Cuddlebug: This is an even better version of Lovebug since a teddy bear is all about cuddles. Simply click again to get Rarely heard in the US, Auberon has a gentle autumnal feel rare in a male name. This is quite a unique name for an exotic arctic animal like a polar bear. Having never tasted it, I can bear no testimony to its quality. Now I have done what will only make more misery, for I cannot bear it. Piece of Heart Bear. Struggling to find a name for your teddy bear? Toronto Zoo Polar Bear Names. Since they are territorial animals, winning their trust and friendship can be quite meaningful. Many of the names on this list literally mean bear or carry another bear-related meaning. Join our early testers! Its name means Great Bear in Latin, and is associated with the legend of Callisto. Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. Male bears are called boars, and a group of bears is called a sloth. The polar bear is a fictional character from the movie “Polar Bears” released in 2012. She was a year old and was admitted to the San Diego Zoo in 1996. Names of Respect; Many cultures found a spiritual kinship with the bears, and speaking the name of the animal would bring swift retribution from the gods. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. Italian, Portuguese and Spanish variation of Arthur that makes the original feel more romantic and dashing.Read More, The name Auberon is a unisex name of English origin meaning "noble, bearlike". After that, they were taken to the zoo. Peter Loki-Baby Fuzzy Wuzzy Snugga Beary Potter Polar bears are naturally cute and fluffy. Polar bears have been quite popular as fictional characters and in traditions. Ursus Maritimus: This is a scientific name of polar bears and literally means “sea bear”. Share Bear. Kalluk is currently the biggest bear in the zoo, weighing as much as 1,280 pounds. They are with you for life, through the thick and thin, and won't ever judge. The name Bear itself is stylish now too. Here are some name suggestions for the little one. Popular Polar Bear Names. QB. Read More, The name Arturo is a boy's name of Italian origin meaning "bear". Lars: This was a polar bear cub in the series “The Little Polar Bear”. If you're looking for names that mean bear for baby boys or baby girls, let this list be your master guide. Polar bears are cuddly and cute animals. In medieval Scandinavia, many poets believed that polar bears possessed the valor of 12 men and the smarts of 11. San Francisco 49ers put 4 on COVID-19 list ahead of Green Bay Packers game. Male bears are called boars, and a group of bears is called a sloth. Coca Cola Bear: This bear wears the iconic red scarf with the name “Coca Cola” over it. This name was initially made famous in the documentary, “Nanook of the North”. Find out more about the name Bear at Rainbow Heart Bear. It was introduced in a children’s comic strip that was published in the Daily Express and printed in books. White Sea Deer: Polar bears have been popularly discussed in Norse poetry. Winnie-the-Pooh Among A-list fictional bears, the one who went corporate. Little is known about this species of bear, which is also referred to as the "honey bear. Here are a few names that you might like: Angel: Their pure white fur is one reason why polar bears look like angels in the arctic. It has become quite popular in the last few years. Birthday Bear. His wife Hera became jealous, and changed Callisto into a large bear. 10 new random names. Though short and brisk, no nickname name could have a more creative image. Most of these names reflect their natural habitat in the snow and are appreciative of how brilliantly polar bears brave the Arctic climate. Care Bear Names. An object lesson of what not to name your baby. Kissyfur: Polar bears can also carry funny names quite well. Boy Names That Mean Bear. Catchy Creative Newsletter Names Action Appeal Bottoms Up Comet Discovery Examiner Happenings Linesman Mentor Pulse Seller Star Telegraph Today Web Witness. Chinook: This polar bear came to the zoo as an orphan. Baby Bear: You can also keep the name simple yet adorable. Myth: Zeus fell in love with a mortal woman named Callisto, who was a far-traveler and a huntress. Big Dipper Stars in Summer Sky - June 10, 2005 . For this reason, polar bears were famously called “White Sea Dear”. The name Bear itself is stylish now too. (Join me?). The Ainu people felt deeply connected to bears. There are eight species of bears living throughout the world: Asiatic black, black, brown, polar, panda, sloth, sun and spectacled. Here are some unique polar names that you should know: Kayi: This is one of the hundred words for “snow” in the Inuit language. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? Love-a-lot Bear; Grumpy Bear. © 2020 Don't like the names? And then there are the names that relate to famous bears, such as Teddy, or even Christopher, as in Christopher Robin, friend of Winnie the Pooh. These cute bears can run as fast as a horse. Based on their soft fur, their ferocious roar, their little buttoned nose, and their big, adorable eyes, you can give them many names. 9. … Mitchell Trubisky 10. They also have a really good sense of smell, which is why they can detect seals for hunting as far as 1.6 km. But least of all can I bear that you should reflect upon my mother. There are many different types of names, ranging from the more serious names for killer bears, to cute and cuddly names for cubs or teddy bears. Ursa! They tend to be protective and fierce as they live in an isolated habitat. Other glorious names included “The Seal’s Dread”, “The Sailor of the Floe”, “The Rider of Icebergs”, and “The Whale’s Bane”. Petting a polar bear can be a lot of fun. However, there’s no way we can underestimate them. Orqoi: Another extremely respectful name is “Orqoi or Gyp”, which means “Stepfather or Grandfather”. Arizona. Arthur, once the shining head of the Knights of the Round Table, is, after decades of neglect, now being polished up and restored... Read More, The name Arthurette is a girl's name of Celtic origin meaning "bear". Lovebug: A name like this is perfect for your little lovebug. A hunter reportedly killed their mother. Why Lamar Jackson keeps falling short in big games. I can bear witness to the value of her services in South Carolina and Florida. This name derives from the Ancient Finnish word for a bear. Here are some famous names you probably know. “Intrusive” vs. “Obtrusive”: What’s The Difference? A female bear is called a sow. 21. : The Bears in the Sky. “Baby Bear” is a nice name for a polar bear cub who is little and feisty. If your child loves the Care Bears, chances are they’d like to name their teddy after one of them. Isbjorn: This name is popularly used for polar bears in Norway and Denmark and translates to “Ice Bear”. The name Bear means Bear-like and is of American origin. These are proven catchy newsletter names that will help spark your creative genius. 22. I have been fascinated by our natural world and am here to share that wonder with you. Here are some other cartoon polar bear names you should know. Whether you’re loving one from a distance or want to snuggle with a little polar bear cub, these names are unique, special, and perfect for polar bears! This name generator will generate 10 names which will generally fit most types of bears.

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