Vaudeville and film comedian Bobby Clark hosts this "Micheal Todd's Revue" sponsored by Frigidaire. Al Goodman and his orchestra. Now, he was no Roy Donk, but he did play the alto sax with a kink in it when he ran with Mookie Kramer and the Eight Balls. Taylor Maids sing "Orange Colored Sky." The boys do their "Hot dog and Mustard" routine. Hal Leroy daces as a sailor in the number "Liberty Pass. This is live tv and amazing stuff, even 50 years after it was made. Bobby Clark makes his final appearance as host in this episode based on the 1946 Broadway show Would-Be Gentleman in which he appeared. The show featured many notable comedians and entertainers of the era as guest stars. A stream of crazies keeps Clark from getting sleep in a hospital. Another sketch was a take off on the Russian Art Museum. Ratings hence began to decline. Some folks may enjoy this almost slap-stick style comedy, but it didn't really satisfy my tastes. Scott sings "Basin Street Blues" with Fred and Sledge dancing. [2] In fact, Eddie Cantor hosted the first Colgate Comedy Hour on September 10, 1950.[3]. music) plates. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis return as hosts. and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. This gave NBC a substantial edge over Ed Sullivan, since top-grade talent from motion pictures could also do network TV on the West Coast Colgate Comedy Hour, while Sullivan had to work with whoever happened to be in New York at the time that a particular episode aired. To request additional information Ask a Librarian. One sketch portrays a murder trail set in the backwater of Maine. The show starred many notable comedians and entertainers of the era, including Eddie Cantor, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Fred Allen, Donald O'Connor, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, Bob Hope, Jimmy Durante, Ray Bolger, Gordon MacRae, Ben Blue, Robert Paige, Tony Curtis, … [1] As theatres are known by different names over history, it is possible that this was the now-demolished International Theatre at 5 Columbus Circle, the broadcast location of another NBC show of the era, Your Show of Shows with Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca. Eddie Cantor returns to host. Vaudeville and film comedian Bobby Clark hosts this episode sponsored by Frigidaire. The only episode I enjoyed more was when Paul Julian (the guy who did the voice of the Roadrunner) performed a few sketches with Jack Marshall (who wrote the Munsters theme song). Burns follows Allen around and pre-tests his material for him. Watch for Frank Sinatra, Eddie Cantor, Ed Wynn, Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Tex and Jinx McCrary, Ken Murray, Jimmy Durante, Faye Emerson, and Toots Shor. The law relating to the custody of infants, including forms of precedents. Their guests include: The DeMarco Sisters; comedian/singer Sonny King; actor Tommy Farrell; comic actor and. His attempt to rest in a hospital room is thwarted by a parade of crazy characters. None of the performers who had performed in the original 1950–1956 shows appeared. Eddie Cantor makes a second appearance as the Colgate show host and performs a skit playing 'Maxie the Taxi' and later sings 'Dinah'. Les Brown's band plays "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm. I wish I could hear what he's playing. Fred Allen makes his hosting debut. Cantor performs another "Maxi the Taxi" sketch with Albertson and van Patten. Also, a sketch shows a nine-year-old who's gotten all his knowledge from television. Lou checks into Dr. Abbott's sanitarium for needed rest; instead he's harassed non-stop... Jerry Lester hosts with the regular cast of his series "Broadway Open House": David Street, Dagmar, Milton DeLugg, The Mello-Larks, and Wayne Howell. Eddie Cantor hosts and is joined by his wife, Ida Cantor, actor Robert Gari, comedian Charlie Cantor (no relation), dancers Fred and Sledge, Leslie Scott, Bil and Cora Baird's Marionettes, show's choreographer Dick Barstow (filling in for an injured dancer) and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. In this episode sponsored by Frigidaire, Bobby Clark makes his debut as host. Watch all 42 The Colgate Comedy Hour episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. Travelling or based outside United States? Lee Fairfax, Basil O'Connor, Dave Powell, Joe Marks, and Estelle Sloan. The only stars I'd heard of before on the tapes were Rosemary Clooney, Bob Fosse, Polly Bergen and a walk on by Jack Benny. The lowlight is seeing Jerry's Dad sing. His guests include actress Joan Blondell and Broadway composer Sigmund Romberg. The episode broadcast on November 22, 1953, hosted by Donald O'Connor, was the first color television broadcast in the NTSC color system (used in the U.S. until the change to digital in June 2009). "Baubles, bangles and beads" by Robert Wright, George Forrest, "Mack the Knife" by Marc Blitzstein, Kurt Weill, performed by... motion picture | Made-for-TV programme or made-for-video/DVD release. Spike Jones makes his television debut in this program broadcast from Chicago. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host with guests blonde bombshell Marilyn Maxwell, comic dancers Barr and Estes, J.C.McCord, Frank Gallop, Jean Carson, William McCutheon, vocal group The Honeydreamers, with Dick Stabile and his Orchestra. Wooley and Allen do a department store sketch. Bobby Darin, The Jud Conlon Singers. Allen and Lester participate in one of Dagmar's plays. Lewis conducts the orchestra while Martin attempts to perform "Oh Marie" and completely destroys the number. He's no Roy Donk, but he was a regular guest on The Colgate Hour. His guest list includes: Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis; singer Vivian Blaine; comic Joey Faye; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Épisode 16 de la Saison 2 de The Colgate Comedy Hour, une série TV de Fred Hamilton lancée en 1950. Bob Hope hosts this Frigidaire-sponsored episode. Lewis, although quite a clown and, in some cases, an excellent actor, was too mantic most of the time. Included with Best TV Ever on Amazon for $0.99/month after trial. With Al Goodman and his orchestra. One sketch portrays a murder trail set in the backwater of Maine. The new format was heavily backed by its sponsor, Colgate-Palmolive, to the tune of $3 million in the first year, and the 8:00 p.m. Clark plays judge in a courtroom sketch with Moran complaining someone had stolen her lacy underwear. Citations are generated automatically from bibliographic data as This show is performed before an all-military audience. In highlights, Patricia Bright complains that TV has stolen her husband, and Dorothy Jarmac interprets an abstract painting via dance. They are joined by blonde bombshell Marilyn Maxwell, comic dancers Barr and Estes, J.C.McCord, Frank Gallop, Jean Carsons, William McCutheon, vocal group The Honeydreamers, and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra. Rise Stevens joins with Allen and others for a "Middletown U.S.A." version of "Carmen." do a medley of their hits, wrapping with "I Can Dream, Can't I?" Motion Picture (Form). In songs, Kitty Kallen sings "Please Take Me Home" and "I Can't Give You Anything But Love.". Wooley and Allen do a department store sketch. On May 11, 1967, NBC broadcast a special Colgate Comedy Hour revival (pre-empting The Dean Martin Show, which Colgate sponsored at the time), with guests Nanette Fabray, Kaye Ballard, Edie Adams, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks (performing one of their "2000 Year Old Man" routines), Phyllis Diller, Bob Newhart, Nipsey Russell, and Dan Rowan and Dick Martin. Dean sings "... Fred Allen hosts.

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