It is the only Korean roaster with two Korean coffee roasting titles (its founder, Lee Seung-jin was the first winner) and its placed highly on the world stage to boot. Its roasting team is headed up by Simo Christidi, who’s one of five ever winners of the World Coffee Roasting Championship (2012) and holder of a slew of Norwegian and Nordic coffee roasting titles.

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Stay up to date. The decaffeinated coffee was from the Huila region, part of Cafe Imports' “Origin Select” program where they buy specific lots of green coffee and then send them off to be decaffeinated, as opposed to the usual post-decaffeination spot buying. By continuing to browse Exapro, you are agreeing to use cookies on our site. The first being their original store on the outskirts of Seoul in Yul-dong.

2019, Location: In most North American and European markets, dark roasting is applied to low grade coffees, often to hide serious defects in the original green beans, but the coffees Montage used tasted quite clean, and the roasting seemed careful with pronounced notes of cedar, scotch, and a Ferrero Rocher sort of hazelnut coming through. Last but most certainly not least was Namusairo Coffee’s “Love Letter blend“, which combined a caffeinated Kenya Gachombe with a Mountain Water Process decaffeinated Colombian coffee at a 50/50 ratio.

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* Variety cook functions such as making popcorn, coffee roasting, peanut roasting, and sesame roasting.

The result is a handsome set of individually bottled and labelled coffees, accompanied by an identification card complete with each brand's name, logo, slogan (!

z o.o. Plastic - rubber, Copyright 2020 Exapro s.a.r.l., all rights reserved. Log In. Expanded over the past eight years # Made In Korea. Still in their more natural greenish-grey hue, these beans arrive to roasters who take the seed of a cherry and turn it into one of the most-consumed beverages in the world. 9 watchers. 2018, Year: $1,099.99 to $1,399.99.

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But by the end of the tasting we'd pulled in just about every free person we could find from the roasting and training departments—this was the kind of table that made you want to go grab people and say, “Hey!
Unlike most roasters and coffee makers, The Barn even goes as far as training its baristas in the vocabulary and methods of roasting as a means to better communicate with the roasting team. Hometown: London, EnglandYear Founded: 2008Instagram: @squaremilecoffee. I bet it tastes great extracted as a 17.5g/30g/30s espresso as suggested on their site, and even on the cupping table, it was great to try a very high quality take on a style of roasting and blending with a lot of global fans.

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