CA$349.95. And tacking on $130 to what is essentially the same design feels pretty steep. For this winter, Marker’s new Duke PT offers similar versatility, and the unique CAST Freetour Kit also gives you the option to swap between an alpine binding (Look’s Pivot) and a tech toe. DIN Range: 5-14 // Weight: 1115g per binding // Standing Height: 19mm. I totally believe that in any other binding I would be having reconstructive knee surgery this summer. 3. I personally have nothing but good things to say about the Attacks. While you’ll see a DIN range provided for every make and model of binding in the industry, not every binding has actually been DIN certified from the folks in Germany, including a good number of tech bindings. 1 oz.Brake sizes: 90, 100, 115, 130mmWhat we like: Low-profile and solid feel.What we don’t: Pricier and not as versatile as the Griffon above. The Salomon STH2 and Marker Griffon above are two of the most popular binding options for aggressive downhill skiers, and for good reason. By raising or lower the AFD plate on the toe, the binding may be adjusted to accommodate different boots, which makes it a versatile choice for skiers who need options without wanting to change their setup entirely. Finally, transitioning into tour mode is among the best in class in terms of ease: just rotate the heel in either direction, raise the toe piece into tour mode (the highest position), and flip over the large lifter bars. This binding has served some of the world’s best skiers for decades, and it continues to be a solid choice for intermediate to expert-level riders. The Look Pivot series is a classic in the world of alpine skiing. A lower weight isn’t a be-all and end-all requirement in alpine bindings, so they have the benefit of substantial construction that has excellent power transmission. The Look SPX 12 Dual Bindings were pretty revolutionary when they were released a couple of years ago. There’s not much else that separates the two, but those small differences are enough for us to give the overall advantage to the Griffon.See the Salomon STH2 WTR 13. That said, not all bindings are equal in terms of performance. Read more about us. Combined with a low profile chassis and progressive transfer pads, these bindings provide amazing power transfer and ski maneuverability for even the hardest charging skier. This burly construction does come at a significant weight penalty, and with the toe piece in place, it’s nearly 2 pounds more than the Salomon Shift (keep in mind this 16-DIN model has a much higher release value than the 13-DIN Shift). We also found that snow can easily build up on the heel piece, and it can be difficult to rotate the heel back into ski mode with a pole. For more background, see our ski binding comparison table and buying advice below the picks. It’s true that the Pivot line is overkill and pricey for casual riders—even the “entry-level” 12 model comes in at $280—but it’s hard to beat the combination of build quality, lateral release, and longevity.See the Look Pivot 15 GW. But nowadays, you can add alpine touring capabilities to your mix, giving you the chance to ski anywhere. When I got the Bibby’s and was looking to get bindings for them I tried for way too long to figure out if there were actual differences in safety performance between bindings and found essentially no useful information. If you date your skis but marry your boots, your bindings better be your best friend. I would also like to point out that every time blister mentions that a binding prereleases, they say something like “dont get the 13 din binding if you are setting the din at 12 or 13.” I think that type of prerelease talk should be omitted from the review because it should be common knowledge not to max out the din on your bindings. Weight is comparable, if not superior, to others in its class, tipping the scales at just 579 grams a piece. Type: Tech bindingDIN: 4-10Weight per pair: 2 lbs. Also, my boots are grip walk, do both of these bindings work with that? DIN range: 4-12 The basics: The award winning Pivot is the most trusted and reliable alpine binding in skiing. Dual compatibility between standard downhill and AT boots is a growing trend within the alpine binding industry. Much harder to engage than the Griffons or the Jester. Can anyone give me more information? That’s why the Marker Kingpin and Dynafit ST Rotation are seen as such a big sign of progress in the market. To complete your set-up, check out our articles on the best all-mountain skis, backcountry skis, downhill boots, and backcountry boots. In contrast to the Shift above and Kingpin below, the G3 Ion in both the 10-DIN and 12-DIN models is less capable on descents. That said, I never had any pre-releases or other mishaps on the Rotation 10. And to complete the set-up, we’ve also detailed the best ski boots for beginners. Your information has been successfully processed! Well, somehow I wasn’t clicked in on my downhill ski and as I started the traverse my foot just fell out the binding. In today's ski industry, you have access to the widest variety of ski bindings ever. All bindings should be professionally installed and adjusted by certified technicians at your local ski shop. No warranties in the past few years that I can think of, and I like the binding a lot as long as you don’t have a super thick touring sole. While it isn’t ideal to then have the set-up shipped to you, it’s a nice way of avoiding the exorbitant costs of having the work done at the resort.Back to Our Top Ski Binding Picks  Back to Our Ski Binding Comparison Table. Look Pivot 14 $240 DIN: 5-14 Weight: 1145 grams/binding. The B130 brake can accommodate a ski that is anywhere from 115 - 130mm. Just hope they are as safe as the Markers, and assume they are. It’s true that the Kingpin still is a strong performer and a little lighter, but it can’t match the Shift’s versatility. Type: Tech bindingRelease value: 6-12Weight per pair: 1 lb. LOOK 2019 Pivot 14 AW B75 Yellow/Orange Ski Bindings $299.99. DIN: 6-10 Can you confirm the 20mm of BSL Adjustment for the Pivot’s? I saw recently on that Atomic / Salomon has certified their STH2 WTR 13 & 16 for use