"We were moving into this four-bedroom house, just the two of us. Recently, while dining with his wife and some friends, Jesse Itzler, cofounder of Marquis Jet, a firm that rents private planes to celebs and execs, was puzzled when one of his friends asked him about the La Jolla, California, home he'd put on the market. This past weekend we hiked with our dogs, got massages, and had pizza at a café while people-watching. "I've always been very blasé about divorce if things didn't work out," says Ling, but she still deeply loved her husband. It's harder for me when people criticize Michelle unfairly. While Itzler is an involved parent, their nanny, while always on call, isn't full-time, and Blakely, like many working moms, is in charge. Both made their fortunes before marrying in 2008. By the time we get to bed, we both pass out. Michelle has an incredible metabolism. Michelle: Definitely the work ethic. I'm proud to say we work out together. In March 2009, Ling's sister, Laura, also a reporter, was captured in North Korea. and her twins (twins! [Incidentally, he has also made money off of women’s backsides. "We're both extremely independent people," says Ling. We can't start crying,' Sara tells her son. She had carefully selected the women with help from the Center for Civic Innovation, a business incubator for local entrepreneurs, government bodies, and nonprofits. We may earn commission from the links on this page. Though touted by the likes of Kate Winslet and Gwyneth Paltrow, detractors have dubbed her shapewear a modern-day girdle, a vestige of a patriarchal demand that women conform to a particular, ideal shape. He has grown up as a cute and happy child. LouAnne: We both love what we do, but the workload is intense. ', 'Come on back!' So-and-so tackled a triathlon!). She divides her life into buckets, and when she’s in one, she can’t be present in the other. 90 Day Fiance star Anfisa... 'Bravo forever!' It takes people like Sara for our economy to work.”. Marie Claire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Why did you call off your wedding last September? I don’t go to events or functions, ever, really.”. By now Song was president of a biotech company, and Ling was working for Our America, a show on Oprah's new network. Also, that I'm more health-conscious. There’s a neon sign in the living room that reads, “I have a motto to live by . What do you text each other? In the age of commuter marriages and BlackBerry wars, what really makes it work? Sara asked. On Valentine's Day 2010, we were in Malaysia, and Paul surprised me with local pancakes from a street vendor and a bouquet. she wrote, Going with it: The road trip appears to have been her husband's idea, but Sara may have been happy about their mode of transportation because she hates to fly. ", Michelle Rhee, 41, former chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools System and founder and CEO of StudentsFirst, an advocacy group for children in public education, and Kevin Johnson, 45, former NBA player and current mayor of Sacramento, California.

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