After teaching English, Vladek found an occupation as a shoe repairman in the concentration camps. Vladek is determined and stubborn, and these qualities help him survive his ordeal. One example of this is when Vladek rides the streetcar into town. In the wounds was pus, and in the pus was lice” (Maus I Spiegelman 54). ©2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Not only did he had hope in himself but in others as well and would put his life at risk for him and his family. They were both able to brave the harsh conditions of Auschwitz and the other acts of brutality employed by the Nazi regime in World War II. While others despair, he is a voice of hope. Create a free website or blog at She became hysterical “Oh god. There were so many times in the story when he chose to follow the notices offered by the Germans and times when he realized it was a trap. Vladek knew if he wanted to survive in the concentration camps, he must make clever actions and have inside information on what the Nazis were planning. Vladek Spiegelman was born in a Polish town, Czestochowa, just outside the border of Germany in 1906. Art must take the hand he’s dealt and accept his father in order to begin to understand him and the Holocaust. His reasoning was “I’m not going to die, and I won’t die here! Andre Schwarz-Bart’s The Last of the Just and Art Spiegelman’s Maus I and Maus II focuses on the images of the different types of “insect” and other types of degrading animal images of the Jews during the Shoah. “No matter what I accomplish, it doesn’t seem like much compared to surviving Auschwitz” (II.2.34). Vladek Spiegelman, like a soldier honored for his bravery  on the battlefield, Vladek Spiegelman is a brave survivor of the Holocaust, he is an unsung hero. ( Log Out /  Surviving alone made him a hero. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Vladek also has the capacity to shut off the emotional elements of his life. Outstanding Scene: Inside the Crematoriums. Vladek repeatedly emphasizes how lucky he is – even the prisoner number stamped on his arm is somehow a good omen – but he seems to have earned his good luck through his own efforts. Vladek tries to calm him, to help him, “You must be brave… and, who knows, maybe it’s not even your turn yet” (Maus II Spiegelman 59). The older Vladek will not take risks or chances in life, the younger Vladek has relationships with girls, and does not take life as seriously because he hasn't had to. “I’ll never give up my baby, NEVER!” Anja disagreed but Vladek saw what had to be done and so they gave Richieu to hide a year later. -It is late autumn, and Art visits his father again. Perhaps that is why, in his old age, Vladek tells his story to Art. However, one will have to note that Vladek did in fact come from quite a wealth & seemingly upper class Polish family. How was he never shot for no reason as so many other Jews were? Vladek loved Anja dearly, if anything happened to Anja Vladek would not care about his own life, and lose the will to live. As a young man, Vladek possesses a shrewd intellect and terrific interpersonal skills, which help him navigate perilous situations throughout the war. One could say Vladek is not hero, that he is only merely a survivor. The things he lived through traumatized him and seriously affected his life and relationships after the Holocaust came to an end. ( Log Out /  Vladek is the one, for example, who convinces Anja to keep living when she wants to kill herself on learning the death of their son. When Vladek arrives in Auschwitz, he is constantly looking for opportunities to barter some skill for better treatment for himself and for his wife, Anja. It was terrible cold that autumn yet Vladek chose to take the road less traveled; while others called him crazy “Every day I bathed and did gymnastics to keep strong…and every day we prayed” (Maus I Spiegelman 54) he didn’t let anything in his way stop him from living, even the cold, and he survived from it while “Many other got frostbite wounds. However intelligent and resourceful Vladek is, his survival ultimately depends a great deal on luck. Top subjects are Literature, Social Sciences, and History. Analysis – The purpose of Maus: Why did Art Spigelman write Maus? ( Log Out /  Despite Vladek’s good qualities, he also had a nervous outlook on things. Poland surrenders and now the Jews in Poland must wear an armband or yellow star patch, Jews property is confiscated, and 10,000 Jews in Sosnowiec were deported to Auschwitz; gas chambers, where they would never be seen again . Physically frail, many of his ailments are the result of the acute physical suffering he experienced in the camps. These questions can’t really be answered and so for those I must attribute his survival to some sort of divine intervention. Anja informed the general that her husband could repair her shoes, and after Vladek fixed the general’s shoes, the general was nice to Anja and brought her extra food. He decided to go. Perhaps it’s because we never hear Vladek say anything about how he felt during his experiences. (Did I take this too far?). Intelligence? Vladek also persuaded a family to put him into hiding using the money he got from the textile company. Change ). This “privilege” when put together  with his own cleverness and negotiating skills, ultimately lead him to survive the holocaust. World War II: the holocaust, a time of sorrow and deaths, where no Jew could have survived but Vladek Spiegelman lives today to tell the tale. This ended up saving them, as they got heated cabins to live in. While others despair, he is a voice of hope. This seemingly small but “smart” action later helped him survive the train ride to Dachau which took a few weeks. