JP version of, Penguin-kun Wars (Title screen is partly removed), Star Force (JP version, title screen is replaced with the plain text), City Connection (JP version, graphics aren't glitched, unlike in, Choujikuu Yousai: Macross (Title screen is removed), Road Fighter (Title screen is replaced with the plain text), Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match (JP version of, Jackie Chan's Action King Fu (PAL Version), Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Troubles in Wacky Land (US version), Hudson's Adventure Island II (US version), All-Pro Basketball (US version, glitchy title screen music), Bubble Bobble 2 (JPN version with 1-player only and with 20 lives instead 3), Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2 (English translated ROM), Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (US version), Chip to Dale no Daisakusen (JP version of, Chip to Dale no Daisakusen 2 (JP version of, Nekketsu!

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