Possible causes and symptoms are: If the EPS does not function accordingly, revision is possible. 8K1423055BF - Rugged 220 W ELECTRIC POWER STEERING SYSTEM for Polaris RZR 570 (2008), RZR 800 (2008), RZR S 800 (2008), RZR 4 800 (2008) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. 8K1423055AN - Compare (0) 1; 2; Show all. Show . $549.00 $ 549. View; Sort by. 8K1423055AJ - - 00. Quick View. $675.00 $ 675. Quick View. The steering system, which accurately conveys road conditions to the driver, is indispensable for safe and comfortable driving. All rebuilded EPS steering columns and racks are completely tested and calibrated with our self-developed test bench. ¿Eres cliente de Lizarte? In case you are not a LIZARTE client you can contact us. The different types are, column assistance (C-EPS), pinion assistance (PEPS), direct drive (D-EPS) and rack assistance (R-EPS). Currently there are four different types that can be distinguished based on the position of the engine. 8K1423055X - Driving with an EPS that does not function accordingly, is dangerous and MOT rejected. Add to Compare. If these symptoms are ignored the power steering will eventually fail permanently and the emergency light on the dashboard will light up permanently. By continuing to use the site you agree to our use of cookies. 8K1423055N - 8K1423055 - The test bench makes it possible to emulate the relevant CAN-bus and K-line data without the car needing to be physically present. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site. To continue with the purchase you must sign in. Find out more. Start - Online shop These sensors measure the exact quantity of the torque of the driver. Comprar ¿Estás registrado? has a wide range of steering racks (left and right hand drive), steering pumps, and EPS steering columns. 8K0909144P - Your car’s electric power steering system is susceptible to failure over time if not properly maintained and/or repaired when issues arise.

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