with GripWalk soled boots. —Julie Brown, Marker Jester 16 ID I am on Atomic Vantage 90ti and will do mostly carving. Taking this multi-norm concept a step further is the Salomon S/Lab Shift, which was the first tech binding to accommodate traditional downhill boots. For example, if you are skiing the Völkl Kendo 88, your ski binding brake should be 90mm-100mm. Keeping in mind that many high-performance carving and frontside-specific skis come with integrated bindings, these particular ski bindings listed below are designed to work with flat skis that don’t come with bindings. While “alpine” bindings (ski bindings that don’t have an uphill / touring component) are simpler than “AT” bindings since there is no need to combine uphill efficiency with downhill reliability and safety, there are a dizzying number of alpine bindings on the market, and little information about why one particular alpine binding might be a better choice for you, which bindings are — and aren’t — compatible with the new boots you just bought, etc. $325 Lightly updated with the 12-DIN design a couple years ago, the Rotation remains a premier lightweight option for deep backcountry tours. Trees on both sides…my uphill ski was still attached. But the Attack2’s strongest element is the Race Pro heel, which confidently snaps into place and keeps a strong grip on the ski boot in variable conditions and terrain. Bindings are often the last piece of ski gear you choose but remain a very important one. If you’re new to the sport or haven’t made a purchase in a while, you’ll notice that ski listings fall into two general groups: expensive skis that do not include bindings and pre-packaged ski and binding combos. The Pivot 14 binding features a classic turntable design with seven points of contact that will maximize coupling strength for instant power transmission, precision and ski control while also offering the most effective shock absorption for confident retention and release. SKI highly recommends only skiing in boots and bindings with the same ISO compatibility and have been properly installed and adjusted by a professional ski technician. The skiing experience of the Warden is generally similar to that of the STH2 16. Overall, the Salomon and Marker are the better choices for resort-like performance in the backcountry. In the past, the extra weight was worth it for the improved security on the downhill, but impressive new tech options like the Kingpin, Duke PT, and Shift are making frame bindings nearly obsolete. Chosen by the worlds most committed skiers comes the Look Pivot 14 GW Ski Binding. The binding of choice for the world's most committed skiers; the pivot is the most trusted and reliable in skiing. © 2020 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. This content is copyright of Powder7 and cannot be reproduced. The bindings listed here are those most deserving of recognition for the best bindings of 2018. I’ve seen a few threads regarding the setup of kit. Type: Frame bindingDIN: 4-12Weight per pair: 4 lbs. These ultralight bindings replace the traditional alpine toe piece with two pins that lock into tech-compatible ski boots. First and foremost, all of the bindings listed below are trusted by our editors to safely secure skis to boots. At 4 pounds 12 ounces, it’s over a pound lighter than Marker's Baron while retaining a similar max DIN of 12 (the Baron is 13). Featuring a minimalist “U” spring design, with three interchangeable release options, “Expert,” Men,” and “Women,” which is adjusted via a swap of the spring in the heel. The lightest model, the Helio 110, weighs a truly amazing 7.8 ounces for the pair, but we like the slightly more feature-rich 145. Bindings may be the smallest part of your ski setup, but they are the piece of gear you need to trust the most. Swiss-based Fritschi has evolved as well and in recent years came out with the Vipec, which went through a number of updates to try and improve its ease of step in, which was sorely lacking in early versions. (I see too many red flags about the Griffons floating around on boards, including this one). The binding also inspires confidence for skiing aggressively, which can’t be said about all tech camps. When ordering skis and bindings online, it’s important to understand that most of the time the bindings will not arrive mounted. At this point in the tech-binding world, the ION is not revolutionary. DIN/ISO 5-14. Because of this, alpine bindings are usually heavier and perform better while descending, while backcountry bindings are lighter, release (and sometimes break) more easily in downhill mode, especially when skied on hard snow and moguls. The heelpiece is also new and uses a cup design like a traditional downhill binding. She finally got a tip from an instructor to get poles with non releasing straps to loop the strap around the heel and jerk upward while pushing her heel downward. I skied the Rotation 10 inbounds with the toepiece unlocked (as recommended) on refrozen coral reef, and I have to admit I was never as comfortable as I wanted to be. Tyrollia have licensed GripWalk hence the bindings are marketed towards GripWalk, but Attack2 works with Alpine, Grip Walk & WTR – you just need to move the AFD up/down via screwdriver. The laundry list of missing features includes brakes or a leash, adjustable release settings, heel risers (technically there is one, but it’s low and not ideal for steep pitches), and plenty more. DIN: 3.5-12Weight per pair: 4 lbs. Alpine bindings are designed for going downhill, while backcountry bindings are designed to go both uphill and downhill. Which is why I use the Look Pivot 14s. The typical recommendation is to choose a binding that is no more than 10-15mm wider than your ski's waist. I have used Salomon STH2 WTR 16s for the last couple of years and like them but now am considering looking at some Pivot 18. This does take some knowledge of exactly how much pressure should be placed between the AFD and the boot sole, so best to have a shop do it. While less advanced skiers may not notice, aggressive riders will be better served with the options above.

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