Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Crimes https://en.wikifur.com/w/index.php?title=Hyena&oldid=527399, This article does not cite its references or sources. Spotted hyenas are not good pets. Find Cute Hyena Cartoon stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. When Summer turned up missing one evening, Firestorm feared that the Hyena had struck again. On the dark side, the Striped Hyena has been known of attacking young humans in India and eating them. Powers/Skills When the hyena was discovered in the medieval times, it was found categorized under several odd names. Supervillain, CriminalMember of the Peace Corps (formerly). VectorStock and the VectorStock logo are registered trademarks of VectorStock Media. Summer Day was able to maintain her were-hyena form. While Firestorm turned his attention back towards Jivan, Summer made her escape and afterwards went to Africa where a magician removed his curse. This has led to many anthropomorphic Hyena characters who are, or are assumed to be, hermaphrodites. Jivan worked under the chief resident, Dr. Barry Gleason. © 2020. Buy Vectors, sell Vectors or both. Dr. Shi took advantage of the hero's distraction and escaped. Doctor Shi and Summer relocated at the exclusive Eastside Medical Center. They are Summer Day, Jivan Shi, and four unnamed criminals. Full Name The fact that the Trickster hasn't shown any symptoms of becoming a Were-Hyena likely means the Hyena's transformation was due to the drug. Defeat Firestorm (failed). The Striped Hyena, for instance, was referred as Water Wolf because of its wolf-like appearance and often showing up at the coasts lurking for food even in the water. Hyena is a supervillain in the DC Comics universe and is primarily an enemy of Firestorm but has clashed with other superheroes. Doctor Jivan Shi was a psychological therapist working out of a special facility in the desert of Arizona. While the Striped Hyena (L. Hyaena Hyaena) is mainly a scavenger, it also eats small rodents, eggs, tiny lizards, fish, berries, fruit and the occasional vegetable. Summer's condition improved and the two became romantically involved. Claws.Enhanced Senses.Fangs.Superhuman agility.Superhuman durability.Superhuman strength. There are six individuals who have used the Hyena persona. There are four main species of hyenas: The Hyena family is usually looked down upon by the majority. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Hyena_(DC)?oldid=2301496. We're the largest royalty-free, vector-only stock agency in the world. He encountered the Hyena at Eastside hospital, but this version of the monster was Dr. Shi. It wasn't that he had any great regard for their refined sensibilities — his humor wasn't aimed at people whose sensibilities were very refined. Has the ability to transform into a were-hyena and can control it at will. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Every week we add new premium graphics by the thousands. This list includes Hobbes, Tigger and more characters. Whether you're a global ad agency or a freelance graphic designer, we have the vector graphics to make your project come to life. The Brown Hyena sits in the same boat with the Striped Hyena, but for them the status is even more critical; there only exists about 200 specimens, all of them living in South Africa and the majority in the Kalahari Desert. However, the Spotted Hyena have no significiant mane but more of tuft along the neck and have slightly round-shaped ears. Evil-doer Hyena is also mentioned in Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. Save Firestorm from the second Hyena (succeeded).Assist the Secret Society of Super Villains in creating a New Earth (failed).Escape the planet Salvation (failed). She assist Firestorm engage in a massive fight with Firestorm caught in the middle. One of the main Hyenas gets killed by Deadshot, The other one of the main Hyenas gets killed by a Parademon. They try to comfort Killer Frost who is depressed because Firestorm is supposedly dead and he was her one hope of returning to normal) but give up and lets her sulk. In the 1900's, the Striped Hyena could be found in areas like South Europe, Turkey, and all the way up to south Russia. He is then defeated by Trickster. Who is the number one tiger that people just can't get enough of? The Justice League dispatched Black Canary, Vixen and Zatanna to handle this Hyena problem. Firestorm tracked him down and the two adversaries fought each other on the roof of the World Trade Center. This act transmitted the curse onto Ronnie, but with strange permutations. Although a few people in Africa in Asia find hyena cubs in nature and raise them as pets, these animals generally appear to be extremely unhappy as adults. These 'pet' hyenas can't survive in the wild, because they can't hunt. Origin Occupation Also characteristic for the hyenas are their manes. During the melee, Firestorm had to abandon his fight with Dr. Shi in order to save her. Alias The reason why they have decreased is that the farmers blamed them for killing off their animals even if they usually stayed away from farms and humans. Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har is an animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera and aired as part of the 1962 series The Hanna-Barbera New Cartoon Series starring the animated anthropomorphic lion and hyena pair in a series of goofy misadventures. All Rights Reserved. DC You can help WikiFur by, The name for Hyena is pretty much the same in most languages in the world, with spelling difference of "Hiena", based om the Latin word for them (. Has the ability to transform into a were-hyena and can control it at will. The best selection of Royalty Free Cartoon Hyena Vector Art, Graphics and Stock Illustrations. There is a clan of good spotted hyenas in animated series, In "Simba - King of the Jungle", an Italian animated series heavily based on Disney's movies, mixing. She passed the curse along to him and within days he too transformed into a were-hyena. Save Firestorm from the second Hyena (succeeded).Assist the Secret Society of Super Villains in creating a New Earth (failed).Escape the planet Salvation (failed). There are six individuals who have used the Hyena persona. Shi suspected that Gleason resented him because he was a foreigner. There he met Jivan and helped her to suppress the emotional triggers that prompted the transformation into the Hyena. Unlike on prior occasions, Summer actually sought to save him. The Rogues clash with them, deciding that they won't help the Syndicate. When, in 1946, he brought Lena the Hyena, world's ugliest woman, into the Li'l Abner storyline, he made a point of never letting readers see her face. 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No information Kions Options by Capricornfox on DeviantArt. The Hyena evaded capture and eventually raked his claws across the back of Ronnie's neck. Hyena Hyena and his group are later seen in Central City, tasked with destroying what remains of the city. Firestorm attempted to stop both of them, but accidentally turned his powers against Summer. They must often be muzzled at all times to not harm people or property. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Early on, the hyenas were seen as evil manipulative animals who had the ability to imitate human speech and lure out the poor victim to later eat it. If your favorite fictional tiger is missing, don't be salty- just add it to the list so that other people can vote for for it too! There's been a long-standing rumor that she was loosely adapted from or was, at least, referencing that character. Hunting and killing people. Of course your favorite cartoon tigers are included, but this list doesn't only feature animated characters that can talk. One evening in the throes of passion, Summer reverted to her Hyena state and bit Dr. Shi across the throat. Summer Day when Steve Trevor's partner tells him about how their undercover agents have been revealed and are being killed. Hyenas, also known as hyaenas are a group of carnivorous mammals of the family Hyaenidae. Meanwhile, Firestorm learned that Summer had returned to Manhattan. But the most-known trait of the hyenas is their incredible strong jaws that can crunch bones and glass with ease, and thus they can eat all of their prey, kill prey with an instant bite, and find tasty treats when rooting around in garbage. But some characters were too hideous even for that gifted caricaturist.

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