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. For example, when he was first captured by the Nazis while fighting in the Polish Army, Vladek and the other Jews in the Polish army were put in freezing cold tents, while the non-Jewish prisoners of war got heated cabins. It is said that they would sacrifice one person each day in order the help the sun rise. Towards the end of the book Vladek was sent to another camp. However, they both experienced some losses and acquired mental and physical scars because of their survival that they would carry with them until their respective deaths. In September, 1939, Vladek is fighting in the trenches against the Germans. Overall, I would select Vladek as an “Unsung Hero”. However, what allowed him to survive? I won’t hurt you.” Vladek had to say to a small German child. Despite the temperatures, Vladek bathed in the river to keep clean. Create a free website or blog at Vladek Spiegelman’s determination and will to live confronts the oppressive institutional power, because it goes against the Nazis idea of a perfect world. I want to be treated like a human being!” (Maus I Spiegelman 54) determined to live on and treated equally. First, Vladek taught English which resulted in not only survival, but Vladek also acquired clothing of his choice which almost no other person in his concentration had the privilege to do. of darkness shadowed by Hitler and the Nazis. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this answer and thousands more. After the war, these qualities make him difficult to live with. Change ). Vladek Spiegelman “Mainly I remember arguing with him… and being told that I couldn’t do anything as well as he could,” Art tells his therapist. You also used a lot of metaphors, which was very good. ( Log Out /  His motivation was to survive the war and see his wife again. Let me die too! It is a way for Vladek to continue his struggle for life, despite his physical and psychological frailty. Confused he shot anything that was moving, luckily it was a German. Vladek learned many skills before the Holocaust that guided him throughout his life during the Holocaust. Edit them in the Widget section of the,, An Analysis of Mike in the Graphic Novel Happyface, Fear and Government Control in “Persepolis”. Personally, I believe that Vladek was able to survive his time in the Holocaust due to his intelligence and optimism. Vladek’s life during the Holocaust was gruesome, but regardless of what was happening in his own life Vladek was always thinking about the safety of Anja. Luck or “divine intervention” had to have played a part in it. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Possessing intelligence was vital for Vladek, since every move he took would mean life or death. Being a survivor itself makes him an unsung hero; becoming a survivor means he defied the oppressive institutional power of Hitler and the Nazis. Despite being fairly healthy throughout the entire Novel, Vladek now has to try and survive an illness that killed prisoners daily. In Vladek’s version of his story, he’s a dashing young man, good-looking and ambitious, intelligent and resourceful. The things he lived through traumatized him and seriously affected his life and relationships after the Holocaust came to an end. Analyze the relationship between Art Spiegelman and his father, Vladek. Worked as a textile salesman as a young man, later on marrying Anja Zylberberg in 1937. Anja committed suicide in 1968, when Artie was 20. -Parvye V. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Create a free website or blog at Vladek Lived Through The Holocaust, But He Didn't Survive It. Vladek knew that he could use his skills to help him survive. Even though Vladek didn’t need to, he still supported his friends and family even when he was the one who was in need of support. Vladek’s skill of being persuasive helped him throughout his hard times. In the comic Artie comes home to the scene of Anja's death and finds Vladek looking to him for comfort. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. His decisions with the motivation to not die defied the Nazis hidden intentions. Great post. When he was drafted to war in 1939; he was a pampered baby bird placed with the Vulchers. To die, it’s easy… but you have to struggle for life!” (Maus I Spiegelman 122) he pushed her on, not to give up.The relationship between a child and parent is unbreakable but Vladek was willing to give his only son away to safety for him to live.

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