The snake is believed to be even faster in water, but it is yet to be confirm how fast they go. Found it resting under the couch. and one time I was blocking her path she darted away two feet then came back slowly as I watched her she waved her neck, she then tried again stopped waved her neck then went behind me while I was laying on a lawn chair stopping twice and waving then finally under my feet beside a wall then shot into my wood pile. I don't know why these racers try approaching the house would think they know it isn't a bush. They do not just get the name “racer” for their inland speed. They like to crush their prey and swallow it whole; typically small animals such as mice and frogs. This speed in locomotion has been particularly possible for their natural smooth skin and scales. You’ve made some good points there. They are very skilled swimmers and opportunistic predators. In general, Black Racers tend to choose flight over fight but there are times when the snake will pursue its prey. The snake made a mad dash for the first safe place it could find, which was in the house and up inside the couch. I ran in the other room and grabbed a kitchen broom and almost lost him as I returned 30 seconds later. Ahaa, its nice conversation concerning this piece of writing here at this website, I have read all that, so now me also commenting at this place. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Now that I had a taste of one do I need to check that area for a mom or eggs. Their ability to move a climb at incredible speeds comes handy since they often live in areas with human habitation, and are daytime hunters. Vision: These snakes are considered to be color blind. Recently upon leaving church after a rainstorm, my son and his friend stepped on one trying to come in out of the rain. Paul Goodman (author) from Florida USA on September 20, 2011: I encounter Southern Black Racers fairly regularly down here in Florida, I've seen five of them in the last six months. They are also known as “eastern racers,” though they do not only live in eastern North America. I love it when people come together and share views. Southern black racer. The Eastern rat snake, like the Eastern racer, is a constrictor. The southern black racer (Coluber constrictor priapus) is a common subspecies of the Coluber constrictor. The Black Racer snake mainly resides in the southern United States. Answer: This is a common myth. The Black Racer mainly eats animals which are smaller than it. thanks for the article, it helped!! It was very close to 6’ long but looked longer when I first saw it. Yet another myth is that black racers are entirely harmless. Diet: Mostly eat rodents, lizards, birds and bird eggs. I didn't know if it was venomous or not so I took off. still trying to decide what to do. Because of this, Black Racers are normally found resting and hunting in heavily grassed areas. Although they are not venomous, they can be aggressive, especially if handled. What can I do the next time I see a black racer? They will eat animals such as frogs and toads which are found in watery environments, but they also live and hunt in a variety of other terrains not just near water. The snake is believed to be even faster in water, but it is yet to be confirm how fast they go. The southern black racer is a non-venomous, constricting snake found in grasslands and rock hills throughout the Eastern USA. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Well, it tain't easy. and in accession capital to assert that I get actually enjoyed account your blog posts. These snakes will never tolerate being picked up, and will defecate a foul smelling musk if provoked. This position gives the impression that the snake is a fallen branch. 10mph seems unattainable for a snake, but speed is required for certain species as part of their survival. I’m bored at work so I decided For example, a Black Racer does not coil around and suffocate their prey. Also known as a Blue Racer, Blue Runner, and Black Runner, the Black Racer tends to live in areas that are much wooded. He currently lives in Florida.,,, They are very grumpy snakes and if they have something to push against, they can strike farther than their own length. It whipped away so fast, we barely knew what to think.

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