It's pretty challenging, but if performed right, you'll receive a Piece of Heart for your efforts. Before crossing the bridge leading to Gerudo's Fortress, take a peek at the left side of the cliff, where the sign reads: 'No diving allowed.'. This heart piece is in cutscene setup 0 for Jabu Jabu's Belly, also known as "Glitched" Jabu Jabu. Heart Piece 37 - Gerudo Fortress. Enter Lon Lon Ranch and go to the open space area. Talk to the lady to play the mini-game. This will cause the giant urn in the center to start rotating. Special Items Required: None (maybe 10 rubees). Light it and run behind the waterfall making sure to stay near the wall. Kakariko Village 18) (From the entrance to Kakariko Graveyard) follow the rock path up and to the right. 19) (From the Windmill) jump onto the fence outside of the entrance. (This includes the ground floor, which means the first floor substitutes as the ground floor.). It should lead to a room with a Piece of Heart in a pile of hay. You'll land on top of Impa's house. If nothing happens, that must mean a torch has gone out, as each stays on fire for a limited amount of time. Instead, place a new Farore's Wind point and then warp to Hyrule Castle by playing Bolero of Fire via Ocarina Items. Pay 10 Rubees to go into the next room in which you have to guess the chest that contains the key correctly 5 times and avoid the trunk with the gem to get the prize at the end of the room (which will be the Piece of Heart.)

There are a few different ways to get to it: 1) You can bring the Cucco from the beginning of the area, jump at the nearby platform and let go of the Cucco at the last moment to grab on, pull yourself up and jump to the Piece of Heart. As an adult, simply aim the Longshot at the crate.

Using the gold scale, dive down to the complete bottom enough to touch the floor. Green Frog: A button Just keep playing the same notes that the Skull Kids do. You have to be quick on your fingertips, so the frog song is as follows: You can't cheat with this one, either -- no Iron Boots! It's the one with the bluish roof. Wait for the correct moment, then jump atop to reach and get it.

This page was last edited on September 28, 2020, at 23:22. Open it to get the Piece of Heart. If you score a certain number of points, you'll win the Piece of Heart. Heart Piece #26: As a child, plant a Magic Bean in the soft soil at the entrance of Dodongo's Cavern. Use Din's Fire and a Deku Stick to ignite them all, which will cause the big Goron pot to spin around. The Heart Piece locations in the Master Quest have been left mostly intact from the original game, with the exception of one in the Ice Cavern. Use a Cucco to glide over to it (make sure you leap from one of the cliffs beyond the bridge). Once mounted, aim the hookshot towards the lower part of the roof. If you can get it to blow up when and the face pointing towards you is smiling, you will receive some rupees and a piece of heart. This is simply an aesthetic error and does not change how your hearts behave normally in other files. The owner will reward you a Piece of Heart for your deeds. OoT Enemy's Item Drop Rates Flex Drops Explained Probability of Bomb Drops per Grass Patch Probability Guide to Dampe's Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour The Truth About Truthspinner Guard RNG Explained. Use the Lens of Truth to get the small key for each door. In the waterfall, there is a hidden niche. 21) (As a kid) go to the Kakariko Graveyard. From where you enter as a child, walk directly towards the end and drop down. If you got quick feet, and run the race in less than a minute, he'll grant you a Piece of Heart.
Get to the alcove and claim your prize, then quickly leave before you run out of time (the limit is based on the amount of Heart Containers you have, so the more health the better). If you get to the end in under 1:00 or 1 minute, you will receive a piece of heart. You will find an Owl sitting on a sign. (physically) If adult, the Longshot. Equip the Ocarina and play the Song of Storms -- they'll dig your tune and give you a Piece of Heart! They are numbered in the order I found them during my playthrough.

31) (After winning the Golden Scale) go inside the Lakeside Laboratory. Writing it down on a piece of paper may help you. As Young Link, grab the nearby Cucco and glide over to the ledge across the valley where the crate lies. Go to the King's throne and use the Deku stick to light the torch down below by one of the torches on his floor. Heart Piece 37 - Gerudo Fortress. She will give you a piece of heart for returning her dog to her. 11) Travel to the giant tombstone in the back of the graveyard. Between Lon Lon Ranch, Gerudo Valley, Hyrule Castle, and a small river to the top of Hyrule Field, is a lone tree a little bit off the path.

