Head back to the Save Point, where Shirley's power will heal you. Keep heading left and go down the ladder. The right-hand treasure chest contains 200G, the left-hand chest 100G. Head right from the entrance. 3) Dart, what are you going to do after you find the Black Monster? Look in the crates in the hallway for a Stardust. I chose Albert because I'm rather fond of his Additions and his defensive spell. After you speak to her, go find the bar in Bale (it's right by the Inn.) Boss: Syuveil (Wind) Next is Belzac's tower, and finally Kanzas's tower. In this next area, you can fight guards if they see you--which is a great way to build experience. Then leave the Fort. Use Burn Out to kick his ass, and be VERY careful not to miss your additions. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Cross the bridge and examine the sparkle on the box. Having launched the law, you can now get out of here and you will no longer be arrested. Go down the steps in the center of the room. As Albert, go look for Meru, and then take Meru to see Dart. Talk to Kayla. In the screen with the Save Point, check the chest at the left for a Total Vanishing. Do NOT become a Dragoon, as the Dragon Block Staff effects you as well as the Divine Dragon. This time, get off at the first stop and cross the tree trunk. Take the first rock. Head north. Boss: Dragon Spirit (Void) Go back up and take the farthest-right pole, then go all the way right and down again. Now it's onward to the Dragon's Nest. Make sure your characters are at full SP and MP; just keep blasting Frahma with your Additions. Boss: Death Rose (Void) Now head back to Lohan via the Dragon's Nest. Head into the door to get into the guards' barracks. I strongly suggest having a Legend Casque and a Legendary Armor for everyone. Prepare for a heck of a fight. You win a Flash Hall and Gravity Grabber for this battle. Talk to Haschel. When you've evaded, step on the disc. Go back to the river and you can cross it. Jump to that rock and it disappears, leaving behind a Poison Guard that will be invaluable very soon. Items Found: Burn Out Examine the painting. See the Tips page for more detail.) There, take the southwest path for a Burn Out. Lavitz uses lots of additions, including Flower Storm. Remember the street vendor you bought the water bottle from before? Rose: ----- (No choices given.) I'll get to it. Rose will finally have to break down and tell you his weakness. Items Found: Life Water (Key), 20G (x7), Demon Stiletto, Healing Breeze. Try leveling up here if you wish. The following is a list of the questions and answers. Enter the cave. I only have one sidequest … A few options appear at this time. The problem with the speedy characters is that they have low defense and offense, and often low HP. I chose Dart, Albert, and Meru. You'll get a Brass Knuckle after you win this fight. To the left is a locked door. The codes are random. Check the rubble pile at the right of the Throne Room (behind Luanna) for another Stardust. Catch Kate's Bouquet at the wedding. Head up the stairs to your right, then head left.

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