They will call you for an appointment to see your ID, green card and do fingerprinting plus they give you a booklet to study history. This means legally married. Then they choose the sentence with a similar meaning. Probation: (law) a way of dealing with offenders without imprisoning them; a defendant found guilty of a crime is released by the court without imprisonment subject to conditions imposed by the court. Arrested: taken to jail by the police. Combatant: using weapons (as in war); Noncombatant: not fighting. Each page number listed Single: not married now and never married before. Aliquam accumsan est at tincidunt luctus. Applicants must write 1 out of 3 items correctly to pass the writing test. Military unit: a group of people that work for a government to fight in a war; they may do this work on land, in boats or in airplanes. Perform work of national importance: do work that is important to the country. Marital Status: Whether you are legally married, single, divorced or widowed. Thank You. Citizenship may not be taken away except for certain extraordinary reasons. Previous: happening before now Genocide: Killing a whole group or race of people because of their religion, race, or other reason. The content focuses on civics and history topics. immigrant, like being able to work and live in the United States. N-400 Vocabulary to Study Abbreviations for Addresses An abbreviation is a short way to write a word. Deploy: To move soldiers or other military to a new place so they can be ready. Gamble: pay money to guess who will win at sports or games so that you can try to get Detention facility: a jail or prison where people wait before they go to court and have a Disability: a physical or mental condition that makes it difficult for you to do things when someone doesn’t want it, rape. You do qualify to get your citizenship because you have been here in the US for over 5 years. money. Acquired citizenship: citizenship given to children born abroad to a U.S. citizen parent Genocide: the systematic killing a whole group or race of people because of their religion, race, or other reason. Cite/citation: order to appear in court or pay a fine for doing something illegal Forcing sexual contact or relations: touching the male or female parts of the body George Floyd, Racism & Black Lives Matter Assembly, Prohibition - Al Capone & Organised Crime (AQA PAPER 1D NEW SPEC). Public benefit: Money from the government for things that can help you such as food stamps, housing assistance, or Social Security payments. you need to download the form N400 from the USCIS website: ( Log Out /  Spouse: The person you are married to; your husband or wife. Widowed: your marital status if your husband or wife died and you have not married again (widow, f; widower, m). Reading Vocabulary for the Naturalization Test PEOPLE CIVICS PLACES HOLIDAYS QUESTION WORDS VERBS OTHER (FUNCTION) OTHER (CONTENT) Abraham Lincoln American flag America Presidents’ Day How can a colors George Washington Bill of Rights United States Memorial Day What come for dollar bill capital U.S. Civilian: A person who is not in the military. stamps, housing assistance, or Social Security payments. There are 500 citizenship-related words in total, with the top 5 most semantically related being law, nationality, residency, citizen and passport.You can get the definition(s) of a word in the list below by tapping the question-mark icon next to it. Commit a crime: do something illegal Advocate: agree with and tell others about an idea. Persecute: to hurt someone badly, or unfairly, often because of their religion or political beliefs. Vocabulary posters for Australian Civics and Citizenship courses- politics focus. People become citizens through birth in the U.S. or its territories, through their parents, or through naturalization. Fail: not pass a test; not complete or do something. A LPR may travel in and outside of the U.S., but must not leave the U.S. for a single trip of over 12 months (one year, 365+ days). Fraudulent: To make people believe a lie so you can get something you want. Tes Global Ltd is Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Gamble: Pay money to guess who will win at sports or games so that you can try to get more money. Parts of speech help you understand how a word should be used. Insurgent organization: A group of people that uses weapons to fight a government. The USCIS released reading and writing vocabulary lists containing all the words found in the new English reading and writing tests. Mental institution: A hospital for people with mental health problems. Perform noncombatant services: do work with the Armed Forces that does not involve fighting. Vigilante unit: a group of people who act like the police, but are not the police. Allegiance: loyalty to a person, country, or belief. Resident: A person who lives in a specific place. n-400r-0 Before the Interview plus mp3 n-400r-00 Simple Interview (overview: one question for each section) Click on the . Marital Status: whether you are legally married, single, divorced or widowed. Lawful permanent resident: a person who is living legally in the United States for an unlimited period of time; also known as a permanent resident alien, a resident alien permit holder, or a green card holder. Citizenship Interview, google-site-verification: googled1d54dd3e715ccd7.html, Over twenty five mock Citizenship Interviews based on the N-400r. • Encourage students to consult more than one reference and to compare information. The fee to file is about $700.00, or perhaps more now. Civilian: a person who is not in the military. Terrorist: a person or organization that uses violent actions against ordinary people or a government. Adverb = adv. Bear arms: to own or use a gun. Country of Nationality: the country where you are currently a citizen or national. Legally incompetent: can’t make decisions for yourself because you have mental Married: having a husband or wife. Examples: “I got a loan from the bank. Ex: R.I. resident, MA resident. ( Log Out /  Immigration status: a person’s situation with the U.S. government This means legally married. Current: what is true right now. Overthrow: to remove a leader or government from power by using force. Married: Having a husband or wife. The part of speech for each vocabulary word is identified using the following abbreviations: Noun = n. Verb = v. Adjective = adj. Noncombatant: not fighting. Below is a massive list of citizenship words - that is, words related to citizenship. trial. Widowed: Your marital status if your husband or wife died and you have not married again. Smuggle: To secretly and illegally bring something into or out of a state or country. Prepare for the U.S. Vigilante unit: A group of people who act like the police, but are not the police. Conditions. How much should I pay to be US citizen? Charge: when the police give a formal statement that you have done something illegal Successful completion of this activity does not guarantee that an applicant is eligible for naturalization or any other immigration benefit, or will pass the naturalization test administered by a USCIS Officer. Selective Service: an agency of the U.S. government that requires that all male U.S. citizens register with the government within 30 days of their 18th birthday in the event of a national emergency; foreign males between the ages of 18 and 25 living in the United States must also register. Rebel group: A group of people who fight a government or other group with power. Flag Day When do/does here first Delay: make something (your application) happen more Claim: to say that something is true. Welcome to ESL Printables , the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc. Applicants can use the vocabulary lists to study. •İLÒŒæfœYß$¬“ç7Û•`:Ñöâ³YH#tíÀçvûüËûßP¿Q¯´Qy‡”­$f¤6Ãqnº¨B#\zFMÒa;M4…İèé'¹U°I”vV¤3¼œàsÑÀ�l¸){IäùeìgÃ. Created: Jul 30, 2017| Updated: Feb 22, 2018. This online listening and reading activity reviews key words that an applicant may read on Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, or hear during the naturalization interview. You do qualify to get your citizenship because you have been here in the US for over 5 years. Overdue: late; late in being done. Oath of Allegiance: a formal and serious promise to be loyal to the U.S. and defend the Constitution Prior: earlier Using a pencil, there is space on the back of each card next to the vocabulary word where students may practice writing the word in English or in their own language. instructional tool for citizenship preparation or as a resource for self-study.

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