Are you being asked to contribute your efforts because a co-worker needs your help? Then, instead of competing with one another, you can hopefully discuss how you can work as a team so the two of you can continue being productive employees. What is your advice on how to professionally respond to these negative comments? Update the question so it can be answered with facts and citations by editing this post. 3. She is not my boss and im not sure how to handle this. If your co-worker won’t stop bother you or is constantly making you look bad in front of your boss or fellow employees, it’s time to be direct and handle the situation. In the beginning we had a great relationship. Why do the ones whom stay positive like myself get bullied by these ugly people? The PayScale Salary Negotiation Guide. Once you take a step back to consider that, though it might not change their behavior, it will help you look at the situation from a new perspective. Obviously if you don't know and she does, then she can teach you. She even got nominated for best employee award for something I help her to do. My office assistant is so malicious and vindictive, its actualy spiralled out of control. Be has loud as you when if you identify the manipulative behaviours, although at the beginning it is hard for… Read more », My partner deals with one who works for him. Quit focusing on her age and gender, and start focusing on her behaviour. However, I have recently been on the receiving end of 'sneaky' competitiveness from a younger colleague who is one rung below me. When finishing with dealing with clients on the phone, the young girl says things to me like: "That sounds difficult. Learn how to enable cookies. Every morning I put the armor of God on and pray that I make it through the day. Some people might think competition is an unspoken thing in the workplace, so maybe your co-worker is being annoying because they actually think you are trying to complete with them. If they’re always going out of their way to tell you about their achievements or the high-fives they got from the boss, just give a friendly smile and move on with your day. What is the subject of this sentence? I appointed her, I motivated for her to get an increase which she wasnt greatful about . Please log in to update your newsletter subscription status. My technique for dealing with competitive co-workers throughout my career? Don’t add fuel to their fire. ^+1 to your comment for explaining succinctly what's wrong with the question. We cover everything from career advice to the latest company headlines. Your last resort is to escalate the issue to Human Resources and get your complaint in writing and on record. Some people are 'junior' others are 'senior', it doesn't much matter. The first step is to know how to identify, who the connivers are amongst your co-workers, which can be a tricky task. There's a poster on the wall of my auto mechanic that says something like "Move out now and get a job while you still know everything". Kate Gregory's answer is a good one on addressing that rudeness. Lastly, a great way to help you cope with a competitive worker is to take a moment and try to understand why they are trying to be your rival instead of your teammate.

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