I have typed up quite a bit here and due to the nature of the post and the controversy it will no doubt spark, I’m going to just post this first part of the evaluation and see how it is received before continuing into other things involving Murray’s transition to the pro game, such as his ball placement, arm strength, field vision, decision making, and the concepts Reilly asked him to execute and whether or not that will help him in the pro game. Explanations for all 254 picks. In other words, it can not be an every down thing just to get your QB deeper drops. You bring some interesting information, but none of them actually support your thesis that Murray is too short. Well, because of narrower splits the pocket is much smaller in the NFL than it is in college, and unlike college where O Lineman have lots of room to work outside pass rushers before that can make it to the QB, in the NFL the game is about containment. Those of you that do acknowledge the considerable difference in size between Mayfield and Murray still argue Murray did just fine in college, so what’s the big deal. Oakland Raiders, from Chicago Bears (5), 27. Cookies help us deliver our Services. While, yes, the splits are bigger than they were for Baker it’s more likely to be because Kyler has a lot more designed runs and really making the splits longer can help limit the contact your QB takes on those plays, it really gives a cleaner lane to run and slide in(especially when paired with the deadly passing attack OU has).

https://t.co/Rd9GQYBZsu. Why? I’m really not worried about Murray’s height if he measures close to 5’10”, it’s his weight I’m worried about. After the first three rounds, Rounds 4-7 begin at noon ET on Saturday. Here is an example of the splits used when Murray commanded the OU offense, the splits used when Mayfield was running the show, Here are the splits Sean Payton uses for Drew Brees, https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/rushing-success-and-play-action-passing. While he can be stuck on his first few reads at times, a lot of it is a mix of the system and Kylers relative inexperience in it compared to Baker. I know he’s shorter than both of them, but is 2-3 inches really that much of a problem? Here is an example of the splits used when Murray commanded the OU offense showing OU lining up in about one yard splits. Also upvoted for "Baker Mayfield is a cunthair under 6'1". The average OL in the NFL at this point is 6'4". Interesting post, although given that guys like Brees and Mayfield are both relatively short for their position and have found success as pocket passers using regular narrow splits between linemen, why can’t the same be said for Murray?

Further streams can also be found on the ​NFL streams subreddit via this ​direct link. Here is a pretty decent example. ​Finally, Draft Day is upon us! The rolling out thing I feel you are down playing as well, pat mahomes rolled out a ton this year, if you design concepts for this its not as much of an issue as your making it as well as the fact murrays running keeps the field open. Again, I should note this is just part 1, and it seems like this is being received well so I will get all the other parts up one a day in time for the combine. Dive in & start building your team today! Never Forget Rob Parker's Surprisingly Recent and Truly Stupid Andy Reid Take, Minute Media 2019 12up © All rights reserved, 12 Craziest Sports Stories of the Past 4 Years, Brian Snitker Drops Bomb and Announces Freddie Freeman and Three Others Battling COVID-19, MLB Reports Surprisingly Low Positive COVID-19 Test Percentage and Now the Hard Part Begins.

Green Bay Packers, from New Orleans Saints (6), It's all coming together in Nashville! Wrinkles, things that are developed in an offense to play to someones skillet, also not the only way to combat this, the line gets naturally wider the longer a play develops, kyler can generally hang onto the ball a tad longer because of mentioned athleticism to run under pressure. OP making an ass out of themself when people try to discuss in the comments is another story though.

