If you buy a collector car and you put her in the corner and you just put a cover over it, you’ll never enjoy it. David Charles Grainger is the president and co-founder of The Guild of Automotive Restorers, a company that specializes in restoring classic and antique cars.He hosts a television series called Restoration Garage (a.k.a Guild Garage), which is seen around the world on various channels, specifically Motor Trend and Velocity in the US and Canada. Some people say they’re not going to; I think they will. Little cars like the Fiat X1/9. Your email address will not be published. But with the strength of the last incarnation of the Corvette, which is just my favorite Corvette ever built. And I think with the new mid-engine one coming out, it’s probably going to be a home run. And that goes to extreme sometimes. David Grainger enjoys flying planes, riding horses and racing boats. Because if it doesn’t appreciate and you don’t like it, you’re going to be pissed. Now I have young guys in their 40s and 50s coming in wanting BMWs from the ’70s and ’80s, and we get requests constantly for cars from the ’90s. The Guild has grown into one of North America’s premier collector car restoration facilities, restoring more than 2500 classics since opening its doors nearly three decades ago. We also did an Alfa Romeo Special Roadster that was the Paris show car in 1946, so an incredibly historically important car. But there are certain elemental truths. Go and find the best car someone else has restored and buy it. And that was my teething. The Guild has grown into one of North America’s premier collector car restoration facilities, restoring more than 2500 classics since opening its doors nearly three decades ago. He was very patient and understanding. I think that cars are going out of favor, certainly, with younger people. We signed papers for season six, and I think we’re probably two weeks away from being greenlit. And I feel that’s a shame. That’s something they’ve been threatening since the ’70s. And as I became a more successful artist, my downtime when the light failed or when I wasn’t under pressure to do a show or something, I would go out and hammer and bang and smack about these old military vehicles. They want all-around high-efficiency disc brakes. What do you see happening in the Corvette market now or in the near future? Certainly the key in driving a well-owned Land Rover, especially a Series II from the early ’60s, was an educational experience because when you’re broken down in the woods, you’ve got to learn how to fix it. Hindsight being 20/20, you regret decisions made along the way, but that’s all part of the learning process. Maybe this is why , "The Guild was established to give David the opportunity and resources needed for such costly hobbies and endeavors. Martin Snytsheuvel, Other Works Are there different market trends happening in Canada than in the United States? Official Sites, View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. And I restored stuff like that for years. In his previous life before The Guild Davis could be found at Zoos and Sanctuaries helping injured birds, training large cats, interacting with reptiles inclusive of poisonous snakes like the King Cobra. So we’ll see. We’ve seen that with 1920s cars, ’30s cars, and so on. I think there are still some deals to be had. And the thing was just beat. The trends are the same. And I think the market itself is probably going to more revolve on cars as the art pieces of the 20th century, which you can see happening now. I was a struggling wildlife artist and needed a vehicle that I could get into the woods with, and I bought an old Land Rover for virtually nothing. I mean, this is probably the answer most people give, but it’s because it’s undeniably true. But as the years go on, you won’t have the guys wanting to go to cruise nights and, you know, play ’50s and ’60s music and that kind of thing. Located in the town of Bradford, about 45 minutes north of Toronto, Canada, The Guild of Automotive Restorers is open to the public with a fantastic showroom, a fun store, workshops, and talented craftsmen who work on and restore some of the finest automobiles in the world. But when you start getting into like the ’70s Corvettes and that kind of thing, again, there are so many of them and they’re such poor cars.

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