As with many Leonberger owners, we couldn’t stop at just one! Their temperament is unlike any other. Over the. We have a few leos at home, they are all loved, but we breed only those, who are successfull in dogshows, and who are perfectly healthy. Elevage très familial de Leonbergs, situé aux alentours de Toulouse. Callington Cornwall Current Health Tests. bubba, (delboy ) junior Champion at 10 months Irish Champion at 15 months qualified for Crufts 2013 & 2015 Green Stars 32 Res Green Stars 11 Best of Breeds 22 Res Best of Breeds 10 , CACIB’s 3Delboy: Ch Leokings Premiere Attraction Jnr Ch Height 77.40 cms Weight 65 kilos Test results Hips A/A Elbows 0/0 LPN1 N/N clear Eyes Clear 2013 Delboy is a proven stud dog, at the age of two he has father one litter of seven healthy pups. He also runs his own doggy daycare and grooming parlour he’s a busy boy, SimbergerLesley Simpson Maggi Bryant We are also proud to be active members of the. von Alpensee has been home to quality Leonbergers since 1990. The highlight was getting Best of Breed at Crufts in 1999 with Manorguard Lady Lisa at Leotroy. It is a … Home of the Gentle Giants. Berneński Pies Pasterski, Leonberger, Landseer, Pirenejskie Psy Górskie, te ostatnie od niedawna sprowadzone ze Szwecji, z hodowli pod Sztokholmem. Write to us if our culture was liked. A Leonberger Specialty Club. We are a long-time Leonberger breeder located in New Jersey and we actively exhibit our dogs in the Northeast area. TanyvskaCaroline King-Cherne Mr Tony & Mrs Jane Wilson Cairnterrier and jackrussellinterrierbreeder in Finland. I am a 24/7 stay at home puppy, mom and I love it. Panelma Everything about our leonbergers, puppies, breed and studdog on our site. Morpeth Northumberland Current Health Tests. Alfold Surrey Current Health Tests, We are a small kennel on the Surrey/West Sussex borders surrounded by countryside. newsletter, wiadomości SMS) przez Grupę OLX sp. Unsere Welpen leben nunmehr in einigen Ländern der Welt. Carole D'Arcy-Masters Elevage familial de Léonberg situé au centre de la France, nous élevons nos chiens au coeur du Berry en pleine liberté, amateur de grand gabarit notre male reproducteur Balkan mesure 85 cm au garrot pour 85 kg et autant d'amour au kilo ! Unsere Leonberger sind unser Leben. Our dogs are our passion. Look here to find a Leonberger breeder who may have puppies for sale or a male dog available for stud service close to you. We may occasionally have puppies for sale. Pregnant Dr. Beckett x Journey October of 2020 For MORE INFORMATION please see our Litters & Planned Breedings page. I have had cavaliers for the last 25 years and had my first leo in 1994. Jest odważny, niekonfliktowy i cichy. Welcome,Ager Trifolium is a small family run kennel in Warsaw, Poland. Public healthwise filtered. Located in the heart of Wisconsin, our leonbergers are raised in our home with our children and grandchildren, where they are given lots of love, attention, and the opportunity to contribute to every aspect of our family life. She was amazingly, gentle, devoted, and patient with my four children, for twelve wonderful years. Our dogs are our passion. środków komunikacji elektronicznej oraz telekomunikacyjnych urządzeń końcowych w celu przesyłania mi informacji handlowych oraz prowadzenia marketingu (np. Spalding Lincolnshire Current Health Tests. JomiriclusDawn Temple-Scott 3 I am a member of the ABS and the LCGB of which i abide b...Read More, Post your Leonberger Info Online for Free. My kennel. Benellieson Linda Cleary Southampton Hampshire Current Health Tests. Our girls live in the house as part of the family. LeotroyLisa & Graham Bartholomew This is a little more, personal and gives me the opportunity to really get, to know the families my puppies go to. Parents are health tested and have good character. Coleshill Knickerbockers is a small breeder of Leonberger. Derbyshire, Vannroy Look for von Alpensee dogs in the conformation, rally, agility, and obedience rings, as well at dock diving, water rescue, and search and rescue