We do a great job in the gym. 355.1k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘foreigner’ hashtag "Like I said before, even a pandemic can't stop me right now. RELATED: TikTok Is Being Targeted By Advocacy Groups Alleging They Broke Children's Privacy. "I have the legendary Polish power. Subscriber Blachowicz said he sensed the ending as soon as he felt he had broken Reyes' nose. After Reyes fired a kick at Blachowicz's head, the Polish puncher retaliated with a flurry of shots — a three punch combo followed by another two, with the final blow during a stand-up back-and-forth being a leg-buckling left hook. since. save. ", Israel Adesanya cut Paulo Costa, ground-and-pound him on the floor, then pretended to hump him after his knockout win, A photo from Fight Island shows the horrible, lasting effects a brutal, well-timed, body kick can have on a championship fighter, Manny Pacquiao's representative said Conor McGregor might have been hitting the whiskey when he tweeted that they'd fight soon, British fighter Cameron Else has signed with the UFC and will make his debut on Fight Island, Dana White signed a raw MMA novice because he reminded him of a young Mike Tyson and 'scared the s---' out of the UFC boss. The Foreigner Challenge which has gone viral on Instagram and TikTok is a challenge that allows users to the Funimate app to Foreigner-edit their videos and photos together to create a lengthier video. Pop Smoke was 20 years old at the time of his death and full details about his untimely homicide are yet to be released. However, the TikTok Foreigner Challenge making rounds right now is anything but safe, fun, or welcoming. hide. The song by the late Pop Smoke is an explicit track in which the rappers brag about their extravagant and expensive foreign items making references to world-famous brands like Lamborghinis, Christian Dior, and Mike Amiri. —BONY (@JonnyBones) September 27, 2020. However, most of the time TikTok trends seem funny, entertaining, and spontaneous. Users are expressing their creativity or lack of it by posting content that varies from silly to physically harmful stunts to overtly violent and sexual content. ", Apparently interested in the bout, Jones responded on Twitter by saying: "Would you guys be annoyed if I went back and grabbed my belt real quick? The Foreigner Challenge involves young people to make a ‘funimate’ of themselves and post it on social media. From there, it was only a matter of time. TikTok is taking the world by storm and user downloads for the app increased significantly with the previously escalating Coronavirus situation. Now it's back at the Flash Forum with UFC 253, the first of five events in a near six-week residency, and multiple fighters created headlines because of their performances on Saturday, September 26. ... if you want some backstory please watch Drama Kween’s video about it or look up the foreigner challenge. The challenge that child predators are really fond about. "It's been a long journey for me, sometimes I was on the top, then I lose a couple fights, but I never stop believing in my skills, in my power. "I saw that my left kick to his body, that he slowed down a little bit. Read | Kamal Haasan's Song 'Avirum … Some platforms are sharing the videos in the guise of ‘raising awareness’ about the matter when in reality they are making these videos available to online predators. 539 … "I'm back to roots," he told reporters after leaving the arena. The challenge appeared on TikTok in April 2020 and has since morphed into something far much worse. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. level 1. "This is what made me the best again, back to roots and believe in myself, that's it. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. share. Blachowicz gave his post-match interview in the Octagon, the Polish flag draped over his shoulders, and the UFC belt wrapped around his waist. I am the champion. Funimate is a video and music editing app which enables users to add photos and short videos together to form a longer video. Blachowicz's power was the key difference between himself and Reyes. Reyes was in no fit state to continue. They can also add a soundtrack to it. Blachowicz was crowned the new light heavyweight champion with a blistering finishing sequence, approximately 45 seconds before the end of the second round. 22.9k. "This is something that I prepared if I won, so I had a few words for Jon Jones, so I just say it. This is the foreigner challenge. Still, it is not clear whether the murder was a result of a robbery gone wrong and authorities are still investigating. TikTok: Foreigner Challenge original video first started at the beginning of April 2020. It's not a dream, right? TikTok is fun but the platform has been getting lots of attention in the more recent months and not for very good reasons. I hope that he watched the fight and that he cuts his weight again and that we meet at 205. Both fighters threw slugs and exchanged punches. Like what you see here? 51 comments. ", Blachowicz with his new belt. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. I have been a writer since 2012, and have enjoyed the journey thus far. Blachowicz floored Reyes and wailed shots down onto his opponent's cowering body until the referee had seen enough. While social media users are taking individual measures to stop sharing the Foreigner Challenge videos, a lot of the explicit content is still out there and can easily find its way to your child. NEXT: Parents Enraged After A Teacher In Colorado Assigned Offensive, Explicit Material. Looking for smart ways to get more from life? I proved it one more time, amazing. 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Internet investigators have revealed that Pop Smoke’s home address may have been leaked online, and the Brooklyn rapper had also posted Facebook and Instagram stories of designer bags that had his home address on the packaging.

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