Especially if it means looking for riches! he defends Launchpad after he was conned. A tiger and a bluebird brought themselves beside Snowy and gave quick intros on themselves. Llewellyn ”Louie" Duck is one of the nine main protagonists of the 2017 DuckTales series. Donald gives Webby permission to call him Uncle Donald starting with "Donald the Royal Court Magician" and does the same with Lena and Violet. 2 “WAIT-”. Along with Huey and Webby, Dewey and a few other kids all filed into what looked like a choir room. He made sure to go ahead of Huey, which he didn’t think the red triplet fancied, but Dewey didn’t care; he was way too excited at this point. Everyone wants to be your friend because you’re the life of the party (and you’re an expert dancer)! Join the most daring adventurer in history, the legendary Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Dewey, Huey & Louie Duck and Webby Vanderquack on their adventures as they go solve mysteries and rewrite history. In "The Impossible Summit of Mt. Louie, looking up to Scrooge before he knew his uncle, wanted to become the next richest duck in the world. Realizing his errors, Louie gave the company and money over to his great uncle Scrooge, stating he isn't ready to be a businessman yet. But overal? 3 It makes his blood boil- not that he's gone unnoticed (that's fairly normal) but because he sleeps so soundly when the man he shot is still in the hospital. He's not worried about fingerprints. But, just because they’re brothers, doesn’t mean they’re exactly alike. And Webby discovered the inner-strength of, well, blind confidence, trusting in something other than years of preparation and trusting the person who has been beside you the whole time. The chances anyone will even dare think of taking him on are slim to none. However, you’re not completely opposed to tagging along and joining in on the crazy antics of your family and friends. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. If we’d like to see some more from you, we may call you back to expand upon a character you didn’t audition for. He's Scrooge McDuck. It turns into more then just a simple massage though as Louie attempts to get exactly what he wants unaware his older brother … The building was tall and wide. Louie is the first triplet to get punished by his mom. You don't hurt Louie Duck's family and get away with it. Male Llewellyn Duck (birth name)Captain Lost (Huey and Dewey)Rebel (His mom)Greener Pastures (Gladstone Gander)Sharpie (Goldie O'Gilt)Green Kid (Fethry Duck)Friend Present (Doofus Drake)Caddy (Flintheart Glomgold)Llewellyn, Fighter of Storms (Storkules)Green Bean (Gladstone Gander)The Evil Triplet (himself and his brothers)Lou (everyone)Mr. Dewey remembered the excitement that pulsed through his body as he tore the paper off the wall and held it tightly in his hands, gazing in its grace. So, you mentioned Louie becoming ceo very early. He wanted to debate on it, but then he turned his head to look out the window and gasped. Oldest, most responsible sibling ". History Louie holds a certain pent-up resentment for his granduncle, and likewise kind of loathes his brother Dewey for trying to be Scrooge McDuck Jr... whilst also being bitter that he was never as respected by his granduncle as Dewey was. “Are you scared?” She suddenly forwarded, causing Louie to shoot her a glare. There was a second of silence in the room. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Rarely had Dewey heard Louie sing, and even he did, it mainly him messing around or just doing something apprehensively on the spot. and being snarky about Dewey's best plan of getting out of a room was to keep hitting the doorknob with a bag of marbles. and in "The Great Dime Chase!". "That was so much fun!” Webby squealed as TJ opened the door for the kids to exit. Dewey was about to ask how the auditions went, but suddenly he, Huey’s, and Webby’s name got a calling from TJ. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's. Good Loving the “old person accidentally adopts chaotic children…and secretly loves it” trope in Modern Disney cartoons. *runs off immediately in the wrong direction*, I’m going plan to out the best way to find this treasure. Baloo also died sometime before the fic began, passing the delivery business to Kit Cloudkicker. when he calls his Uncle Gladstone their Best Uncle in front of his Uncle Donald who has raised him since they were young. I am not. I guess I’ll go … if everyone else wants to go It still goes in, but doesn't kill him. While Daisy took until season 3 to appear and has been confirmed to only be a recurring character that season, this version not only debuts Daisy earlier with more appearances but also promotes her to main cast starting with "Double Triplets" in