events! Wiltshire, Jantonely Aldershot Breeder of Leonberger and Hungarian Puli We are lokated in Bograngen, Sweden. Unsere Hunde sind Familienmitglieder und leben mit uns im Haus.Zweitweise haben wir kleine Löwen abzugeben. We welcomed our first Leonberger, Luxor, into our family in 2007 and our lives were forever changed. Our breeding girls Amber and sunny are from the same combination. Northwich Our aim is to have leos with very good temperament, health, and ability to show or breed them.It is a familial kennel, they are family members here. Sine loro is a Polish kennel specializing in Leonbergers. I am a hobby breeder and first & foremost only breed when I intend to keep a puppy from the litter. Welcome to our site!Złota Elita  is Polish kennel specialized in Briards, Leonberger and Tibetan Terrier. She is a dog of such charm, that she immediately conquered our hearts. Show All, Displaying 1 - 20 of 76 Leonberger Breeders, BenelliesonLinda Cleary Some breeders use questionnaires to get to, know potential puppy buyers but I prefer to meet, everyone in person if possible. Les parents d'excellent caractère sont exempts de dysplasie (hanches et coudes). We also participate in conformation, water rescue, obedience, rally and agility. As soon as I was able, I had a GSD of my own .... VarkataHalina Varga Welcome. Swiata, oraz Zw. We welcomed our first Leonberger, Luxor, into our family in 2007 and our lives were forever changed. Leonberger Breeders in Utah. Purton On our site you will find information about our dogs, puppies for sale and you can also contact us ! We hope that you enjoy our homepage where you can find many information about our Leonbergers. I currently have 3 Leonbergers 2 girls and 1 boy and all my dogs live in doors with me. Worksop Nottinghamshire Current Health Tests, Lyndordream leonbergers k.C. Respect of breed is our priority ! Our dogs are, cherished members of our family and are part of, our everyday lives. We are very proud to announce that Sue won the 2018 Leo Award from the Leonberger Club of America. We are active in therapy work and both dogs are certified Crisis Dogs with HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response. Auf unsere  Seite können Sie mehr über uns, unsere Leo´s und unsere Zucht  erfahren. We are owned and loved by 5 leonbergers, 5 cavaliers and 3 papiilons. We achieve superb results with them on exhibitions we use many dogs bred by us for a therapy. If there is any interest in using Delboy as Stud you can contact me through our website..., or my facebook page... Seit 1993 züchten wir Leonberger. Do tej charakterystyki pasuje nowy nasz nabytek jakim jest Pirenejski Pies Górski, mimo że podstawowy kolor to biel, jest prawie nie brudzący, potwierdza to eleganckim kontrolowanym ruchem omijając wszelkie kałuże i nie wdając się w niepotrzebne zabawy mogące pobrudzić eleganckie futerko. Cria familiar, seleccionamos los ejemplares para obtener cachorros sanos y equilibrados, nuestro objetivo antes de tener el mejor y el unico es dentro del standar ofrecer un buen compańero familiar sano y equilibrado. We live in the center of Belgium. This includes our three Leo's, Ember, Alfie and Echo who are definitely a huge part of our lives. Informationen zur Rasse Leonberger, umfangreiche Bildergalerie, sowie aktuelle Zuchtpläne. We are a small hobby kennel, breeding the wonderful Leonberger. Cheshire, Cyderman Wenn Sie mehr über uns wissen wollen, dann besuchen sie uns auf unserer Homepage. Notre élevage familial de Leonberg est situé au centre de la Belgique. Wolfen is a small hobby Kennel I breed the occasional litter . Nous consacrons beaucoup de temps à l'éveil de nos bébés. Windswept Paxton (Ferdie) is in the top 20 Breed Standings for Leonbergers in the USA. We have been passionate about the Leonberger breed since 2012 (family members call us “obsessed”) and to this end we dedicate hours to studying, planning, researching, and discussing to insure the best possible breeding outcomes.

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