A few minutes later, Jiang Kaitong hurriedly fled from the elevator. She denied it so his fans were hating on her. The picture of. comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it! He is already dating Fang Anna and I don’t know about the other girl. On the chats, Mao Xiaotong says that she saw Chen Xiang with Jiang Kai Tong at home, that her hands are shaking and she doesn’t want anything (from the relationship) but to please pick her up. Sharp eyed Netizens found Mao Xiaotong cosmetic, Bachu Mao Xiaotong … Frontline Battle Report | Out! Then, Mao Xiaotong appeared in the elevator and left overnight with the suitcase. The Indian Navy has dispatched all carrier-based aircraft to the Sino-Indian border! I thought Jiang Kai Tong was dating Zhai Tian Lin. A Community Blog for all lovers of C-Entertainment. Shame it turned out this way. But what did this so-called father do for her? Z1z, netizens also commented, "Sister is really cool" and "Hahahahaha!". Poland has strongly invited the US to garrison troops. It is frustrating and sad to see this happen so often. 37-year-old Thor beach dress, strong biceps, clear mermaid line, 44-year-old Spanish wife very lucky, Baby is going to play Chen Qing Ling director“s new play? Then at 10 minutes past midnight some people, I assume her staff, start taking down her stuff. Then he said on a variety show that their breakup was due to different schedules, he even cried >_>. Was going to watch his new drama but will no longer do so. Hong Kong Girl of Jindu: Marriage, fake marriage, or not, which is freedom? can only really realize his mistakes only after going through these. Zijin Chen“s 4 big and small said: 3 have been adapted into web dramas, The Hidden Corner is on fire in 2020! Still that’s just sad. ♦ Ongoing Vision: Mao Xiaotong cosmetic? Mao took keyboard and vocal lessons since youth, and has gone on to learn competitive ballroom dancing such as Latin dance and dancesport.She studied performing arts at Central Academy of Drama.. Career. On the other hand, one of Mao Xiaotong’s friends released screenshots of chat messages with Mao Xiaotong during that day. The boyfriend who has been in love for many years broke up, and it was because of betrayal. Join our Discord server for exclusive content such as: As well as a place to rant and rave about your favourite dramas and stars or discuss upcoming/aired dramas . Granted that the leaked video is a whole can of questionable ethics and shouldn’t have happened, but I think it’s pretty obvious what transpired. The fairy tale theme is set in the world, and the male protagonist is Ma Tianyu, The widow sister sweetly announces her marriage, the groom looks like Buzz Lightyear. Nothing But Thirty add Chinese Drama, 2020, 43 eps Zhong Xiao … He basically says that he reserves the right to use lawful means against the illegal and wilful distribution of the leaked video that misconstrues normal interactions between friends. learned from the doctor that the child was gone. 37-year-old Thor beach dress, strong biceps, clear mermaid line, 44-year-old Spanish wife very lucky, Baby is going to play Chen Qing Ling director“s new play? ( Log Out /  The friend also said that Mao Xiaotong just wanted to be at peace so she kept quiet. He also apologized to his friends, who were dragged in. Yeah, I am glad she has solid proof. In the morning of October 1st, Chen Xiang is seeing arriving home from the airport and leaving later at 3: 15 AM. Then, Mao Xiaotong appeared in the elevator and left overnight with the suitcase. Yes, this scene is really familiar, it is a recurrence of Chen Xiang that night. A Community Blog for all lovers of C-Entertainment. In the end, Mao Xiaotong said recently that after all the recent attacks, even against her family, she is choosing to be positive. Poor girl. Strange how the video is down to the minute and captured the whole night’s happening. She is such a sweet and cutie pie ❤️. why is Rachel getting the hate when he was the one cheating? Last, I saw his PR is denying this saying that she had planned to move ahead of time. ( Log Out /  Of course, if it was just because of this, everyone might not talk about Zhong Xiaoqin's topic on social media. In terms of personality, Zhong Xiaoqin is quiet and restrained, and will not ask too much. …, Cecilia Cheung plays a heroine that has had to deal with the loss of her son, a spiteful mother-in-law and a …, Mulan actress Crystal Liu Yifei and ex-boyfriend Song Seung-heon – two names I haven’t heard mentioned together for a long …, Oh noes, more cheating news have surfaced since the, Never imagined that such a scene will flash before my eyes.”, allegedly taken from Chen Xiang’s condo reveals the backstory.

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