season 2. While Lena looked calm, Webby and Huey started getting that starstruck look Dewey would get about theater. And to Dewey’s surprise, Webby was not a bad singer. I am Ms. "I am afraid not, but be aware this is a large cast, meaning there is a high chance you guys will have involvement in the ensemble. Share on FacebookShare on PinterestShare on Twitter Share this Quiz But then there was the gunshot, and his Uncle was on the ground, and everything was red. Due to Tino Insana's death in 2017, Corey Burton is the new voice of Bushroot in the fic. But you asked about his job so let me tell you a bit more about it. Fun loving and daring, you’re always up for an adventure and aren’t afraid to dive right into any situation, (webbed) feet first! 6 Dewey was already half immune to the flash bang lmao. He’d chosen a bit of song to sing, and after memorizing, he was prepared for the auditions. Donald and Della are given more interaction with Lena and Violet too. "So you are just surprised as I am. Warnings: Dark af. “I hope he isn’t too nervous.”, “He looked nervous, but not all the much. And he did the same thing in "The House of the Lucky Gander!" I think his headphones got a little messed up so he was going in blind and deaf. Dewey hoped he could avoid them. where he pointed out to Scrooge how every treasure would end in the same way with being amazed but later would lead to more danger because of the booby trap that every treasure they'd found had. Relatives I never asked how his audition went.”. It would be cool to see Huey accepting his anger without his vision. Steelbeak has killer hookers as henchmen. Scrooge may be 170 year old, but Louie’s the Uncle. So Louie is indeed a crime lord. Adventurous I’m sure he’ll be fine. Duck (Jane)Louie McDee (Launchpad in "The Richest Duck in the World! “Alright, everyone! Louie duck loves his mother, Della duck. And Louie was split off from the inner-strength of the truth, that he has a legacy and he’s already good enough, he doesn’t need to lie to be formidable. Between having to basically lead all the company by himself all of a sudden, losing both his brothers, not getting to meet his nephew and niece, and dealing with his depressed uncle that sometmes acted as if he wasn’t even there…. Like, sing very well.". WLLPPR Padryan 7 1 Louie Duck - Quack Pack Reboot AvengerOfIron3401 9 0 Louie glowy wings XNotAshamed 8 1 Quack Pack Louie Codetski101 18 2 Webby Vanderquack Ducktales webby as dewey aliciatob 7 6 Ducktales (2017) Webby Fly Kick Transparent CouncillorMoron 5 4 Webby Gal spongefox 111 6 Webby Vanderquack...duhduhduh hailrobloxia 4 0 We start with stars in our eyes Miles-Bow 13 1 … However, you’re not completely opposed to tagging along and joining in on the crazy antics of your family and friends. Dewey finally saw Louie get nervous. Huey: Oh, and there you go again! He drops the sand wedge with a thunk, then grabs the quarter he'd found and sets it on the bedside table. Yes, it’s a lot. Age doesn’t come into play much unless the character is meant to be a child, like young Elsa and Anna.”, There was a moment of silence before Snowy nodded her head. where his brothers, Webby, and he were locked in a freezer and was being threatened by Big Time. He's protecting the family Uncle Donald made him promise to take care of. In the process of deconstructing Dewey, Louie admits his own cavalier attitude towards spending money is, The Duck Triplets' childhood is deconstructed in that it's left them all marked in their own unique ways, and those scars actually caused them to separate from each other for a prolonged period of time. where he states they shouldn't have brought Webby to Funzo's right in front of her. This sets off a world-hopping adventure of Cold War-era, sibling-rivalry fueled, high-flying fun. In "The Richest Duck in the World!" You base your decisions on facts rather than myths. His vast fortune was split between his three nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. First appearance. With glee. Using the tripets too, why did I not think about that?! Louie Inc. was a company that Louie Duck attempted to found in order to emulate Scrooge McDuck by becoming a billionaire. Louie is a schemer, with his confidence, clever quick thinking, and persuasive charm he manipulates others to get want he wants, as seen in "Daytrip of Doom!" Louie doesn't stop until Glomgold's head is a squishy pulp, and the only reason he stops then is because his arms are tired. Other Information I feel like his Duke side is able to “see” based on pure instinct/rage but Huey hadn’t known about that because he kept that part of himself locked up. That would really emphasize his inner strength in confidence. My Life!

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