Play the same notes they play and then they will play the same notes and add one to it. Hyrule Field 9) Go to the entrance to Lake Hylia. Buy it to acquire the Piece of Heart. The Skull Kid will say that you know Saria's song and that you should be friends.

the closest to the waterfall you can get.) Set Farore's Wind at the main entrance to Kakariko Graveyard, perform Death Hole, then use the Hookshot to reach the heart piece. Jump off the right side of the bridge onto a small strip of land below. Keep trying until you've acquired it. Get 50 Skulltula Tokens to release a curse on one family member inside the house, and talk to him to get a Piece of Heart. Play the same notes they play and then they will play the same notes and add one to it. Heart Piece #16: At the end of Zora's River, near the entrance to Zora's Domain, there is a platform in the corner with a Piece of Heart. •Thanks Talk to the man, and he'll let you play to win a prize. •Monsters To get this one, you have to access the crater by climbing to the top, then going through the entrance as a Child. Pull the gravestone back to reveal a secret pathway. Come back as an adult and ride it up -- the Piece of Heart is above the first rock you fly to.
Once you climb atop of the fully grown plant, it should ascend eventually to the top of a smoking ash cone with a Piece of Heart visible on top. Abusing a chicken to act as a floating device. Play the Scarecrow's Song and Pierre will appear. Jump off and grab it. Follow the trail to the right and you will find a small patch of soil. Death Mountain 3) Climb all the way to the top of Death Mountain.

Use the Lens of Truth to get the small key for each door.

If you get to the end in under 1:00 or 1 minute, you will receive a piece of heart. After the dialog, the Skull Kid gives you a piece of heart. Near the end of the race, use the longshot to get up to the torches at the top in order to shorten your time.

Your target should be the roof of Granny's Potion Shop, and your goal should be to talk directly to the man atop the roof. Talk to him when he's over a patch of dirt and he will offer to dig a hole for 10 rupees. God knows how that works, but I don't question people who are proficient in various forms of armed combat.

Go inside it and you will find a heart piece. Report all problems or corrections to webmaster[at]linkshideaway[dot]com. At night, find the white dog named Richard near the Bizarre Shop. Near the old man's laboratory, purchase a Magic Bean Leaf and plant the seed as a child. If you're unable to use your hookshot to reach the treasure chest, make sure you have the Scarecrow's Song as he can appear at a closer range. •Upgrades Go all the way to the point on the window seal nearest the chest. This can only be achieved in the daytime, as Cuckoo's will not be apparent until then. In the first section of the river, you'll see the Piece of Heart on one of the platforms above land. Take out a Deku Stick and light it with the torch.

Keep an eye on the timer though, and keep your health full, as it determines the amount you can spend in the area.

(Child/Night) Hyrule Castle Town - At night, find the white dog by the empty stall in the corner of the … This will cause the giant urn in the center to start rotating. If you exit and re-enter, go down the path to the right and you will see a Skull Kid standing on a stump along with an empty stump. If you exit and re-enter, go down the path to the left and you will see a Skull Kid standing on a stump along with an empty stump. Keep in mind the song remains the same (a.k.a. Goron City 4) Go all the way to the bottom floor and go to where Darunia is located. If you look to the right, you will notice a piece of heart. Inside, defeat the Tektite and either dive or sink to the bottom of the water. The heart pieces are numbered by the order in which they were discovered to be distinct heart pieces.

35) Go to the back of the fortress where the Archery mini-game is located. You can also reach the ledge from higher ground (near Goron City's entrance) by hovering to it with the Hover Boots. Even if it isn't the Piece of Heart, continue playing, and it'll be offered to you. You will appear in the Windmill of Kakariko Village.

There's an upper ledge on the northwest section of the Graveyard with a crate. •Index The pattern is as follows.

Path to Goron City 24) (As a kid) go to the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern. There are a few ways to get it: 1) Bring the Cucco from the beginning of the area, throw it up on the ledges and quickly grab it before it touches water and flies off.

Come back as an adult and ride the plant to one of the stacks in the center. Drop down either a child or adult via the chicken as a child or simply diving. At the Archery Range, score 1000 points to win a Piece of Heart. Now run all the way to the waterfall and jump into the water. Pick it up and travel to the person guarding the fence on the bridge. Light it and continue running into the water to find another unlit torch near a circle of rocks. Plant a Magic Bean in the patch of soil near the Triforce warp stand as a child. Ocarina of Time features 36 heart pieces scattered across Hyrule. They will then ask you if you would like to continue playing along with them. 31) (After winning the Golden Scale) go inside the Lakeside Laboratory. Anyway, here's the tresure map of one of those tiny little robot pirates. Just keep up with him and dodge all his fire and any rupees lying around. You will find a waterfall beyond the water to the right of the Zora Shop.

•Minigames Head back to Dampé's grave and race him a second time. When you collect four, you will receive an extra Heart (as in, your health capacity increases by one). If you catch a ten-pound fish, the fisherman fellow will reward you a Piece of Heart.

•Bean Plant Holes

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