Users may select the specific remote monitor display to show on the local PC monitor and freely switch between them. After a 30 day trial, this software costs a minimum of 19.99 USD, which only gives access to a limited number of the multitude of features. Both Multiplicity and Synergy 2 are missing a fundamental component of network security — neither program encrypts the TCP/IP traffic back and forth between the host machine and the machines being controlled. Multiplicity is the clear winner here. When you get to the core of it Multiplicity does everything Synergy does except it really does it better. It runs on a variety of Windows flavours, but it doesn't support anything but Windows. With Multiplicity thats a thing of the past. Formatting attributes are retained when copying and pasting formatted images. Synergy was good in that it would lock the mouse to that screen if you are in first person mode and then release it if you went to a menu. What problems exactly were you having with Synergy in DirectX games? Works great in games Activists Complain about Mitt Romney’s Canned Hunt, New Orleans Mayor: Katrina Was God’s Punishment, Theodore Roosevelt on 1891 Lynchings in New Orleans, Sunday Times Claims Wealthy UK Developer Is Linked to Animal Rights Extremists. With Synergy for me it was always a hit or miss if it would take the text copied from one PC to the other. Multiplicity can display a full screen of active desktop thumbnails from remote PCs available to be selected and controlled from the Primary PC. Any of the other Synergy users know how to fix this? Comes in handy, if you are used with one of the two modifier key scheme of Mac vs Windows. This is another area where the $40-$70 Multiplicity cannot come close to what Synergy 2 offers. Go to Options, check “Don’t take foreground on Windows servers”. The sidebar can be displayed all the time or automatically based on mouse control. And there are further restrictions for the host machine which cannot run, for example, on the 64-bit version of XP, though a secondary machine can. Freely available as well. AES-256 encryption of all data sent between PCs with the ability to define a unique encryption key for each PC. When sufficient thumbnails are available the sidebar will scroll and can be one or two columns wide. Each PC can have its own unique password. As for the Linux issue I don’t use it so it’s not a problem for me. You can always decide, if you wish to paste the local clipboard or the clipboard of a remote computer. Multiplicity enables a single monitor, keyboard and mouse to be used to control other PCs. So yesterday I buy a new motherboard for my PC and decide its time to do some switching around which means a full format and reinstall. A feature-limited freeware is available for two computers and two displays (in total). What are the best KVMs for high resolution monitors? The Synergy 2 website says that is a feature that is being considered for a future release, while Multiplicity does not mention encryption at all on its site. Multiplicity's user configuration options can be set by administrators and locked down. lol) With multiplicity, when you mouse over to an alt machine, your keys stop replicating to the alternate machine that has focus. Remote connection activity can be logged to the Windows Event Viewer. ShareMouse automatically senses the display positions and requires no manual setup in most setups. Especially since the shared keyboard data may contain passwords, and the application can "control your computer" (as the MacOS X permissions dialog puts it) it is important to ensure that the connection between computers is secured so that even if you are using it on an open WiFi hotspot, others cannot see the data being sent, nor can they inject data into the connection. Keep track of the active PC with monitor brightness or border highlight indicators. It’s not a very fair review if you ignore one of the strong points of Synergy, which is crossplatform compatibility. Synergy, Multiplicity, and ShareMouse are probably your best bets out of the 3 options considered. I don’t have this problem with multipilicty. Here’s what Multiplicity currently supports: Ugh. Cost of $10 for Synergy Basic, or $29 for Synergy Pro. This enables staff in different locations to access a PC when collaborating on a task or problem resolution. Synergy Pros Multiplicity will work with any display or input device connection type that is compatible with your PC. However, Multiplicity currently has a better security setup. No cut and paste of files Synergy does have features Multiplicity is lacking in. Its kinda weird though because if I am playing Half life 2 or Counter-strike it keeps the mouse locked to the main screen. There is no Linux version available for ShareMouse. Based on your monitor resolution Multiplicity will automatically resize and adjust the number of thumbnails displayed and horizontal scroll to accommodate as many thumbnail views as are available. In Remote mode Multiplicity can connect to a headless virtual machine (VM) and in Seamless mode connect to other PCs with monitors hosting VMs. Synergy can be used for file transfer using intuitive drag and drop interface. The #1 defining feature of Synergy is its frustratingly spotty Windows OS cut-and-paste functionality. ShareMouse allows to share the clipboard between computes. A few weeks ago I mentioned how impressed I was by Multiplicity, a program that lets you seamlessly control two or more computers with a single keyboard and mouse — when you drag the mouse off the screen of one computer, you’re suddenly controlling the other computer. The new version I downloaded today resolved some flakiness with copy and pasting images between workstations. Both programs do a very good job of letting you control more than one computer; the main difference between the two comes down to configuration, platform, security issues and costs. Quickly and securely drag and drop files of any size between PCs. What problems exactly were you having with Synergy in DirectX games? Yeah you can use one copy for up to 6 machines. The autodetection can be buggy.). Stop wasting time searching endlessly. Cut and paste of files and text work every time The cursor can be smoothly moved directly