Andy confides to Erin that he's confused about his relationship with Jessica, which gives Erin hope. When Andy makes an announcement to the office for them to respect Jim's emotional needs, Phyllis informs him that Jim is just messing with him. In a way, we have Ed Truck to thank for Michael’s immature jokes and hysterical characters. [holds out hand] Michael Scott. This prompts Darryl to call off his prank, when he realizes it could get himself in trouble. When Dwight learns he's in line to become the permanent branch manager and Andy asks if his plan to quit and seek stardom is a good idea, Dwight kindly but firmly tells Andy that he would benefit greatly from Andy's departure but, having seen Andy perform, he thinks Andy should NOT quit his day job. Without life savings to support himself, Andy accepts Wallace's offer to stay on as a salesman under the new manager, Dwight. However, Erin recovers the ring in the pool and gives it to Andy, knowing the history behind the ring. In "PDA", Erin asks Andy to tag along on a romantic treasure hunt Gabe has made for her, despite the fact that Andy is now dating a friend of Darryl's named Rachel. Since then, Andy has developed an awkward relationship with Robert, who he is eager to impress, and highly intimidated by. However, while he is in Florida, Nellie claims the manager position at Scranton and Andy is demoted to salesman. Andy minored in History, and in talking head interview, and brags that he graduated in four years and never studies once, claiming he spent his entire day drinking and sang in an a cappella group called "Here Comes the Treble.". Though grateful to Erin for cheering him up, he doesn't notice how hurt she is at being left behind. The scheme plays out as intended when the client invites Kevin to play golf with him again but denies Andy's request to join them. An offended Andy attempts to rebuff her opinion, stating that he has been with a numerous amount of beautiful women, leading Phyllis to knowingly ask "Sexually? Desperate to meet the company's sales quota to impress Robert, Andy tries numerous methods to reach the number such as buying up paper stock himself and asking Oscar to "fix" the sales quota number. Since his arrival, Andy and Dwight had a competitive professional relationship; he and Dwight argued over which title, Assistant Regional Manager (Dwight) or Regional Director in Charge of Sales (Andy), was higher in command. Although he was initially going to be fired by David Wallace as Andy's pursuit of his career came at the expense of his job such as auditioning during the work day for student films, buying an expensive photo printer with company money for his head shots and asking David to pay for facial cheek implants during a teleconference. This is why he is the most likeable manager in the show bar none, as his incessant need to be approved by his employees actually pays off, and when the time comes that he must act like a manager, he does so in every sense of the word. He flatly tells Pam that he's not going to meet anyone, and that "some people are destined to be alone". He decides to hire their exes such as Alice (Collette Wolfe), a marketing consultant and Gabe to the branch in a bid to make Erin and Pete uncomfortable. In season 6, Andy takes an interest in receptionist Erin Hannon, who has mutual affections, but due to miscommunication, there was a long period where the two waited for the other to make a move. During a tour of the wedding chapel, Andy portrays Angela's father and Dwight as Andy in a wedding rehearsal that Andy is unaware to be a real wedding whose marriage license Angela later voids. He also calls Robert and threatens to get him fired if David buys the company. When Michael is revealed to be dating a married woman in "The Chump", Andy is furious because of his own cuckolding at Angela's hands, and is driven to make Michael realize the error of his ways. Andy and Robert later talk with Erin in his office regarding Erin accidentally ruining the Halloween party by putting on a disturbing movie of Gabe's creation. A producer's cut of the episode explains Andy's departure from subsequent episodes as due to being sent to anger management training. He eventually becomes Officer of Admissions at Cornell University, the place where he studied. In "New Leads," after Michael distributes the sales leads to rest of the staff, Erin hides Andy's leads. While Andy is reinstated, Robert swindles his way into getting a million dollars from David and Andy hires Nellie out of guilt and sorrow.

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