He also had 3,130 assists (3.4 assists per game), 599 steals, converted 2066/2767 free throws in 28127:05 minutes played in 918 games. Residing in Manhattan for quite some time as a result of the New York-based show, he played the role for close to three decades until diagnosed with lung cancer in January of 2006. And though he played the No. In 2000, he was named as one of the PBA's 25 greatest players of all-time in elaborate awards ceremonies that highlighted the 25th anniversary of the league. Ten percent of the actors work and the rest are unemployed...I don't know why actors aren't half dead with ulcers. There's really no gratification doing a job when so many of your peers don't see it...So the gratification comes from the actor himself. In 2005, he accepted the job as the new head coach of the Philippine School of Business Administration. Months prior to the 2001 elections, he was appointed as Acting Mayor of San Juan while then Mayor Estrada was serving his suspension due to the plunder charges leveled against the latter and his father, former Philippine President Joseph Estrada. He won the Most Valuable Player award in 1980. Yap is the husband of the first cousin of the wife of the son of Jaworski. He did find plenty of work, however, and was frequently top-billed. He is best remembered as the very first one-on-one champion of the league when he defeated Ramon Fernandez in the finals of the 1979 Sprite One-on-One challenge where he won P25,000.00. His popularity soared as the moneybags manipulator you loved to hate. 1920 - 1929 westerners. He attended (briefly) New York's Mohawk University and studied drama at the University of Miami where he met his college sweetheart, Maureen Peppler. They married in 1949 and went on to have three children: Linda, Jeffrey and Lisa Ann.The 6'4" actor impressed a talent scout with his brawny good looks while appearing in the summer stock play "Over 21" in New England, and he was offered a contract with Warner Bros as a result. Most of the 60s and 70s, other than a few now-forgotten film adventures such as Black Gold (1962), The Great Sioux Massacre (1965) and Three Guns for Texas (1968), were spent either saddling up as a guest star on The Rifleman (1958), Bronco (1958), The Virginian (1962) and Gunsmoke (1955) or hard-nosing it on such crime series as 77 Sunset Strip (1958), Ironside (1967), McCloud (1970), Banacek (1972) and The Felony Squad (1966). Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Robert Jaworski and Philip Cezar are separated by 21 genealogical steps. I had three prime time series and you tell someone to watch it and he's available to see it. Billed as Philip Carey, he didn't waste any time toiling in bit parts, making his film debut billed fifth in the John Wayne submarine war drama Operation Pacific (1951). "Sobra, totoo ang sinasabi nila (tungkol sa rivalry). 4 position for most of his career, he was like a second point guard on the floor, often orchestrating big plays and dishing out timely passes. Robert Salazar Jaworski → his mother, Lou Salazar → her husband, Fernando Clemente Bonnevie → his mother Trinidad de la Rosa Clemente → her father Moises Clemente → his son, Luis de la Rosa Clemente →  his daughter, Elizabeth Sabong Clemente → her husband, Lorenzo Escartin Calleja → his father, Mariano Malonda Calleja → his father, Lorenzo Calleja → his father, Gonzales Dietz → his son, Ignacio Calleja → his daughter, Angelina Calleja Serrano → her son, Melchor Veluz → his wife, Mona Liza San Diego Magno → her father, Carlo Ricardo Hernandez Magno → his mother, Fredesvinda Francisco Hernandez → her mother, Candelaria Francisco → her mother, Narcisa Francisco → her daughter, Leoncia Francisco → her son, David Francisco Cezar → his son, Philip Dudley Cezar. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. At the forefront of the on- and off-court action were Robert Jaworski for Toyota and Philip Cezar for Crispa. Though barely 6'3" and less than 200 pounds, he was usually given the unenviable task of guarding tall imports from opposing teams. / 100 - 199 western credits . He, along with Fernandez, are the only two players in PBA history who has accumulated at least 12,000 points, 5,000 rebounds and 1,000 shot blocks. In 2013, he was appointed by then Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada as head of Manila's sports council, which aims to prioritize youth volleyball, swimming, track and field, chess, badminton, table tennis, and basketball, along with coaching and training clinics at the elementary and high school levels.[2]. Standing just under six-foot-three, Cezar was considered "tall" for his time, long before locals standing above 6-5 became a regular occurrence in the PBA. Phil could cut a good figure in military regalia and also showed strong stuff in film noir. He could also run the floor and finish fastbreaks with his patented "stretch" lay-up. Another PBA cager, James Yap, shares a closer link to Robert Jaworski, via marriages into the Cojuanco-Aquino Family, with only 7 genelogical steps separating them. He was also known by the monikers Tapal King and The Scholar. Robert Salazar Jaworski → his son, Robert Vincent Jude “Dudut” Bautista Jaworski → his wife, Mikael Maria Antonia “Mikee” de los Reyes Cojuangco → her father, Jose Sumulong Cojuangco → his father, Jose “Peping” Chichioco Cojuangco → his daughter, Maria Corazon “Cory” Sumulong Cojuangco → her daughter, Kristina Bernadette Cojuangco Aquino → her husband, James Yap. He won the Most Valuable Player award in 1980. In 2000, he coached the San Juan Knights to a championship in the now defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association beating the Negros Slashers in six games, 4-2.

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