Comments under LifeSiteNews stories do not necessarily represent the views of LifeSiteNews. See them at, Round-up of Posts for 10.16.20. ", It didn't help reassure those bold believers that the head of the Amazon Synod, Bishop Erwin Krautler, is reported to have said, "I have not yet baptized an Indian, and I also will not do it. Please help me tell Congress this has got to stop! The debut of the Molech statue coincided with the meeting of the South American Amazon synod at the Vatican where pagan fertility statues were on display, even within sight of Pope Francis. For more help, you can visit our page dedicated to this fight at Macbeth Mla Citation, A film that was known to depict children being sacrificed to Moloch was shown at the White House. ROME, November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A reconstruction of a pagan idol who demanded child sacrifice was stationed at the entrance of Rome’s Colosseum as part of a secular historical exhibition. Little Texas - My Love, Megan Fox writes in PJ Media, "It started when the opening ceremony in the Vatican garden was full of earth worship and what appeared to be idol worship happening right in front of the pope with his blessing. The Vatican has owned and operated the Colosseum since the Middle Ages when it took control of the facility from the Frangipani Family. Selon Matt Slick, du Ministère de l’apologétique chrétienne et de la recherche, la façon dont ces bébés seraient tués était vraiment horrible : « Les anciens chauffaient cette idole avec du feu jusqu’à ce qu’elle brille, puis ils prenaient leurs nouveau-nés, les plaçaient sur les bras de l’idole, et les regardaient brûler à mort. Dans le film, l’idole de Moloch, installée dans un temple punique, a dans sa poitrine un fourneau en bronze géant dans lequel sont jetés des centaines d’enfants. Every time you donate to Liberty Counsel Action, this helps us spread the message that Sandra Merritt brought to light. Molech has been associated with human abortion for thousands of years. This sickening reality drives me to my knees. The miscarriage of justice is that she is the one who should be behind the defendant’s table, not my client Sandra, who did nothing wrong. ( Déconnexion /  Cette exposition, intitulée “Cathargo : le mythe immortel”, ne pouvait y être tenue que si des autorisations étaient accordées à des niveaux élevés. Is this a sign that Giustra may be involved with sacrificing children to Moloch? It is our duty to follow the words of God...", The takeaway from the Amazon Synod for traditional Catholics, according to Fox, is that "the Catholic Church has been thrown into a state of total confusion since Pope Francis ascended to the seat of St. Peter. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Things To Do In Coverack, L’image de Moloch exposé au Colisée de Rome est inspirée d’une représentation du démon dévorant des enfants trouvé dans le film muet italien de 1914, Cabiria. In an image from Giustra’s website, a mural is pictured that contains a pedophile symbol. ", Fox explains the Catholic view of this: "This statement has not been denied by Krautler. Bien que la flotte romaine ait été en partie détruite à Syracuse, Scipion entre à Carthage. Planned Parenthood is offering the same illusion of wealth to these often-unwed mothers. La statue de Moloch dans le film Cabiria. For years, Planned Parenthood has been pushing infanticide. Previously, the Catholic Church had made the Colosseum a sacred site to honor these first Christians martyred for their faith, even placing Stations of the Cross there for the faithful to contemplate their sacrifice. His silence and the silence of Church leaders on crucial issues of the faith have created chaos and division between the left-wing and traditional Catholics.". The Colosseum now seems to have erected Molech as its god. As effective as LCA seeks to be, we need to be joined by a nation that is outraged by the realities of the cultural practices seeping into our nation. It often uses a salt solution to burn these pre-born babies to death in the womb that was created to protect them. Help us end this evil of infanticide in America. Help us continue to be a voice for truth in the media by supporting CBN News for as little as $1. L’image de Moloch exposé au Colisée de Rome est inspirée d’une représentation du démon dévorant des enfants trouvé dans le film muet italien de 1914, Cabiria. It follows a melodramatic main plot about an abducted little girl, Cabiria, and features an eruption of Mt. It was a common practice to the pagan cultures surrounding ancient Israel. Required fields are marked *. Waiting For Guffman Interview, Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. P.S. The location of the display is particularly worth noting since the Roman Colosseum is where many early Christians were slaughtered at the hands of lunatic dictators fearful of a faith they could not stop. Frank Giustra, Canada's Deep State Architect. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Mega-Pastor, Stovall Weems, Said He Saw Jesus Face-to-Face on Friday, Pope Scolds Priests who Defied Lockdown Orders to give Communion, Calls them “Adolescents”. "We were so excited the day we decided to go to the Colosseum," Alexandra Clark told the outlet via email. These neighbors believed that if a child was sacrificed to the statue of Moloch, that would guarantee wealth and prosperity to the parents. Spring Training 2020 Tickets, 18th-century depiction of the Moloch idol (Der Götze Moloch mit 7 Räumen oder Capellen. “The idol Moloch with seven chambers or chapels”), from Johann Lund’s Die Alten Jüdischen Heiligthümer (1711, 1738). Moloch ou Molech est une divinité dont le culte était pratiqué dans la région de Canaan selon la tradition biblique. Along with ritual prostitution, this deity required the death of babies to appease him. Also Molech is the biblical name of a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice. Watch Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein, 20601 Bohemian Avenue Monte Rio, California 38°28′5.13″ N, 123°0′9.62″ W. No.7 Georgia Guidestones. Copyright © Guy Boulianne, auteur et éditeur. As Breaking Israel News writes…, “There is no way that such a thing could be done without direct permission from the highest levels of the Vatican. This shift in our nation explains why the California AG’s office is refusing to prosecute Planned Parenthood when proof of infanticide has been thrust under its nose. I hope you will click the button below to send an urgent fax right now. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. La statue de Moloch, adorée à la fois par les Cananéens et les Phéniciens, fait partie d’une exposition consacrée à la ville de Carthage, autrefois grande rivale de la Rome antique. Cabiria, après bien des péripéties, parvient à délivrer Maciste et Fluvio Axilia, qui tombe amoureux d’elle. Guy Boulianne, auteur et éditeur. He is now even considering adding “ecological sins” to the list of sins according to the Vatican, not the Bible (23). The Great Pretender Anime Watch Online, I urge you to make your voice heard in this battle for these innocent children. Ce dernier réalise une quête personnelle, historique, généalogique et symbolique qu'il partage avec ses lecteurs. Changer ). It is extremely unusual for such a large quake to happen there, and it really shook a lot of people up. Send a fax today to urge Congress to immediately protect these newborns. Tous trois regagnent Rome…. Ce dernier réalise une quête personnelle, historique, généalogique et symbolique qu'il partage avec ses lecteurs. Cela comprend l’érection de l’arc de Baal à Washington D.C. et à New York. Coopéra-Films. Dragon Quest Xi S, For a Catholic pope to want to celebrate something like this, it is made clear that we really are dealing with a post-Christian pope (12)(13). Une source proche de l’affaire l’a dit à Breaking Israel News : « Il n’est pas possible qu’une telle chose puisse se faire sans la permission directe des plus hauts niveaux du Vatican.

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