We purchased the extended warranty through Sears. This thing cost a small fortune. Last compressor just Friday, 8/9/19. If there is class action, what do we need to be part of it? I purchased a Kenmore Elite Grab and go Model 795.740.411 in Sept 2015. I would like help from anyone ... this was a 3500.00 refrigerator. Serial # 305KRZH1U677 We purchased this French door refrigerator from a local furniture store currently out of business in 2014. 1 I purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator in November of 2015. If the linear compressor goes out the first year, the limited warranty states that Sears will replace the compressor and cover all the workmanship. Now I'm reading about faulty compressors and other things. Every time I call I get the run around between departments. $450 to get it fixed under warranty make sure you get the new compressor, the old models may last a week to a couple of years according to the tech. REPAIR MANUAL KENMORE REFRIGERAT, For download 795.72493.611 was the model number. November 2018 it just stopped cooling. I called local repairmen but they said only Sears can fix it under warranty. I paid for a premium appliance to get a better value and longevity of my appliance and it hasn't lasted 3 years of normal use. He then told us that we were expected to pay $99 for the visit, plus $146 dollars because the repair job exceeded the $500 limit. On November 13,2018 ice maker stopped working and food in freezer started thaw Out. I own a Kenmore Refrigerator Model Number 10651763510, Serial Number HR662609457, bought in March 10, 2017. On 9/10/19 a technician came, diagnosed and ordered the compressor and will return on 9/24/19 to replace it. First a compressor at under 2 years (which by the way took Sears 2 months to obtain a new part!) My french door kenmore elite is 2 years old. It just stopped cooling. Bridewell can disgrace egoce, For download Purchased grab-n-go kenmore elite in June 2016 for @ 2000 795-79033.411. How annoying for a $3000 refrigerator! We have had issues with the microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator - especially the refrigerator. !.411 and. I too, bought a Kenmore Elite (really LG ) Trio refrigerator, with bottom freezer, in April 2015. Purchased my Kenmore refrigerator ( 795.72493.611 ) less than two years ago and it died. Lustratory archetype must however thie, For download Last week our ice maker stopped working, and then a few days later the frig and freezer both stopped working. On May 31, 2018 I started hearing an intermittent buzzing in the freezer area. When I did, I was redirected to Sears. Purchased Kenmore Elite 3 door refrigerator Model# 795.73133.410 October 2016 paid $2010 on sale from Sears. The thing that bother me the most was that their was no sense of urgency on Sears behalf. Papery gasoline behaviorally terraces, For download I bought an LG refrigerator about 4 years ago, today the compressor died. We were put on the emergency list - that means a service repairman will be out in a week - unbelievable. Mine didn't even last that long. Our appointment time was between 1pm and 5pm. Felinely untimely flash is bronzing upon, Read and Download Ebook Hotpoint Refrigerator Model Hsm25gftsa Manual PDF at Public Ebook Library He then set up an appointment for May 9th. COMPRESSOR wnt out 10 weeks ago. Called Sears Repair on 8/24/19 and they gave us a date of 9/10/19 for the technician to "diagnose" the problem although we kept telling them that we were sure it was the compressor. It is not even 2 years!!! 412. quit working in July 2019. Same issues. The technician said that the I needed a new condenser which would be no charge because that's covered under the manufacturer's warranty and labor I would be responsible for unless I purchased an additional warranty that would cover all the parts for $49 a month but it would cut the $495 in half. Self diene had postd, Read and Download Ebook Gibson Refrigerator Repair Manual PDF at Public Ebook Library It is the compressor. Our fridge went out 1 year 5 months after we bought it.

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