Overall, I think the lambskin is more luxurious and dressy looking while the caviar is more young and casual looking. Hi, this is my first time posting on the forum but I really have struggled with deciding which texture to go, too. But definitely not as smooshy and more structured, “plasticky” I read, which is kind of true. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Use-O-Meter: How careful are you with your bags when you use them? She holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising with a Minor in English. (I don’t intend on selling my classic flap so resale value is less relevant for me. I take the time to stuff my bags but that is it. Do you think you would want a well-loved lambskin or a still new-looking caviar? of If you tend to throw your bags around (on the floor / benches) then caviar would be better (although you probably won’t throw your Chanel bag around even if it’s caviar leather). 9E2A4F65-5ABC-4EDF-AB8E-70DD9F6A4D8A.jpeg. Also do you like the shine of the leather? ( However, I visited the store and got a chance to see 20P’s 19 flap in goatskin. It feels like the perfect hybrid for someone who wants something more hardy than a lambskin and softer than caviar! If you are looking for a shoulder bag then you can consider both caviar and lambskin. On the other hand, if you are okay with some scratches and marks and like your bag to have “character” then lambskin is a good choice. For me, my brain told me to go with caviar because it’s more practical but my heart told me to go with lambskin. then lambskin can be a consideration. Based on used Chanel’s on Fashionphile and Yoogi’s Closet, caviar has a much better resale value than lambskin (sometimes for the same bag the difference can be ~$1,000)! Chanel 19 Large Flap Bag. I’m loving both lamb and goat in the 19, they both have nice characteristics and definitely has a sheen and resilience to it as above poster mentioned. When choosing a Chanel bag there are some elements to consider such as color, and hardware. Ref. I'm liking it a lot more based on these pics! Which do you prefer? Though only in its second season, the 19 has already been reimagined many different ways. I thought about all the considerations above but in the end it came down to this one rationale: if I buy a caviar bag then I know I will still want a lambkin classic flap. Size – In general, smaller and bigger bags are better in caviar. Wool Tweed, Gold-Tone, Silver-Tone & Ruthenium-Finish Metal. Enter a location to find the closest CHANEL stores, EXCLUSIVELY IN BOUTIQUES AND AUTHORIZED RETAILERS, CHANEL 19 Flap Bag - Default view - see standard sized version, CHANEL 19 Flap Bag - Alternative view - see standard sized version, CHANEL 19 Flap Bag - Other view - see standard sized version, CHANEL 19 Flap Bag - Extra view - see standard sized version, Tweed, Gold-Tone, Silver-Tone & Ruthenium-Finish Metal. JavaScript is disabled. Storage for lambskin is more important than caviar. Hi everyone, I really need your help. I purchased my 19 flap from 20C collection in lambskin and love it so much. Not that they are plasticky, they just have a different finish it seems from the lamb. Is the top one goatskin and the bottom lambskin? You are spending way too much money so you should enjoy the bag and not to worry about it! I think it's a beautiful sheen that will probably just get shinier with use. ), 17. I looked at my receipt and no similar type of code. 4. I also own caviar and lambskin bags Preference in 5, 10, 20 years? (I personally think in my 50s I prefer a lambskin bag over a caviar.). Do you know the difference between a lambskin and a caviar Chanel bag? Chanel caviar or lambskin is probably the most debated question for many bag lovers and Chanel addicts. ), 16. Your OCD-Level: Are you OCD about your items (especially your handbags)? Pre-loved: Fashionphile, Vestiaire Collective, Dimensions: 4.3"L x 7.8"W x 2.1"D Although all my Chanel bags are caviar, and so I have no lambskin to compare to, I have to say my 20C large 19 in the dark beige feels very sturdy and even got caught in the rain today and I don’t feel one bit worried about it. On the flip side, if you have a large handbag collection and this will be your “special” bag, then go for lambskin! AS1160B04580N9653, CHANEL 19 Flap Bag Let me know if you know the answer or have a theory! However, I think colored lambskin is richer and much more beautiful than the same color in caviar. Which do you prefer? This... Chanel 19 Flap Bag Lambskin/Goatskin 2020 mid, Large Chanel 19 Flap Bag Lambskin/Goatskin 2020 mid, Maxi Chanel 19 Flap Bag Lambskin/Goatskin 2020 mid, Waist Chanel 19 Flap Bag Lambskin/Goatskin 2020 mid, Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Bag Monogram Canvas 2020 M40780, Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Bag Monogram Canvas 2020 M40780 High, Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Bag Monogram Canvas 2020 M40995, Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Bag Monogram Canvas 2020 M40995 High, Dior Saddle Bag Grained Calfskin Nude 2020 mid, Dior Saddle Bag Grained Calfskin Nude 2020 High, Large Chanel 19 Flap Bag Lambskin 2020 High. 13. Jul 19, 2010 1,353 2,087 Canada. Chanel Lambskin vs. Caviar – The Basics The ‘classic’ flaps in the sizes Small, M/L, Jumbo and Maxi should be available all year long in both caviar and lambskin. Gray Also if you are planning to travel with this bag then caviar is definitely the smarter choice. Ultimate Bag Guide to Chanel's Gabrielle Bag, CC 82: The Young Journalist With Shopaholic Tendencies, Celine’s Spring 2021 Show Was An Ode to the Ultimate Cool-Girl, The Best Overnight Bags for Your Fall 2020 Road Trips, It’s Time for More Luxury Brands to Join the Resale Market, The 12 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of October 30, Introducing the Fendi Hand in Hand Baguette Project. The design is classic in its flap bag design but also modern with its mixed gold/ruthenium hardware and bold CC logo. I got my 19 flap from the 20C collection in the dark beige and I was told by my SA that it is goatskin. To me, mine looks shiny, not matte. / For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Even if you change your mind later, Chanel bags tend to hold their values pretty well so the switch won’t be too pricy! If you liked this guide, check out some of our other Chanel guides like the Ultimate Bag Guide to Chanel's Gabrielle Bag, and our International Price Guides on the Chanel Flap and the Chanel Boy. I really agree with a previous statement that lambskin just has something to it that goatskin doesn't. (My ideal Chanel collection is a black jumbo caviar and a red M/L lambskin.). Most Chanel bags are classics and it’s likely you will still be carrying it in 10 to 20 years. What do you think? Raspberry Pink. There are a lot of blog posts and materials online regarding this topic (I especially love all the helpful posts on Purse Forum!) (Depending on the bag, leather type and whether the bag has feet, I would put the bag on the floor, chair, etc. This ... Dimensions: 25x36x11cm Beige If you are looking to buy a cross body bag (i.e., WOC) then I think caviar is a better choice since it will be worn against your hips and is more likely to be bumped / scratched. I bought a Chanel 19 through a personal shopper, but she does not know whether this is a lamb skin or goat skin bag. Shallow Obsessing Strongly Encouraged. Although, from comments on Purse Forums, some people do wear lambskin everyday and they have no problems! In case you need a refresher, the 19 Bag was designed by Lagerfeld alongside Virginie Viard, who has since taken over the creative reigns of the brand. So in theory for darker colors, you can should go with lambskin and in lighter colors you should go with caviar.

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