to any monitor regardless of which PC the monitor is connected to. After about 40 min of tweaking and trying to figure out why the systems would not see each other I gave up. Very easy install If it performs as well as the XP version, I’ll probably buy it and install it on machines even given the high price. Copy and paste images and text between PCs, local and remote. Synergy 2 has clients for the following platforms: Some of those are more stable and bug-free than others, but they’re all there in some form and being worked on. But if I was even considering a Linux box, I’d save my money and go with Synergy 2. Full-screen lock works much better in Multiplicity than in Synergy - I gave up on Synergy after a while because of game issues. PCs requesting a remote connection can be required to enter a session code generated by the remote PC. Despite being open source, Synergy charges for builds of their binaries. Files can be moved from any Mac/PC to any Mac/PC. I’m guessing that pc never recieves a key_up signal. At the moment, Synergy 2 is not something casual computer users would find easy to install. The other thing that I am incredibly happy with is the fact that Multiplicity works amazing in games. I remembered getting an email a few days ago from Stardock about a program ( which I thought may have been new but turns out its not ) called Multiplicty. As someone who uses multiple Windows+Linux computers, that’s simply a must. The window that contains the remote PC display can be resized and moved between monitors attached to the controlling PC. Older versions of the binaries are available for free, and the source code can be downloaded and compiled manually. It allows machines to be password protected, whereas Synergy 2 will simply allow you to connect to machines it finds running the software on the network. Synergy 2 wins hands-down here since it is free. Can share mouse, keyboard, and clipboard between Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, with unofficial clients for Android and iOS. You can use any(!) Lustre recommends the best products at their lowest prices. Although I am having a weird issue with Multiplicity and some FPS games such as bioshock and Red Orchestra where when you are playing the game the mouse will still travel to the second screen. With Synergy 2, the same process took 20-30 minutes with repeated references back to the documentation. Remote connection session time limits can be preset to ensure connections are not left open. And do you need to buy a copy of Multiplicity for each machine? Very cool. A service worker auto-launches ShareMouse corresponding to the remote user credentials. It’s missing the other key point too! Missing one key point? There is a Mac client in the works too that will be free to users of Multiplicity. No text formatting. Slant is powered by a community that helps you make informed decisions. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. computer to control any(!) Multiplicity supports control of remote PCs with multi-monitor configurations. It's possible to copy multimedia content across computers, such as images, tables, html, text, and more. It really is just that simple. The coupon if you are looking to save a bit when you buy it is MPPro-B083107 just use that at check out and it’ll take 25% off. Similarly, Multiplicity allows the user … Keyboard and mouse inputs will be sent to the remote PC and the remote display will be shown on the local PC monitor. Oh well perhaps it will get patched. BUG: (feature? The Synergy 2 website says that is a feature that is being considered for a future release, while Multiplicity does not mention encryption at all on its site. Its almost as seamless as dragging and dropping from one folder to the other (yeah you can use a network share to do the same thing but being able to copy a file and place it where you need it is awesome). Though I do have one problem with Multiplicity which I did not have with Synergy in Bioshock the mouse does not stay locked to the main screen while I am playing the game. I have this problem in Synergy where sometimes when switching between screens keys on the computer I switched from get stuck down. It allows machines to be password protected, whereas Synergy 2 will simply allow you to connect to machines it finds running the software on the network. Only Synergy lets you also share monitor/mouse with your Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS computers. Sounds like a shitty deal right? Same basic feature set as multiplicity but lots more multiboxing-specific features added. Battlefield 2 spin-o-death: Remove client before starting just in case :). Synergy has a greater ability to set your own keyboard shortcuts and more options to set the position of the monitors and how the mouse travels to them which is really good if you have a couple different sized monitors or ones not side by side. Low latency can be ensured by directly connecting computers via crossover cable. if moving against the right border of the most-right display, the pointer jumps to the most-left monitor. Synergy has a greater ability to set your own keyboard shortcuts and more options to set the position of the monitors and how the mouse travels to them which is really good if you have a couple different sized monitors or ones not side by side. "Low latency" is the primary reason people pick Synergy over the competition. I still love multiplicty though its good stuff. Its kinda a downer that I have to unload multiplicty before I play bioshock. ShareMouse can ignore mouse transitions, if hovering display edges, or when running full-screen apps. Multiplicity enables multiple PCs to access a single PC. Synergy in my experience takes a bit of tweaking to get working exactly right but Multiplicity gets off and running very fast. Multiplicity supports multi-monitor configurations. Multiplicity sounds great, but for $160…. The problem is mainly in WoW where when I switch to the second screen and attempt to make my char move it just spins the screen. In synergy the mouse would stay locked to the game screen untill I pressed escape and went to a menu then it would unlock and allow me to move to the second screen.

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