The keys can even be cleaned with a damp cloth. Your keyboard has an embedded ambient light sensor that reads and adapts the level of backlighting accordingly. Contact Us FAQ Stub - MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard There are no Downloads for this Product. Thank you for choosing Logitech! © Copyright 2020 PS: FROM THE FACTORY IT COMES HALF-CHARGED SINCE THAT IS BEST FOR FACTORY STORAGE. The backlighting is also set via sensor, automatically brightening or dimming depending on a room’s lighting. Le bouton 'Choisir la langue' vous permet de choisir la … Pressing the device keys (1-2-3) doesn't help. A slightly damp cleaning cloth or soft, dust-free cloth works best to remove fingerprints. GREEN PULSING = Battery is charging. Dual connectivity Connect via the included USB receiver or … ACCESSIBILITY Below, you will find the most frequently asked questions about the Logitech MX Keys. I can't seem to pair it. Just a heads up, I'll be using Google translate for your post. I think then I pressed Easy-Switch 1 to get it paired with the Unifying receiver on my laptop again, and now all fixed - no more accidental switch to phantom device 2. Do you have a question about the Logitech MX Keys or do you need help? Connect your keyboard to your computer using Bluetooth or the USB receiver: Bluetooth: Open the Bluetooth settings on your computer to complete the pairing. Hopefully they'll post this somewhere useful. There are no FAQs for this Product. Consulter le mode d'emploi de Logitech MX Keys ci-dessous. I lost the phone it was paired to. DO: Sending by Mail to, Apparently, we don't have an available manual in French. From 100% to 11% your LED will be green. 2. click Options Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about your experience with the MX Keys. NOTE: By default, the keyboard has direct access to Media Keys. That is all you need to know! Where is the online manual for MX Keys for Mac? Maybay I would assign the device to the easy switch button 3 - but that is not yet imporatant. webcontentid=1f28bff7-3843-11ea-8ed3-4b69867a8730. Our database contains more than 1 million PDF manuals from more than 10,000 brands. Why aren’t the answers posted to these questions? MX Keysは、次のステップへ導く鍵となるでしょう。クリエイター、プログラマー向けに設計された、史上初のMXキーボードです。その指の先の創造が想像を越えるようなパフォーマンスを引きだせるように願って開発されました。, 数十年に及ぶロジクールの専門技術を採用してPerfect Strokeキーを実現 – すべてのキーストロークが滑らか、自然かつ精確です。  Thank you for choosing Logitech!Apologies for the late response and for replying in English. Ok, Johnny - If you think your response is so illuminating that we "can go leave this website, what if the light doesn't come on at all, or goes from steady, to blinking to off within the space of a few minutes all while plugged in? You may refer to this link for the. Click on an alphabet below to see the full list of models starting with that letter: 920-000223 - Alto Cordless Wireless Keyboard, 920-000324 - USB Keyboard For PlayStation 3 Wired, 920-000390 - Cordless Desktop LX 310 Laser Wireless Keyboard, 920-000924 - DiNovo Edge Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard, 920-000934 - Cordless Keyboard For Wii Wireless, 920-000969 - G19 Keyboard For Gaming Wired, 920-001176 - Pro 2800 Cordless Desktop Wireless Keyboard, 920000879 - Cordless Desktop EX 100 Wireless Keyboard, 967231-0403 - Cordless Elite Duo Keyboard, 967233-0403 - Internet Navigator Wired Keyboard, 967407-0403 - Cordless Desktop Express Wireless Keyboard, 967419-0403 - Cordless Desktop LX 501 Wireless Keyboard, 967692-0403 - Cordless Desktop Comfort Laser Wireless Keyboard, 967740-0120 - Internet 350 Wired Keyboard, 967740-0403 - Internet 350 Vista Qualified USB Keyboard, 967972-0403 - Internet 350 Desktop Wired Keyboard, 968011-0403 - Cordless MediaBoard Pro Wireless Keyboard, TH408LL/A - Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser Wireless Keyboard, 920-000594 - diNovo Mini Wireless Keyboard, 920-000927 - diNovo Keyboard For Notebooks Wireless, 920-001153 - diNovo Keyboard Mac Edition Wireless, 920-001654 - Cordless Wave Keyboard Wireless.

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