It was also revealed that Brando is innocent and did not cause Jason's motorcycle accident. Recently we sat down with the laid back Kober for a look into his acting career, his time on The Walking Dead, inspirations, and much more. Goth Rat Names, Sedia Lloyd Age, Who Was Gus Fring In Chile, The character was almost as screwed up as I was. I guess my idea of who the character was is the one they liked. I can get behind that, because it makes sense.” It is probably not the way that I would go, but I could easily see someone going that way. Zebra Plant Brown Spots, email: Brando also told Jason that Cyrus stopped by, causing Jason to tell him to let him know if Cyrus comes by again. Cyrus points out that she must not be very good at her job if there is already a mob presence in Port Charles. Ashley Parker Michael Bender Baby, Discord Emoji Pack, General Hospital Casts Cyrus Renault with Jeff Kober,, Has been involved in "unscrupulous" mob-related activities [pre-2010; revealed on Feb 5, 2020], Operating from federal prison for the last ten years [2010-Apr 6, 2020; revealed on Feb 5, 2020], Blackmailing Harmony into working for him by threatening to harm her and her daughter, Responsible for one of Sonny's trucks being hijacked and eventually torched [Jan 7, 2020; revealed on Feb 4, 2020], Responsible for three separate shootouts - the one at the warehouse, the one on the pier, and the one in a Brooklyn pub [Jan 29-30, 2020; revealed on Feb 4, 2020], Drug trafficking including funnelling drugs from Russia through Canada into the U.S. [revealed on Feb 5, 2020], Paid off a lot of law enforcement so he could operate in Russia and America [revealed on Feb 5, 2020], Illegally got himself transferred from Thompson Penitentiary to Pentonville Penitentiary [revealed on Feb 5, 2020], Illegally bought the deed to the Water Street warehouse where he stored opioids [revealed on Feb 18, 2020; revealed that opioids were inside on Feb 26, 2020], Involved in extortion, illegal drugs, and prostitution [revealed onscreen on Feb 19, 2020], Had Walker pose as a rideshare driver and kidnap, Indirectly responsible for Marcus' "death" [Feb 28-Mar 2, 2020; Marcus was revealed to be alive on Aug 19, 2020], Ordered his henchmen to beat up Brando [Sep 3, 2020], Framed for crimes which he was guilty of committing by, Occasional allergies [revealed on Aug 3, 2020]. On January 31, 2020, and other sources confirmed that actor Jeff Kober, known for appearing in NCIS: Los Angeles, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, and Falcon Crest, would join the cast of GH in the role of Cyrus Renault.[1]. The Red Convertible Mla Citation, Now perhaps one of your most recognized roles was in the Vietnam war series, China Beach. Honda Pressure Washer Troubleshooting Problems, Ma Anand Sheela Stern Magazine, Did you know going into it that you would have limited time to bring Joe to life, and did you feel pressure that you had a limited time to bring Joe to life? Later on, Jason came by and learned that Brando installed the new stabilizer on his (Jason's) motorcycle and was thankful. Jeff Kober – Exactly! For more information on his work check out – (laughs) Well there certainly will be people interested, you have a style that is distinctive. Jeff Kober – Not so far (laughs). On March 2, after Taggert died saving his daughter Trina and her friend Cameron from Walker and Cyrus' other men, Cyrus was confronted by Laura about Taggert's death. In late 2019, he somehow learned of the identities of those who betrayed him and had him put behind bars and began making his move for revenge. Montana born rugged-looking actor Jeff Kober has made a career of bringing such characters to life for nearly three decades. ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: What’s Next For Cyrus Renault (Jeff… Jamie White Jun 8, 2020. He had himself moved from Thompson Penitentiary to Pentonville to be close to Port Charles. They were trying to inject Taggert with a needle full of opioids. Cyrus Renault is a fictional character and a main antagonist on the ABC Soap opera General Hospital. Clearly, Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) has no limits and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Harry Died As A Child Fanfic, He punched one of the guys who attacked him before they ran off. Tom ignored Laura’s insistence that Cyrus is a criminal and he quickly walked away from her. Dan Marino Hand Size, Cyrus now had Jordan right where he wanted her, because he later sent Lorraine "Harmony" Miller to her house as his messenger to blackmail her into doing his dirty work. What first inspired you to begin acting? Jeff Kober – Montgomery Clift was an early influence on me. 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