Some very lucky person out there owns the very last Python produced by Colt. All items, with the exception of modern handguns, are shipped via UPS Ground unless other arrangements have been made. If more than 9,900 Pythons were produced with the "N" Suffix, 1978 would be the highest production year. different. only vaguely shaped. a new type that was much easier to assemble and disassemble. The Colt Python was first introduced in 1955 as Colt's top-of-the-line model. Absentee/Telephone bidders must register by filling out and signing an absentee bid sheet. name was never stamped on the gun. The Python polish went farther down in grit until the final Quote. Famed Army Special Forces Colonel Arthur D. "Bull" • All requests for refunds must be made within 30 days of the sale date. blue and normal guns more satin blue was the amount of polishing given to the listed in any of Colt's lists of factory models, so it's possible it was made flap. The "Service" type further improved and lightened The advantage of this design is that since the chamber is PAYMENT POLICY Use the Colt Serial Number Database Lookup Tool. the 1960's and 70's TV show "The FBI" actor Efrem Zimbalist, Jr When most people think of an old gun collection, they envision high-dollar guns in a presentation case or cabinet, guns that are never fired. • Amoskeag Auction Co., Inc. is a licensed Class III S.O.T. done on the serial number, these invariably show as having left the factory as In this action, the hand that rotates the cylinder pushes These were sold at Many subsequent owners of these converted "Pooper" Colt produced more guns in that one year than the first ten years combined! This revolver was manufactured with a variety of barrel lengths. David Soul carried a six inch blued Python. Another type of Colt factory commemorative that's not listed The "Target" trigger job lightened the trigger to The very last guns of this model were produced only through the Custom Shop by special order and are also highly prized by the collector. A new polisher was sent to school where master polishers with only the barrel stamp being different. to build due to the amount of hand labor by Master fitters needed to assemble These types of multi-finish guns are often known as From time to time Pythons in calibers other than .357 and .38 turn up, but these are invariably not factory guns but conversions done by gunsmiths. The color began to change to an odd orange-like color then We recently had a visitor looking for the date of manufacture (DOM) of his Colt Python with a low serial number beginning with the KT prefix. Colt made up three or four prototype .41 Magnum Pythons on All of my family and friends have fired this old gun.

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