How has your understanding of Villanelle changed this season? Jodie Comer's Killing Eve character, Villanelle, can be a little over the top sometimes, which was something that worried the actress when she initially took the role. She was really fantastic and brought in this new energy with her. Killing Eve star Jodie Comer appeared in tonight's instalment of Talking Heads (June 29), a new series from the BBC that boasts 10 redos of the show's most memorable episodes. Did I do something cringey?' The is the untold truth of Jodie Comer. Is this something that we should be paying attention to? The actress shared, "I feel like I'm allergic to L.A. in some way." During an interview on The Graham Norton Show in April 2019, Comer said, "I had one recently that was really strange. It is seemingly out of character for her. And then she quietly just whispered in my ear, 'Will you strangle me?'". Until this episode, it’s pretty clear that Villanelle is a morally dubious serial killer. But I think deep down, she wants what everyone else wants, but with the person that she is, she cannot allow herself that. It's all good.'". By the time the show was filming its second season in the UK, Comer noticed fans were watching them in the streets and asking for photographs. It’s so complicated! Comer said, "I think the most memorable moment that I had with Sandra was not necessarily on set. The audition went well, Comer landed the part, and the rest is history. ... You want to soak it up, not rush it, and take it all in. Just pure, unmitigated family bonding. It’s really interesting seeing how it brings out Villanelle’s vulnerability and humanity, and her emotional side. We have to keep trying to listen to what it is that feels right, and go down different avenues, and hopefully the audience and the fans can come along for the ride and see that. So when the actress, who is not afraid to give it her all with her performances, began actually choking during a scene, the actor opposite her thought she was just acting. Yeah, I think she’s had this huge sense of longing and wanting to belong, and where else are you going to find that other than your actual family? Clearly, Comer has truly broken out into Hollywood. Jodie Comer on Killing Eve’s Latest Twist: “I Just Wanted to Cry My Eyes Out” The Emmy-winning star has a lot to say about Sunday night’s staggering episode. It’s these people just being. He was best known for his roles in Coronation Street as Mr Birtles then as a Taxi Driver and later as Wilf Jones, in Emmerdale Farm as Ernie Shuttleworth, Les Brandon in I Didn't Know You Cared and Cafe Owner Sid in … The episode takes place in Russia, but where did you film it? My favorite song is [sings] “are you ready, are you ready for love, yes I am, oh yeah!” It’s “Are You Ready For Love.” Excuse me for singing. You want to see her experience this with them, and I love that scene so much because it’s so charming and it’s true to who she is, and when these people are dancing around the living room, I think she thinks they’re really fucking cool. “Are you from Pinner?”, the fifth episode of the show’s third series, aired on 10 May. Right. At the end of the episode, true to form, Villanelle sets her house on fire and lets her mom die in the blaze. The duo had to act out eight pages of the script, and Comer's character had to eat pie — something the actress actually did over the course of the day it took to do the audition. The actress continued, "I just knew what I needed to do. This episode opens an entirely new window into Villanelle, leading the viewer to finally understand a little bit more clearly where she comes from and why she interacts with Eve the way she does. ... Then months later I got the Killing Eve audition. I knew the way in which her past was going to pop up someway and she was going to actually have to face something, but to actually have to meet her mother, I thought was very daring. Now's not my time.' And then my second AirBnB ... had bed bugs. I think if anyone else was directing it, we wouldn’t have gotten the result that we got. So good. The show had dozens of other kids performing and her father — who'd never seen her act before that moment — was worried she wouldn't be very good. It’s such a nice touch. I loved to talk, and I was probably a bit of a nuisance in the classroom because I never shut up.".

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