Says who? The splits were shorter for Baker likely to really focus on getting space for the short RPO passes to the outside and the OU slant looks they ran so well with him. The current year’s draft begins on Thursday, April 23, and goes through Saturday, April 25. A split is the distance between lineman on the line of scrimmage in a given play. It can also be streamed on WatchESPN, the ESPN app, and NFL.com. The 2019 NFL Draft will kickoff on Thursday night down in Nashville with full coverage of Round 1. You can roll him out, make moving pockets, things of that nature, but these are things that are wrinkles in NFL systems, not staples. As someone fairly new to evaluating talent, these posts are amazing. A common retort when height is brought up is “Baker Mayfield is doing just fine” or “Murray’s lime was NFL size” and both of those statements are true, but they are misleading. Yon design an offfense around him and his limitations (this should eb the case for EVERY QB regardless of size) there is more than enough there to suceed. No, no QB prospect ever is. Now, are there ways to combat these things? When was the last time a starting QB weighed less than 200 pounds? An asterisk denotes that the pick is a compensatory selection. Now you may or may not know this but even for a spread offense that is fucking insane. Press J to jump to the feed. Appreciate the analysis. NFL Draft Live Stream Reddit for Second and Third Rounds Austin Pert 25 Apr 2019 The 2019 NFL Draft has plenty of major storylines surrounding the top prospects and quarterbacks set to unveil in the first round on Thursday, but it is the second day of the draft when fans can see teams etch long-term plans into place with who they pick to add depth to their rosters. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Appreciate it. I agree that deeper drops are rarer in the NFL (although your assertion that running game must "get going" in order for playaction to be effective has been proven wrong https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/rushing-success-and-play-action-passing), and deep pockets have many pass protection problems, but you didn't present anything to support "better field vision comes from deep drops.". You’re right, he did, so let’s take a look at what Lincoln Reilly did to help Murray be a successful college QB. ET. /u/SnokeSnoke, that Russell Wilson seahawks line stuff blew my mind honestly. ... Watch 4K HD When is the 2020 NFL Draft? ET. LMISport has been a concrete replacement for Reddit NFL streams now. Reddit NFL Streams. The official source for NFL news, video highlights, fantasy football, game-day coverage, schedules, stats, scores and more. National Football League's Draft Of College American Football Players! The entire draft will be televised on ABC, ESPN, NFL Network and ESPN Deportes, with Round 2 starting at 7 p.m. It’s a similar concept, the middle of the pocket will be obliterated giving the QB no chance no matter how talented he may be. What taking deeper drops does is improve field vision, but deep drops are few and far between in the NFL. The choice is yours! Made sure you have your cowboy boots laced and ready to go, as Nashville is about to see a party like no other. So why can’t an NFL team who takes Murray just play with wider splits? That’s why almost every single team in the NFL that has plays with deep drops come off of play action. This is harder to find images of but next time you watch Kyler Murray pay attention to how far behind the line of scrimmage he gets before he throws, especially of the play takes longer to develop.

By lining out wider than normal, they provided Murray with passing windows and an ability to see the defense pre snap. They have to line up in wider splits that the athleticism of the NFL can exploit) and Baker in Cleveland much more narrow than his days at OU showing it was the system in college, not Baker himself, that necessitated the wide splits at OU. Interesting insight in the line alignments. Additionally I don’t really think Kyler shows difficulty reading the field due to his height on tape. Far too many people are treating this as an afterthought. Kyler had pretty good success passing over the middle of the field though. Sure. By giving his lineman as wide of splits as possible. This is a good write up, although I disagree with the overall sentiment of Murray not being a first rounder. With these truths in mind, let’s delve in to Kyler Murray not as a college football player, but as a prospective NFL QB. Here are the splits Sean Payton uses for Drew Brees which are pretty typical of the NFL at less than a foot, Russell Wilson’s which are wide for the NFL but still more narrow than Baker at OU (which, sidenote, is why it’s often perpetuated that Seattle’s OL is bad. Brian Cass 24 Apr 2019 Finally, Draft Day is upon us! College football and the NFL share lots of similarities like 11 vs 11, same sized footballs (link included because it’s a common myth that was even upvoted highly here the other day that NFL balls are bigger than college ones) and same sized fields, but they have a massive difference that fundamentally changes how both games are played: the width of the hashmarks. The draft will conclude on Saturday afternoon with Rounds 4 through 7 starting at 12 p.m. ET. While you raise interesting points, you cant say this, for the simple reason that we dont know, no NFL ofense has ever been run like rileys, no QB has been kylers height, closest we have (and if you believe reports its going to be less than an inch difference) Wilson does just fine as a primary passer so it obviously doesnt matter that much when a team game plans for it. TLDR: you put a lot of words up, but didn't actually make logical connections with those words to your thesis.

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